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Guardian Angels: They Watch Over Us!

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What is an Angel?angel trumpet

Most of us are familiar with the cozy images of winged angels and cherubs depicted in Bible stories and on greetings cards, but what are angels exactly? Are they God’s helpers? Divine beings in their own right? Do they even exist?

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There are many people who will categorically affirm the existence of angels, and there are many who will similarly deny any possibility that angels are among us. It’s likely, in a good number of cases, that when people are 'given messages’ they simply hear their unconscious intuition. However, there are stories that stretch reality to its limits and certainly suggest the likelihood of helpful spirits, or guardian angels.

Donna Ferguson certainly believes her guardian angel saved her life when she was woken by a calm but persistent voice after giving birth earlier in the day. She’d been feeling weak and tired all through the evening and felt an overwhelming urge to drift into deep sleep. The voice roused her in the early hours and told her to press the alarm button. Donna says she didn’t even know there was an alarm near her bed. Nurses discovered she was hemorrhaging so badly she was close to death. Donna swears that it must have been an angel who stepped in and caused her to act. Otherwise she would have simply passed away in her sleep.

Doreen Virtue, a self-styled angel guru, says that angels are messengers between humans and the Creator. She tells us that they are benign beings who can be trusted. We don’t even have to believe in their existence. All we need to do is ask. Other people are convinced that angels are downright scary, and if one appeared in front of you, you would probably die of shock. Hence, in the Bible, angels issue the warning, “Be not afraid, “as they materialize. In the King James Bible, the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10, describes the appearance of an angel:

Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz:

His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

Magical Angels

Damon Brand, a British writer, suggests that everyone has a personal angel they can work with to angel 2improve their lives. His books contain angel sigils (symbolic diagrams) to enable people to make contact. He says that the angels have the power to transform circumstances and, as well as your angel, there are angels for every need. He prescribes rituals to be performed over a certain number of days to achieve the desired outcome. He also includes self-protection clauses in each one, saying that it is possible to unleash negativity as well as the good stuff.

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Other people eschew the notion of having to perform rituals and say angels simply need to be made aware of a call for help. They can’t usually intervene in the affairs of human beings unless they receive a direct request. They also have the power to rope in any of their angelic fellows who could deal with the problem more efficiently. Lorna Byrne, author and peace ambassador, advises people to set aside their disbelief for a while and just give it a go. She says we need to be aware of small signs which our angel leaves for us. Lorna, who claims to have seen angels since her birth, describes guardian angels as the ‘gatekeepers to the soul.' Lorna Byrne says that our angel loves us and that we are precious to them. They are present from the day we are conceived to the day we die and beyond when the angel gently shepherds us into the next stage of our journey.

How Can My Guardian Angel Help Me?

The consensus seems to be focused on the notion of asking. No problem, large or small, is beyond the scope of angels. Tom T. Moore, author of several books, including “The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels”, confirms the necessity of a simple spoken request — he calls them ‘most benevolent outcomes’ or MBOs. Tom says that we can ask for help an unlimited number of times. He has a metaphor of a room full of piles of request forms – there are more than we could ever use in a lifetime, and they are continually replenished. So he says ask all you want. Your guardian angel can help you out of difficulties of any kind. He (we’ll use ‘he’ for simplicity) can manipulate circumstances in your favor. He can bring people to you who are beneficial influences for your success. He’ll keep you safe, and when it is no longer viable to do so, he’ll take your hand and guide you to the hereafter.

How Do I Contact My Guardian Angel?

Sandalphon sigil
Sandalphon's sigil
First of all, it is helpful, though not necessary, to read about the qualities and attributes of the angels. Some will resonate with you and others will not. Pay attention to names that seem to pop into your awareness repeatedly. Go to sleep with the intention of dreaming your angel’s name. If you meditate, try a guided angel meditation to meet your angel. The writer of this article did this and was given the name ‘Sandy’, which was the name of her pet dog as a teenager. A list of angel names threw no light on the matter. A little later she discovered a powerful angel, Sandalphon had not been on that list. She immediately ‘knew’ he was her angel. When you wish to contact your angel, you can speak to him in your mind, write to him, or speak/whisper out loud. It is important to understand that angels do not need your worship, praise or prayers. Keep those for your preferred deity. All an angel needs is a polite thank you and a little appreciation for his efforts. Why not try contacting your angel? There’s nothing to lose.


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