Who or What is an Earth Angel?

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Earth angel

When you are in your teens, you believe that you will find out who you truly are as you mature. You aren’t comfortable around other kids your age, but you make an effort to fit in. You feel a sense of relief as you reach your twenties – now you’ll begin to know yourself. You try out different personae, different styles, find new peer groups, but still, you feel a bit of an outsider.

You notice that you are happy when in the company of children or elderly folks. You know that you are even happier when on your own. It doesn’t stop the pressures of society, though; you still want to be accepted for who you are. Sometimes you think you were born at the wrong time, place or society. Why can’t people see the real you? Why can’t you see the real you?

If this is how you feel, then you might be an Earth Angel.

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What is an Earth Angel Exactly?

Don’t worry, you aren’t an alien or some ethereal being. You are a stable, beautiful human with a particular connection to Source. You have a well-developed awareness of others; you are careful what you say – you never want to cause emotional distress. You seem to be able to know how to help them because you are a step removed, and their way forward is clear to you. You can empathize without being overly affected by their problems.

You are often drawn to other-worldly things. Your favorite books are usually urban fantasy. You are fascinated by astrology, tarot, dreams and the psychic realms. You may even feel you have psychic abilities.

If all this seems familiar, it’s very likely you are an Earth Angel.

What does it mean to be an Earth Angel?

Being an Earth Angel means that you can channel your unique attributes to helping others. While you are young, this may only mean being a good friend or spending time cheering people up. Older people love your company, so try to visit your elderly relatives and neighbors regularly.

As you get older, think about learning some skills that fit in with your ‘angelness.' Perhaps you should learn the tarot or study astrology – they are always good ways of offering guidance to others. Yoga will bring you peace and heightened awareness.

You may have come across the term ‘Light-worker’. That’s what you are. You are here to shine a light for other people. You are here to focus the source energy that flows through you for the highest purpose possible at any given time. You are one of the ones chosen to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

You should choose a career that fits in with your unique personality. Don’t shoe-horn yourself into a profession if it’s going to make you feel like a fish out of the water. You will be unhappy. Find your passion, discover what lifts your spirits and follow your inner guidance. You will know what to do instinctively.

Signs that you are an Earth Angel

1. You don’t see the world as other people do.
2. You believe that everyone has good in them.
3. You don’t expect anything from anybody.
4. You believe that Earth is a living being and should be cared for accordingly.
5. You leave as little evidence of your presence as possible.
6. You believe in reincarnation.
7. You don’t believe in Karma – everyone can find redemption right at this moment.
8. You often felt like an ‘outsider’, but, as you get older, you mind it less.
9. You can heal yourself and others with a touch or even a thought.
10. Meditation is necessary to your well-being.
11. You are not religious, but you know you are an extension of Source/All-that-is.
12. Animals and babies are drawn to you.
13. You love listening to elderly people talk about their lives.
14. You know that every moment is another chance to create your perfect life.
15. You know that real learning doesn’t take place in classrooms.
16. You love nature.
17. You are happy being alone.
18. As you grow older, you experience fewer extremes of emotion; you gain serenity.
19. Other people feel calm in your company.
20. You are guided by your intuition.
21. You believe in magic.

If you can relate to at least seven of the above qualities, then you are definitely an Earth Angel.

Living as an Earth Angel

There’s no need to do anything specific – just cultivate a higher awareness and keep an open mind throughout your life. Learn to love and forgive unconditionally.

Use your gifts wisely – they are not only gifts for you but other people too.  Always remember that you can’t change other people, but you can always focus on aspects of their being that you prefer. Doing this will bring out the best in them and help them to discover who they are.

There will be times when you don’t feel very connected. That’s okay; you are still ‘only human’. Accept that there will be such times; sooner or later, your light will shine brightly again.

If you are able, create a garden, even if you are restricted to a few pots and containers. Grow healing herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Tending plants and enriching the soil is endlessly restorative. Getting your hands in the dirt connects the flow of source directly to the earth – that’s why gardeners are happy people. If you can’t garden, then go barefoot as often as possible.
 Meditation will bring you valuable insights and self-knowledge. At the same time, it will ground you and ward off depression. Spend time in nature, breathe and feel a deep calm drift over you. Immerse yourself in the flow of creation. Feel great power rushing through your being and never forget that you are an Earth Angel.


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