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Psychic powers alphabet cards

Psychic powers are just like any other skill; they need constant practice to keep them sharp. These games are not about testing your psychic abilities – you are psychic to some extent; everyone is – they are designed to build up your ‘psychic stamina’ until you are using your intuition and inner perception all the time. It will become part of who you are. You will be able to make decisions more quickly, assess a situation more clearly and be able to know the answers to questions before they even occur to you.

Psychic Powers

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Most of our psychic games are based on cards. This is because it is easy to create or purchase a set of suitable cards and also because it is easy to randomize them. You can also begin with a small number and build up to a lot of cards as in the case of our tarot card game.

It will help to keep score of your results. It’s likely that you get good results the first time and then go through a period of not-so-good scores. This can be because you don’t really trust your psychic abilities. You may second guess yourself and are unable to suspend your inner skeptic. Relax, tune into your deep spiritual connection. It might help to do some deep breathing and relaxation before you begin.

Psychic Power Color Game

Cut up some various colored card or paper.  You need about seven different colors. Glue them to larger pieces of thick white card. They must be the same size. Underneath the colored card, write the name of each color. This is important because some people see colors and others respond better to words.

Turn the cards face down and smoosh them around on the table. Say, “This is the red card,” and pick one up. Repeat with other colors, each time shuffling them around. Score a point each time you pick up the correct card. You may find it helpful to hold your hand, palm down a few inches above the cards. Move your hand over the cards and try to feel a reaction.

Alternatively, have a friend sit facing away from you and ask her to pick a card and look at it for a minute. Again, score a point for each correct ‘guess’. You can make it fun by taking turns.

There is a similar online test offered by the Psychic’s Directory. However, it’s always possible that you won’t get the same results as you would if working with actual cards you can touch.

Tarot Card Psychic Test

The good things about using tarot cards is that you can set very simple tests and make them more demanding as you go. A good one is to separate the Major Arcana cards out from the Minor Arcana. It’s the minors you’ll be working with. Shuffle your deck, place it face down. Try to predict which suit each card belongs to. Keep a score of your correct answers as you turn the cards.

Another test is carried out, in the same way using the whole deck. This time, try to guess if the card has a male figure, female figure, an ambiguous figure, or no human figure at all.

As you develop your psychic powers you can progress to identifying the numbers of the cards (using minors one to ten, then majors zero to twenty-one) and even individual cards – quite a feat out of a choice of 78. Start with the sixteen Court Cards and progress to the whole deck. Notice when you come close, such as saying the Ten of Pentacles, but the card is the Ten of Cups. Give yourself half a point for these close guesses.

If you don't own a deck of tarot cards, then you can adapt the other exercises to use with regular playing cards.

psychic powers tarot cards

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Pendulum Yes/No Game

Write down the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on twelve pieces of paper or card – six of each. Shuffle them and either have them in a pile, face down, or spread out in front of you. Ask your pendulum to show you a ‘yes’ answer and observe which direction it swings. Then do the same for ‘no’. You may see it moving in a circle or to and fro. Hold your pendulum above each card in turn and note the answer. Score a point for each correct response.

Make it a little more complicated by adding in six more cards marked ‘maybe’. Ask the pendulum to show you a ‘maybe’ response. It should be different from the other two and could be no response at all, or a different directional swing.

Flash Cards

Get hold of some children’s flash cards. Alphabet ones are good to start with. Look for those with bright illustrations. At first, restrict yourself to the first six letters of the alphabet, increasing them by two as you become more confident. As previously instructed, shuffle or smoosh them on a table and score one point for each correct answer.

Zenner cards are often used to test psychic powers – you can purchase a set or try your abilities online.

Psychic powers alphabet cards

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TV Words Observation

This is a fun thing to do and needs no cards or other paraphernalia. You do have to be alert, and you need to be in a situation where there is more than one person in the room. It’s an ongoing observation, and you can choose to make a note of occurrences or not. You can’t play this one deliberately; it has to be almost random.

Notice how often, as you are having normal conversations, someone on TV repeats a word or phrase you just said. It can’t be pronouns or other very common words. Once you start paying attention, you’ll be amazed how often it happens. These are examples of precognition, i.e., predicting the future, and this is a very basic indication that you may have precognitive psychic powers.

Psychic Powers Party

These are all games you can try on your own to practice your psychic powers. You can also adapt them for two or more people, so think about gathering some of your friends together for some psychic fun. When people concentrate their energy towards a common goal, strange things happen. You may find that your psychic abilities are increased and energized and that you can achieve higher scores than you can on your own.

Divide yourselves into two teams. If there is an odd number, have the extra person be the adjudicator, card shuffler, and score keeper. It’s good to take turns in this role, so everyone has a chance to play the games.

Don’t take it all too seriously; have fun while you develop your psychic powers.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm experiencing stinging, tingling sensations in my fingers and toes.  Butterflies and bees seem to be attracted to me when I'm  outdoors.


    I've been told I'm gifted, is that a sign of psychic awakening?


    Please advise 

  2. I had a dream  that  my  papa  was  going  to  have  cancer  and that happened  and the I had a dream he died and the  next  month  he died!!

     Is this a sign of psychic powers

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