Symbols, Signs, and Messages: The Rule of Three

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When do seemingly random occurrences become significant? When do symbols, signs, and messages begin to mean something? Well, generally, if you have asked for a specific sign, such as a white feather floating down to your feet, all you need is one such occurrence. Yet, if spirit or Law of Attraction is trying to catch your attention, it will often do so in threes.

Why Three? What Is This ‘Rule of Three’?

Three is the lowest number that can form a pattern. Think of a triangle. Additionally, the simplicity of three is used as a basic structure for so many aspects of life. In religion, three abounds: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three wise men, Maiden, Mother, Crone, to name but three smiley Other occurrences are:

  • Past, present future
  • Birth, life, death
  • Beginning, middle, end

Then there are the common phrases:

  • “Third time lucky.”
  • “Bad things come in threes.”
  • “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”
  • “I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee.”
  • “You are granted three wishes.”

Three represents the basic universal forces: active, passive and neutral.

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So Why Is Three Important in Symbols, Signs and Messages?

Its simplest and most obvious reason is that one time is random, twice could be coincidental, but three becomes a pattern. So, for example, if you heard a certain book mentioned on TV, then read a reference to it on FaceBook, and then someone you knew casually dropped it into a conversation, maybe you should take a look at it – it may contain important information for you.

When something appears on your radar three times in a short space of time, then it will have significance for you. If you can’t quite work out what that meaning is, just wait a little. In the meantime, journal about it, mull over it and let it percolate through your consciousness. Writing about the signs, and allowing your thoughts to land on the paper is a wonderful way to open up your intuition to possibilities.

Dream Once, Twice, Thrice

If you experience a recurring dream three times, assume it is important. Try to remember the details and what it could mean to you. A friend had a dream about when she was a child and walking through the school gates. Other children reached out and grabbed her arms to prevent her walking through the door. In the dream she felt frustrated and sad that she couldn’t get through the gates. She had the dream three times. When she journaled about it, she realized that she had used her own children as a reason not to progress in her career. She decided she would no longer use them as an excuse not to step out of her comfort zone. Within two years, she ran an increasingly successful business from her home.

The Elegant Synchronicity of Three

The time concept of past, present and future presents us with a beautiful opportunity to notice, review, and assimilate the synchronicity and serendipity of three. It all depends on us becoming aware and awake to those signs. It’s possible to use past and present signs to discern what is up ahead of us in the future.

Diana and her husband had been trying to start a family for over two years. They were worried that they may never be able to have a baby naturally and were discussing whether they should begin the process of medical investigations. The following day, Diana found herself caught in a revolving door with a pregnant woman. Of course Diana noticed the woman’s pregnancy because becoming pregnant was uppermost in her mind. They had a few minutes laughing conversation about being caught in the door, with the other woman blaming her swollen belly. It had been a pleasant encounter so Diana mentioned it in passing when writing in her journal that night. 

A few days later, Diana and her husband were watching a TV show and a character had just discovered she was pregnant. She spoke to another character, “Watch out, it will be you next!” Again, Diana picked up on the phrase as being memorable enough to record it in her journal.

Just the very next day, Diana was walking to work and she noticed a small pink object on the sidewalk. It was a tiny mitten. It had probably been dropped from a pram, unnoticed. She put it in her pocket, thinking she would leave it at the corner store in case someone came looking for it. She promptly forgot about the mitten until she found it in her coat pocket when emptying them in the entry hall when she got home. Of course, she wrote about it in her journal. As she wrote, she became convinced that these were important signs. She could hardly wait to do a pregnancy test. To her joy, it was positive. Eight months later, Diana gave birth to a little girl. Diana is convinced that the Universe was sending her signs and assurances that her dream of having a baby was about to become reality.

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Become Three-Aware

If you want to tap into the power of three, you need to train yourself to become aware of the symbols, signs and messages being offered to you. Set your intention to notice them. Ask to see them. And then record them in your journal, so you can refer back to them later. The more you do this, the more occurrences you will notice. You’ll become tuned-in to the Rule of Three.

Jennifer Moore Fuller, in her book, “The Secret Language of Synchronicity,” mentions that she decided to test the universe. She was driving at the time and asked the question out loud, “Is synchronicity real?” She pulled up at the next red light and a van sped across the intersection. On its side panel were three words “Signs! Signs! Signs!” She took it as a yes.

Make The Rule of Three Work For You

Try these:

  • Speak your personal affirmations aloud three times.
  • Everyday, list three things you are grateful. If you wish to list more, do it in multiples of three.
  • If you notice two of anything, let’s say two magpies, look for a third.
  • Focus on the three aspects of yourself: body, mind and spirit. Pamper each in the best way you can.
  • Listen out for three-related references. Ask for them.
  • Allow the Rule of Three to guide your intuition. Some threefold messages may be warnings; others will be encouragement to take action.

Are you convinced that three is a magical number? Will you incorporate some of the ideas mentioned here into your life? 

Good luck!
Good luck!
Good luck!

Ouspensky Today: The Law of Three

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