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40 Signs of a Boring Relationship

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Are you feeling a little blah about your relationship? Is everything just ‘okay’? Is your buddy more important than your date? Are your girlfriends more fun than spending time with him? You might be stuck in a boring relationship.

boring relationship

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It’s possible that the two of you need to reaffirm why it is you are still together. An honest conversation might be all that it takes for you to get back on track. For others, it could be time to move on.

Here are 40 signs that you are stuck in a boring relationship.

1. Your life isn’t boring, just the bits with him in it are. You are enjoying your job and loving your friendships. Life is pretty good… apart from when you are together with your boyfriend. You constantly check Instagram to see what your best girls are up to. You sigh a lot.

2. When you are having sex, you find yourself running through tomorrow’s work schedule. You have to literally bring yourself back to the present – until your mind wanders again.

3. Your love-life is as predictable as a long-time married couple. You bicker about what to watch on TV.

4. She’s not the last thing you think about when you go to sleep, or the first person on your mind in the morning.

5. He reminds you of your father, or his father. You can already picture him as a middle-aged man. Sometimes he acts just like a middle-aged man. The picture of growing old with him is not a pretty one.

6. You shut down when she is speaking. You know what she’s going to say; you’ve heard it a hundred times already. You add in the usual responses, “Yeah, babe.” “I know…”

7. You find yourself fishing for compliments to revive that feeling of being adored. It never works. Either he complies and you feel nothing, or he doesn’t bite and you feel even worse.

8. Time away from her is more fun, fulfilling and interesting than when you are with her.

9. Making love becomes routine. You know what gets him going. He knows how to turn you on. You don’t experiment in bed – or out of it.

10. The most exciting things about your relationship are the power struggles, as each tries to assert their will over the other.

11. You notice other women all the time. Everyone seems to have something attractive about her. You compare them to your girlfriend, and she comes up lacking.

12. What’s the matter with him? His clothes aren’t right. He lacks ambition. His food choices aren’t healthy. You pass comment and criticize everything he does.

13. You don’t feel emotionally involved anymore. You stay with her more out of habit. After all, dating takes so much effort.

14. You used to share every detail about your day, but then it became too much trouble. He obviously isn’t interested, and you can tell your best friend all the office gossip, and the way your boss spoke to you about that report.

15. Your previous single life seems so much more colorful than your current one. The fun and silly stuff you and your buds got up to in those days, well, they were good times.

16. It seems like you stay with him because it is expected of you. Your family like him. He fits in well. Your mother is already choosing her mother-of-the-bride outfit and talking about grandchildren.

17. The relationship feels claustrophobic. Her mother keeps hinting at when you are going to propose. Her father mostly ignores you. You long to break free.

18. Those cute, quirky things you loved about him in the beginning have become the most annoying irritations ever.

19. She’s lost her spontaneity. The two of you used to come up with the craziest things to do. When you try to suggest something different, she always has a reason why she needs to get home.

20. The spark has gone. It’s easy and comfortable being with him, but that special connection that kept you sizzling has faded.


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21. The future looks settled, boring and downright scary. You feel as though you are no longer you, but one-half of you and her.

22. You fantasize about other men. And not just in bed.

23. She’s messy around the house. You notice all the annoying little things like how she leaves the top off the toothpaste and her dirty underwear on the bedroom floor.

24. You find yourself accepting extra work so you don’t have to spend the weekend with him.

25. You pick a fight with her because it gives you a reason to get out of the apartment.

26. Your best friend meets a new guy, and you are head over heels in envy. Why is everyone’s life more exciting than yours?

27. You begin to hope that she will cheat on you.

28. You wish he’d have an affair and move on.

29. You plan ways how you can assassinate the relationship without being the one to initiate the break-up.

30. You visualize yourself at his funeral. Even down to your chic and attractive outfit.

31. When she cancels your date, you feel relieved.

32. You can’t be bothered to try to impress him anymore. You used to make sure you looked like a love-kitten at home; now you slouch around in any old thing.

33. Sometimes you don’t even shower before meeting up with her.

34. This relationship is a drain on your bank balance. You think about how better off you would be financially if you were a single girl.

35. You remember you had plans to backpack through Europe. You yearn to be doing that right now.

36. You get fed up with saying the same things over and over. You told him this yesterday, why doesn’t he listen?

37. She has to go away for a few days with a work commitment, and you feel excited about the free time ahead.

38. You can’t stand how he looks in the morning. And if he tries to kiss you – yuk.

39. She drinks too much wine in the evenings, so all she wants to do at bedtime is sleep.

40.  The best thing about him is his car.

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