Signs from Spirit: Flowers

signs from spirit marigold

We are advised to look out for signs from spirit when trying to maintain a connection with a loved one who has passed. One of the ways in which we can make that connection is through flowers.

Nearly everyone has a favorite flower. You have one, for sure, and your deceased loved one may also have had one. Or perhaps certain flowers have special meanings for you because they remind you of special occasions or places. Maybe the symbolism is in the scent of the flower and the sign from spirit is in the form of a floral perfume.

Signs from spirit bouquet

If there is no connection with a particular flower, then it is possible to receive a message from a loved one which is based on the spiritual language of flowers. Flowers have always held certain connotations – love without a red rose at Valentines would be unthinkable, while white roses signify innocence and purity.

Asking for a Sign from Spirit

There is no specific need to ask spirit to bring you flowers; all you have to do is keep an open mind and observe what flowers come into your awareness. Notice when flowers appear in unexpected ways – a magazine illustration, a surprise bouquet or posy, decorative ceramics and furnishings, other people’s tattoos, your sister’s potpourri, even at the gas station. Florals are everywhere and, once you begin noticing, you won’t be able to ignore them – that’s when your loved ones can let you know they are doing fine and that their love for you is as strong as ever. Of course, you can also request that spirit or your angels show you flowers to enhance the link to someone you love.

The Spiritual Language of Flowers

Flowers are amazing representatives of so many things. Leaving aside their necessity to the survival of the human race, they are beautiful beyond comparison. They uplift and comfort us. They are tokens of our feelings; eye-candy for the soul. Here are the spiritual messages of a few common flowers. More can be found at the Flower Dictionary.

African Violet

Easy to care for and with a range of stunning colors, it’s easy to see why the African Violet is a favorite of many. Its heart-shaped, velvety leaves constantly remind us of love, familiarity and comfort. Its deep color represents the infinite realms of spirit. The spiritual power of this ubiquitous little plant is protection. So when you see one, remember that you are safe and protected by your loved one and your angels.

Signs from spirit african violet


Cacti are comprised of many varieties, which all have different meanings. In general, the cactus represents attraction, protection and endurance. When you receive a cactus as a gift, it means that the feelings of the giver will endure forever. Those cacti that bloom also have a layer of meaning attached to the particular color of their flower. 


The long-lasting chrysanthemum is a staple of bouquets. It has a wide range of shape and color. The general spiritual message of this flower is happiness and cheerfulness. Feng Shui practice encourages the use of fresh Chrysanthemums to raise the happiness level of your home. You can’t help but feel uplifted when your eyes rest on their effusive blooms. 


The humble ‘daff’, the national flower of Wales, is a bloom of mixed blessings. It is cheerful and bold, but is also poisonous so must be placed safely out of the reach of children and pets. Spiritually, it represents good fortune and friendship. It is also a sign that spring is well and truly in progress, therefore this yellow flower is extremely heart-warming.

Signs from spirit daffodil


As daisies come in many varieties and color, the meaning of the flower will also vary. The small white common daisy that appears on lawns and in hedgerows is said to represent the souls of children who passed away. The Celts thought that spirit sprinkled these little flowers to comfort parents in their grief. The little daisy also means childhood and innocence.


Lavender, whether fresh or dried, represents grace and feminine beauty. Lavender also stands for peace, silence and serenity. Lavender is associated with the crown chakra and is renowned for its healing qualities.

Signs from spirit lavender


The lily is associated with beauty and purity. Giving a gift of lilies is a way of communicating admiration and attraction. White lilies are often part of wedding bouquets and floral tributes at funerals. Spiritually, the Lily is a token of compassion and celebration, so should not be seen as negative. They are poisonous so place them with caution.


This easy-to-grow, bright yellow-orange flower is a cheery sight in a flowerbed. It protects surrounding plants from aphids and other pests so plant it among your vegetables for increased crops. The Marigold is associated with abundance and well-being, so whenever you see one, give gratitude for all that you have.


Roses need a section all of their own because of the meanings of all the different colors. Generally speaking, roses of any color represent gratitude and love.

Red Rose

The red rose is the symbol of romantic love. A single rose represents the pledging of one’s heart to another. Two red roses bound together symbolizes an engagement. Bouquets of red roses signify gratitude and unconditional love. 

Pink Rose

Pink roses say ‘thank you’. They express gratitude and friendship. Even the shade of pink has meaning – light pink can express sympathy, whereas deep pink heads towards gratitude and appreciation.

White Rose

White roses stand for purity and innocence. A dried white rose can mean ‘fleeting beauty’. Often used in ceremonies for young girls. 

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses express happiness, joy and friendship. They are often given to celebrate a birth or a birthday. 

signs from spirit yellow rose

Orange, Peach Rose

Orange roses represent passion and attraction, so if you receive a gift of orange or peach colored roses, know that you are admired and desired.

Next time you need a message of comfort or reassurance keep your eye open for floral signs from spirit. 

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3 Responses

  1. Before my husband passed I started seeing bouquets of flowers being given to me they were bouquets of roses bouquets of mixed flowers just being handed to me and then I had a vision of a huge angel holding The Lord's Prayer. Shortly after my husband passed away. At his funeral the pastor talked about the Lord's Prayer and detail which I had no idea he was going to do. And I found an angel standing in the same position when I was picking out flowers for his funeral. I still have visions of flowers floating towards me single red roses bouquets of roses red or different colors bouquets of all different color flower. I seem to have the visions when I am depressed we're just down or even when I'm feeling good sometimes I ask to have flowers sent and they will come in a vision.

  2. Right after work….out of the blue moon as I was walking pass by…right on my path I saw those beautiful flowers reminded me of my loved one…unsure if it was him…😭😭😭I truly missed him 

  3. I went out to eat with my sister after a long day spent rummage saleing. We finish and go back out to the car, there on the ground by my door are my favorite flowers. Lily of the valleys, just 4 small springs. She didn't do it, and we've asked everyone, and still no idea who it was. 

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