How To Strengthen Your Connection to Source Energy

Connect to Source Energy

Psychics, intuitives, healers, channelers, and other spiritual workers, all believe there is a connection between humans and source energy. That there is something bigger than ourselves into which we tap for information and spiritual sustenance. It could be higher intelligence, God, universal law… Whatever it is, it defies labeling. We just call it ‘source energy’.

We can never be separated from source energy. However much we feel a disconnect, it’s not possible to be cut off from it. When we are conceived we begin to stretch the connection in order to live our human adventure. When we die, we rejoin it fully, becoming part of the whole. Not that we are ever not part of the whole – it just seems like that during our time here.

Having a strong connection to source energy is good for us. It gives us faith, helps us to cope with the demands of daily life. It makes us feel secure knowing we are never alone because we can always tap into the infinite from whence we came. So how do we strengthen that connection to source energy?

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Source Energy and Perception

It’s important to understand that your connection to source is constant, never failing, always strong. If you can believe this 100 percent of the time then read no further. However, if you often feel disconnected, stressed, or uncertain, this post is for you.

Feeling a strong connection is always about perception. About mindset and belief. The stronger your knowing that source is always with you – because it is you, and you are it – the better you’ll feel. Knowing divine guidance is within you – constantly – is a wonderful feeling.

Connect to Source Energy

There are certain things you can do that will remind you of your source. These are things which will enable you to revel in the joy of feeling connected. When you will allow the flow to its fullest extent.

Sit still in silence and breathe. Simply allow yourself to be. You don’t have to meditate, visualize or anything else. Just be still. Let your thoughts come and go. Breathe steadily and relax. Feel source energy fill your body and aura.

Get outside. Drive to the beach, a lake, the mountains, desert, fields – anywhere peaceful where the air is fresh. Walk or sit. Breathe. Feel source energy envelop and revitalize you.

Be with people you love. As you are with them, enjoying their company, laughing, talking, crying, loving, sympathizing, or simply enjoying being near them, take a moment to go within and feel the comfort as a form of energy. It’s source, wrapping you in love.

Immerse yourself in creativity. Enjoy that timeless sensation as you do something you love to do. Appreciate color, sound, words, smells, whatever you are doing. When you are being creative, inspired, enthusiastic your connection is strong.

From Despair to Vibrancy

It’s impossible to turn depression around in an instant. When you are caught in the grasp of despondency and low self-esteem, you cannot force yourself to change your thoughts. Yet you can do it in tiny baby steps. There is always a slightly better feeling within reach.

1. Know that source is constantly flowing through you, regardless of how you feel.
2. Remember that source energy is love. You are loved.
3. There is something or someone nearby to appreciate and lift your heart. Look around. If you can’t find a single thing then appreciate the air that you breathe. Love it. 
4. Give yourself something to look forward to. Whatever works for you. Order a small gift, arrange to meet a friend, plan an evening’s TV, cook a meal especially for you. Source energy wants you to love yourself.
5. Keep your hands busy. Do something anything that you can focus on apart from your thoughts. Cook, clean, crochet, volunteer to help another, make a budget. Bring as much creativity to the task as you can. Source energy will bring more inspiration.

With each action you take and each better feeling thought, feel your heart lift a little. Your connection is strong. 

Connect to Source Energy beach

Allow Source Energy

We are constantly being reminded to ‘reach for our full potential,’ as though we are ‘less than’ until we get to this nebulous level of attainment. Whether it be in our careers or spiritually. You don’t have to become a CEO or a Zen master to fulfill your potential. You are already more than enough. You are already perfect right where you are.

The only thing you need to do is to cultivate a state of allowing. There’s no action to be taken, no course to take, no qualification necessary. All you have to do is allow. 

Allowing is acceptance, release, surrender, relief. It is letting go of anxiety and worry because you know that all is well. That everything always works out. It’s having confidence that you don’t have to control every detail or manipulate the outcome. It’s being willing to surrender to the forces of the universe, working with them, not against them.

Allowing is letting yourself feel inspired, going with the flow and simply doing what must be done in the moment. One thing at a time. When ‘should’, ‘must’ and ‘I feel guilty because…’ are allowed to gently float away. 

Practice allowing often until it becomes second nature. You will be able to recognize when you are being swept along by stressful thoughts and can instantly tap into your stream of source energy and your inner serenity.

The Benefits of Allowing Source Energy

You will feel in control because you can let go of the need for control. You will feel calm, energized, inspired. You will understand that it is natural to have changeable moods and you never beat yourself up when you are feeling temporarily low. You know it will soon pass and you will regain your equilibrium soon enough. You look for things to appreciate because you understand that appreciation is love, is source energy.

Your life will change for the better. Your faith in source is a constant comfort. People will be drawn to you. They feel good when they are with you. They leave you happier than when they arrived. You will be able to tune in to your inner guidance whenever you want to. You learn to trust your source and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

Surrendering Control

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