Psychokinesis: Moving Objects with your Mind

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Moving objects with your mind is one of those psychic skills you often wish you possess. Especially when the cooking ingredient you need is on the top shelf. Or the TV remote is just out of reach. Psychokinesis, also called, telekinesis is one of the most rare psychic abilities. It can also be one of the most exciting to witness.

Psychokinesis, Telekinesis – What’s the Difference?

Psychokinesis is the general term for mind power that can move objects. It can relate to macro psychokinesis – where the movement of an object or control of mist or smoke is clearly visible. Or it can mean micro psychokinesis – the influence of outcomes, as in the throw of dice or other random events.

Telekinesis refers to the movement of an object clearly visible to witnesses, such as a glass on a tabletop.

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Causes of Psychokinesis

Scientists discovered that, while genuine cases of telekinesis are hard to prove, there is a definite increase in the electromagnetic field around the brain of subjects involved in the experiments. 

This above average level of electromagnetic energy has several causes: natural ability, the result of a head trauma or mental disturbance, and also the participant’s continued practice and attempts to perform telekinesis. It seems that we can increase our electromagnetism by regular practice.

Uncontrolled Telekinesis

Uncontrolled telekinesis is connected to poltergeist activity. This is an extreme demonstration centered around one person. Very often this is a disturbed or unhappy teenager. Objects move and even fly across the room. Doors slam when there is no wind. Witnesses hear knocks and bangs on floors and ceilings when no-one could cause them.

Poltergeist activity is usually temporary, and ceases gradually as the causes are addressed. While it is happening, it is a terrifying experience.

Have you heard of clocks stopping at the time of someone’s death? It’s possible that certain devices are affected by a poltergeist-like, telekinetic energy surge as the life force rejoins spirit.

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Cloud Bursting

We’ve all tried this – and if you haven’t, you must give it a go. Choose a pleasant spring or summer day when there is a light breeze and some fluffy clouds overhead. Lie on your back and focus on one small cloud. Using the power of your mind attempt to break up the cloud. Visualize the cloud disappearing and seeing a patch of blue sky instead. Once you have mastered cloud bursting, try to form a cloud or change its shape. How about an initial or an animal? Influencing clouds is a popular form of psychokinesis.

Famous Telekinesis Practitioners

Martin Caidin

Martin Caidin was famous for writing “Cyborg,” the novel that inspired the “Six Million Dollar Man.” He also had a keen interest in psychic phenomena, including psychokinesis. He claimed to be able to move a psi-wheel, a finely balanced device that looks a little like a pyramid balanced on a toothpick, by the power of his mind. 

Uri Geller

Uri Geller is, perhaps, the most famous practitioner of telekinesis. He regularly demonstrates his abilities by spoon bending and similar tricks. He claims his psychic gifts were granted to him by extra-terrestrials but several people have debunked his claims by proving that he is a skilled magician or conjurer. The jury is still out.

Mathew Manning

Mathew Manning’s family were regularly disturbed by poltergeist activity in their home in Cambridge, England. He made several claims about his automatic writing and drawing skills, saying that they ‘came through him’ from famous people in the past. These claims have been debunked many times. Manning also claimed the ability to affect electronic equipment and bend metal, but so far he hasn’t been able to prove his claims beyond doubt.

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Variations of Psychokinetic Abilities


The ability to affect or change the performance of electronic equipment. People report that their presence in a room often causes the failure of electrical objects. Some say they are able to change TV channels with the power of their mind. The control of lightning also comes under this category.


Pyrokinesis occurs when someone is able to control molecules of burning gasses. They can increase or subdue the intensity of fire.


The ability to affect the wind; its direction or intensity.


Hydrokinesis is the ability to change water molecules. This can take many forms: controlling the temperature, changing the current of flowing water or steam. Cloud bursting comes into this category.


The ability to cause ice and frost to form.


Biokinesis is a form of self-healing when the subject is able to affect his or her physical condition. Examples would be regeneration and seemingly spontaneous healing from life threatening conditions.


Healing is a form of psychokinetic ability. It may incorporate electrokinesis and hydrokinesis. The healer is able to cause the patient’s body to regain its natural stasis by laying on hands, manipulating their electromagnetic field or by ‘seeing’ the patient as healed.

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How to Become Telekinetic

Generally, it’s case of you can either do it naturally, or you can’t. Having said that, it may be possible to learn how to move objects with the power of your mind. One problem is that people who have psychokinetic ability are unable to describe exactly how they do it.

  • Start with the cloud bursting exercise described above. Then practice moving steam from a kettle or subduing a single flame in a fire. Move on to extinguishing candles or moving a finely balanced object.
  • It will help to do some meditation exercises to learn how to focus the mind on a single thought. 
  • Practice as often as you can. 

If you are experiencing any unwanted telekinetic activity, contact one of our experienced psychics for help and advice.

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