How to Stop Your Psychic Abilities

While we at Psychic Elements talk a lot about developing your psychic abilities, many people just want to turn them off, even if only temporarily. It’s no fun being a slave to the other side, and sometimes it can be downright inconvenient. So just how do you say no to those constant interruptions?

Most methods involve visualizations, meditations, and brain-training; mind over spirit, you might say. Here are some ideas to help you stop your psychic abilities.

Psychic abilities

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Closing the Chakras

Closing or almost closing (you can’t close them down entirely) your energy points or chakras can help you control your psychic connections. Try this meditation.

Firstly, you are going to open your chakras fully. It’s a good idea to do this regularly to improve the flow of your personal energy.

Put yourself into a relaxed, receptive frame of mind. Ensure you are in a comfortable upright position.

  • Close your eyes, relax your hands
  • Breathe deeply, five counts on the inhale, and eight counts on the exhale
  • Relax your whole body from the feet up. Keep breathing steadily
  • Begin with the root chakra at the base of the spine, at your tailbone. See it as a red flower
  • Open the flower fully and feel the flow of energy. It feels warm and sexy.
  • Move your attention to the sacral chakra, about two inches below your navel. See it as an orange flower.
  • Focus on opening the flower and feeling the energy flow. It should feel as if the area is glowing.
  • Now open the yellow solar plexus flower, just below the inverted ‘V’ of your ribcage.
  • Flow the energy. It should feel powerful.
  • Move to the heart chakra in the center of your chest, just above the heart. This is a beautiful green flower.
  • Open it and feel the energy flowing through your body. It feels like love flooding your whole being.
  • Now focus on the throat chakra. It’s a blue flower.
  • Visualize the flower opening and the energy of clear communication and self-expression flowing forth.
  • Next is the third eye chakra. It’s a deep indigo color.
  • Open the flower and allow the wisdom of your intuition to flow.
  • It’s a good idea to imagine this chakra getting a good cleaning as this is the ‘way in’ for those psychic communications.
  • Lastly, focus on the crown chakra, it’s a stunning shimmering violet flower – some also see it as pure white.
  • Open the flower fully and feel your connection to source energy flow down through you and the other main chakras.
  • Feel refreshed, energized and cleansed.
  • Breath deeply and enjoy the moment.

Chakra meditation

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Now it’s time to close the chakras, not entirely, you understand, but enough to deter those pesky psychic contacts.

  • Begin at the crown. Narrow the flow of energy to about 20 percent of the full flow by visualizing the flower returning to a bud-like state.
  • Continue down the body, pausing at each chakra and closing the flower to a bud.
  • When you reach the last one, the root chakra, close it to 20 percent, mentally thank spirit for cooperating and state that you want to be left alone until you decide otherwise.
  • Ground yourself by a quick ‘sending roots down into the earth’ visualization.
  • Breathe, relax and open your eyes.
  • Have something to eat and drink to complete the grounding.

You should get some respite from the clamor after this meditation. Repeat daily until you feel ready to re-open the lines of psychic communication. Simply carry out the opening of the chakras and mentally ask Spirit to protect you from annoying, uncomfortable and destructive contacts.

Close psychic communication

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Quickie Methods to Shut the Psychic Door

Now how to stop your psychic abilities after a session, either with a client or a private conversation with a contact on the other side? After all, we all need to rest and recharge our batteries… and those more determined voices will attempt to put their foot in your psychic door at any opportunity.

If you use a spirit guide, ask them to act as a doorkeeper for you. Request that the door be opened only when you ask for it. Your guide will understand. However, it’s possible they will allow urgent communications to get through, so it might be something you have to put up with.

Perform a fast closing of the chakras as detailed above. With practice, you can turn it into a quick automatic ritual. As, for a professional consultation, you will have deliberately opened the channels, all you need to do is clickety-click close those chakra flowers to their 20 percent levels. You may be able to address the seven main chakras in one go by visualizing a ‘master switch’ or ‘dial’. The more you practice this, the more efficient the process will become.

Make the decision to cut communications. You must remember that you are in charge of your psychic flow. It’s too easy to allow yourself be the conduit for all and sundry to come through to you. This can be upsetting as well as mentally and emotionally damaging. You are the one who opened the channels, and you can be the one to block them too. Say, loudly, “That’s it for today, people. I’ll talk to you soon. Goodbye.”

Stop poking around in your head. Seriously. You know what it’s like when you have to keep checking whether the pot is near boiling or if your kid has shut down his laptop? Once you have disconnected, then do something ‘normal’. Phone your sister or start dinner. Maybe go for a walk or watch TV. Anything that gets you away from testing that the psychic door is closed, that the channel is completely cut off. The truth is, you can’t always block an attempt at contact from the other side, but you can reduce its impact on your daily life.


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  1. By Ludo on

    I have been hearing voices for the last four years, and they have made several pop culture references, as well as mentioning current events of which I was not aware until they prompted me to look it up. I do not believe in god(s), spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, or aliens. I also do not believe in targeted harassment as such. There is no way that anyone is following me around and using radios frequency to harass me. I have traveled on plane from Hawaii to Florida and the voices persist uninterrupted. This is not something I believe can be done easily with cellular towers or satellites as there would be no way they could relay the messages fast enough or at that elevation. I suspect they are human, and spend a lot of time watching television. If your experience is similar please [edit] share your experience here [/edit] so we can compare notes regarding our experiences. I am uninterested in the rantings of crazy people, so please do not poffer explanations which rely on reptilians, the illuminati, or the devil.

    Reply »

    • By Isis on

      Hi I have gone through exactly the same I am able to communicate no matter where, when etc. It all began for me after an intense yoga deep state pose.

      How are the closing down exercises helping you?


      Reply »

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