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Earth Angels in Our Midst

earth angels featured image

"You are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie —
You're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here."
— Lyrics to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan

Recent polls indicate that eight out of 10 Americans believe that angels exist. There is some evidence that angels have been around forever. Many people worldwide have stories that amazing light beings appear after car accidents, or other times of tragedy and grief to save or comfort humans. Throughout history, the appearance of angels crosses cultural lines, religions and every belief system to fulfill what seems to be their role as guardian, protector and a channel to the highest spiritual energies. Make no mistake, these are earth angels who have a higher purpose.

What is an Angel?

peace angel alice popkorn Image source: Alice Popkorn on Flickr

These celestial, other-worldly beings are said to be the bridge between heaven and earth. They are written about in parables and holy writings in most religions. Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and most Eastern belief systems have references to appearances by angels to humanity.

They are documented as an ordered class of spiritual beings. Medieval angelology describes angels as the bottom rung of a hierarchy made up of nine celestial groups (seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities or princedoms, archangels, and angels).

They often appear with human features and a brilliant glowing aura. They are said to be superior to humans in every way. They come to earth as agents, messengers, or active influences. Their power and intelligence are always used to benefit humans.

When these advanced spirits choose to interact with us, it is to help us with our physical journey and to speed up the soul evolution that is a constant undercurrent on earth.

We are all made of energy. Souls that are currently living on earth have chosen to incarnate in the physical in an earthly body. Our souls are experiencing being human and the resulting karma.

A Guardian Angel for Each of Us

guardian angel under a cloud katie dalton Image source: Katie Dalton on Flickr

Each person has a personal guardian angel. From time to time, as needed, we may also come into contact with other angels and even spirit guides. Spirit guides' energies vibrate at frequencies closer to humans because they once lived on earth in a human body. That's why they are prepared to help guide us through the obstacle course of living life on life's terms.

Each guardian angel is focused on one human soul. Their protection and care of an individual contributes to their spiritual enhancement. There are theories that success in the guardian angel role enables the angel to move gradually up in the angel hierarchy.

"Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings," — from the 1946 movie "It's a Wonderful Life."

The Power of Angels

angels caesars charles w bailey jr Image source: Charles W. Bailey Jr. on Flickr

Most angels have not been here before. They don't truly live in the physical realm. Their souls are created to operate in the spiritual dimension. That's why angels are surrounded by high-intensity spiritual light and have a very high-frequency vibration.

Since they have never incarnated on earth before, some scholars believe that the "Rainbow" generation of souls may include a large number of angels.

This profound and powerful energy vibration creates awe and joy in everyone that experiences it.

Even though the angels are primarily concerned with spiritual and soul evolution, they can operate in a multi-dimensional way. They have been known to pull us away from physical danger or give direct inspiration that results in financial profit.

It is impossible for us to see the "big" picture. Angels have a more expanded and highly enlightened viewpoint. They have knowledge that we cannot access on earth.

In this time of Cosmic Consciousness, angels are more focused on the earth. The vibrations in the digital age are rapidly increasing. Other profound changes are also taking place. Angels are here to help us through these changing times, just as they have always been around to help souls that are transitioning from physical life to spirit energy.

Their message is that we need to gravitate towards the light of spirit. Angels diffuse anger, fear and hate with light energy. They have been around forever. They point us in the right direction and keep us safe on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Free Will and Justice

lunar justice steve calcott Image source: Steve Calcott on Flickr

Even though these beings have great power, they use it gently.

In many ways, life is not fair. The total balance and true justice comes from the law of karma, not the presence of angels.

Each man, woman, and child has free will. This free will is vital to spiritual growth. Angels aid us in times of trouble, but they are not supposed to interfere with our karmic journey and the choices we make. Human nature is not angelic. We have our limits and our blind spots. Angels can't experience life for us. They allow us to make our mistakes.

Calling All Angels!

rudeen waiting for the word Image source: Waiting for the Word on Flickr

It pays off to ask angels for help in times of great fear and uncertainty. Keep in mind that they are surrounding us in other dimensions. In moments of joy and happiness, you may feel their energy surrounding the situation. In tragedy and pain, they are available to uplift and reassure.

There is some dispute whether or not we have to ask the angels for help to get their direct aid. Direct contact may be something that has to be requested.

Either way, through many subtle and protective means, they are busy working with our spirit guides in behalf of every soul. So call out in the dark and fearful times. They will be there. Reach out to other people in love and compassion. That's what the angels would do.

Be aware and unafraid. Angels are everywhere. Whether you meet one in the physical form or not, they will be nearby.


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