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6 Signs of Sixth Sense

6th sense hearing seeing speaking

Do you have sixth sense? We can answer that question for you. You do have sixth sense or extrasensory perception. Everyone does, though most aren’t aware of it. Yet we are all using our sixth sense constantly. How can you tell? Here are six signs of sixth sense in action. Firstly, what exactly is sixth sense?

What is Sixth Sense?

You have five major senses: vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell. However, scientists are beginning to agree that we have many more senses than was previously thought. For example, the reflex of itching, cannot be attributed to touch. Thermoception is the ability to discern ambient temperature and temperature changes – all of us have that. In fact, there may be around 21 or more human senses.

The sense we are talking about here is extrasensory perception, or ESP; the ability to perceive beyond our normal senses. ESP manifests in many ways, from seeing something others cannot, to hearing sounds others cannot hear and knowing that something is about to happen, or is not as it should be, that danger lurks around the corner.

ESP is defined as ‘anomalous processes of information or energy transfer, processes such as telepathy… that are currently unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms’ (Bem & Honorton, 1994, p.4)

6th sense catch

Your Incredible Sensing Brain

The proof of sixth sense is the irrefutable fact that your brain functions in a way you are barely aware of, yet if it didn’t, the human race would have become extinct before it began. Think about the technology that goes into creating a guided missile. The calculations, the built in self-correcting mechanisms. It’s a massive achievement for humans to produce and object that can be set on a course, maintains that course and constantly corrects itself, to lock on to the intended target and then do what missiles do. Yet, when I throw a ball at you suddenly, from 20 feet away, shouting ‘Catch!” if you have normal reactions, you’ll almost certainly be able to catch the ball one-handed. 

The skills that go into that catch are way more advanced than those utilized in the programming of a guided missile. Look what your brain did without you even being aware of it: it calculated the velocity and  trajectory of the ball’s path. It caused you to balance your body in readiness for the catch. You estimated exactly where to hold your hand to intercept the ball. It gave you an estimate of the ball’s weight so you could hold the catch. Your gross and fine motor movements were timed to perfection and you didn’t even have to think about it with your conscious mind. It was all done in a micro-second. This proves that your brain is capable of so much more than you think it is. So, how can we rule out the possibility of sixth sense? Simply put, we can’t.

6th sense goosebumps

6 Signs of Sixth Sense In Action


The most obvious sign of sixth sense is the sense of danger. It may present to an individual in various ways: fine hairs rising on the back of your neck or arms, goosebumps, a feeling of foreboding. Never ignore this sense, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. 

Flickering Shadows

Seeing unexplained movement or shadows in your peripheral vision may be a sign that you are experiencing ghostly visitations. Once you have eliminated any human or animal source, then don’t be scared. Shadows cannot hurt you. Pay attention to other signs that someone is trying to contact you.

Voices in your Head

Hearing voices, especially those that you can have a conversation with, could be your ESP at work. Before you reach that conclusion, it is important to check out any other causes, such as mental illness or depression. It’s possible that you could be a psychic channel, so write down what you are hearing and ask for as much information about the channeled entity as possible.

Distrust of a Stranger

If you are in the presence of someone you just met or barely know and you get a ‘bad feeling’, then your sixth sense is hard at work trying to warn you. We connect with other people at a far deeper level than mere conversation and visual contact. Your subconscious already knows this person and it’s warning you to leave or to pay attention. This can also work the other way when you experience a sudden and deep attraction.

A Certain Knowing

When you know that you need to leave the freeway. Or that you shouldn’t attend that party. Or that something is about to happen. This is claircognizance, or clear knowing. It may not have a physical source like goosebumps, but you simply know without knowing how you know. Whenever you experience something like this, pay attention, change what you are doing if necessary.

6th sense dark street

Heightened Awareness

This is something you can train yourself to do. It is becoming aware of signs and messages. We’ve mention it a lot in previous blog posts. By training yourself to notice signs, you will be able to receive answers to questions almost immediately. When you develop this to a high degree, it will become a sixth sense. You’ll always be on ‘sign-watch’.

Of course, there are many other signs of sixth sense in action. It would be great to hear your stories of extrasensory experiences. And, if you have any questions about ESP or sixth sense, do feel free to ask.

0 Responses

  1. Can anybody help with this if you have the six sense can you help me there has been more activity sense after I got possessed and I need help

  2. Hi 🙂

    when I was younger, most of the time. Something would pop into my head, like a scenario or somethjng I guess. And I can remember thinking to myself, "that would be funny if that happend, or I hope that happens", and in that same day not even very long after usually, it would. sometimes not exactly the same way but pretty much.  That has kind of peetered out a bit. Now that I am older I have noticed sometimes that I will be thinking of a person and shortly after they call, show up or text. or a song will come on that remjnds me of someone and then I see them or hear from them.   Is this coincidents or E.S.P? if It is not just coincidents, can I strengthen it at all?

    1. hey 

      I am a 15 year old girl and idk really what this is or if it is E.S.P but there will be times where I could think of something like a senario and it will happen in about a day or two. This has been happening for a while now and in a way it's kindaa scaring me. I think the first time it happened from when i could remember was when I was 9 I remember thinking about something that made me really happy at school and I ened up playing out a whole sense in my head and the next day it happened not exactly but down the lines of what happened. I don't know if it was coincedents but it has been  happeneing ever since 

  3. An astrologer told me that I have sixth sense and intuintui but it was hidden, so I need help on how to gain it back or make use of it. Thanks 

  4. Hi I'm Lauren & Last night when I was asleep I woke up to a what sounded like ringing but only I could hear it and when this happens it makes all my body paralysed so I can’t move and it makes my vision blurry it only happens at night and when this happens I can see figures standing in front of me but it’s really blurry and it makes all my movements really slow, & sometimes the figure moves closer to me making me scared until the figure goes and the ringing.

    i can't explain what this is, so can someome please explain what is happening, this Hasn't happened for a while untill last night.

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