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Do you Have a Sixth Sense? What Insights from Psychic Experts Say!

signs of having a sixth sense

Whether you call it a gut feeling, sixth sense, or perception, everyone has probably had experiences where a gut feeling or a lucky coincidence worked out. So is your sixth sense simply wisdom you’ve picked up without using reason or logic, or is it something else? 

So, the twist is, do you Actually have a Sixth Sense? 

Well, we can answer this question for you. You do possess extrasensory awareness or a sixth sense. Though most people are unaware of it, everyone does. Nevertheless, we all frequently use our sixth sense, but few among us can experience it beyond a certain level, which results in extraordinary powers. How are you able to tell? We will discuss the signs of having a sixth sense. But before discussing those signs, let us first understand the sixth sense briefly.

What is the Sixth Sense?

Your sixth sense acts as a guide, assisting you in making decisions about what is good and wrong. The sixth sense combines all your other senses into one potent force you may use. Even though everyone is born with a sixth sense, many of us have no idea how it works. 

Before making any plans or taking a big step in life, your sixth sense aids in giving you those positive and negative impressions. You’ve probably heard tales of people who, at the last minute, changed their minds and canceled a train or flight ticket because they didn’t feel right about it, only to learn that the train or plane they were supposed to take had met with an accident. The sixth sense induces these emotions and shields humans from harm.

Extrasensory perception, or ESP, is the capacity to detect things that are not visible to the naked eye. ESP can appear in many different ways, such as the ability to see things that others are unable to see, hear sounds that others are unable to attend to, and sense upcoming events, changes to the way things are, or the presence of peril.

Signs You Might Have Sixth Sense

Psychic advisors

You Possess a Strong Intuition

You can relate intuition to a strong gut feeling or a strong instinct. Moreover, an aura of energy that surrounds us experiences vibrations at specific frequencies. Everybody can tune into their intuition, but the majority doesn’t. You’ve discovered that your intuition has served as a reliable source of guidance throughout your life. Although you think your way is reasonable, you don’t make decisions logically.

If you need to make a choice the next time- no matter how minor, put your palm on your solar plexus and pay attention to how you feel as you examine each option. It will help you test your intuition. Are you feeling it? Before you do something, your body and intuition know what to do beforehand. 

You Can Sense Trouble

So, do you experience events when you have got signals about a future accident that will hurt someone close to you or a stranger passing by? It is known as Precognition or Pre-Knowing. Sometimes, you even feel so scared from deep within as you sense approaching danger. And in some situations, you are getting a strong feeling of a mishappening, but you can’t actually predict what will happen. If any such incidents happen with you, you can consult a Psychic Advisor to know if you might have those supersensory powers. 

You Hear Sounds or Whispers

Does it happen to you that you are walking on a quiet road, in a vacant corridor, or on a narrow street and hear sounds or whispers in your ears? It might be possible that you are a channel for spirits to convey some life-saving or crucial messages. Now, it’s your turn to either develop this psychic ability by sending the messages to the intended recipients or simply shut the doors. 

You Simply Know Things

While some people could confuse this with intuition, it doesn’t matter. They undoubtedly have a close relationship. People with a clear understanding know things they shouldn’t have. They struggle to describe it and simply say, “I just know it.” In general, knowing is a powerful mental emotion.

You Can Read Thoughts

Sometimes you can predict what someone will say before they ever say it. For example, you can tell who is calling before answering the phone. You may be aware of your child or partner’s challenging situation. It’s common to anticipate a request. Often, you can expect a request. As an illustration, suppose you offer your husband a cup of tea, and he remarks – You must have read my mind. If it frequently occurs this way, you probably listen to his requests. It proves you have psychic abilities. There are numerous ways to enhance your psychic abilities if you believe you possess them. Guessing games are beneficial.

You Discover Auras

It’s more common than you might imagine noticing auras. You can see your own. Move your fingers a little while holding your hand in front of a dark background. Your fingertips should have a silvery thing around them that resembles cigarette smoke. You’ll soon be able to play with the energy between your fingers; it just needs some practice. The next step is to move on to auric colors and other people.

You Have Got Visions

Clairvoyance or second sight is the ability to see visions and spirits. And this frequently happens if you possess such talent. You are a psychic medium if you can communicate with the dead. It is possible to turn off these powers, but sometimes the spirits can be rather persistent in their desire that their chosen medium must hear them, anyhow.

When You Hold Things, You Sense Their Past

Just touching an item can inform you about its owner or past uses. It also applies to humans. Have you ever passed someone quickly on a crowded street and suddenly had a mental image that had nothing to do with you pop into your head? That is clairtangency or psychometry (clear touching). You may feel vibrations. Only some people can get such information just with a touch, or if someone does, he cannot express their feelings in words or images in some cases. 

You Possess Divinatory Skills

If you can infer meaning from divinatory instruments like tarot cards, playing cards, a glass or crystal ball, palm reading, tea leaf reading, or anything similar, you possess psychic abilities. Some are born with psychic powers. However, you can also learn some psychic skills through practice; for instance, the tarot is an organized system everyone can master. When reading cards, the trick is to combine your intuition and understanding of the meaning to provide a correct interpretation. 

The correct Psychic Guidance and innate abilities can bring a considerable transformation to create magic. 

Final words

Now that we have provided you with sufficient information on how to recognize if you possess a sixth sense, it’s your turn to decide whether you want to develop your gift or whether you would prefer not to use your sixth sense or psychic skills. 

So, if you need assistance with anything, you can consult a psychic expert at Psychic Elements. Our experts are ready to help if you would like to explore where your skills could take you. Book a Live Reading Now!

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