How To Develop Your Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Ability

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Some of us spend years ignoring, suppressing or denying our psychic abilities. We are scared of what we might see or hear. We don’t want to interact with spirit or be able to predict the future. But what’s the worst thing that could happen? Balance that out with the positives of being a psychic medium. Why not take the plunge and take steps to develop and work with your clairvoyant and clairaudient ability?

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What Are Clairvoyance and Clairaudience?

You probably already know that clairvoyant means ‘clear vision’, and many people believe that a clairvoyant sees things. And to some extent that’s true. However, it’s not like seeing a ghost standing in front of you, mostly the visions appear in the clairvoyant’s own mind. Like we all experience random thoughts, clairvoyants experience random pictures. 

They may have fleeting glimpses of someone’s life, perhaps they’ll visualize a hospital bed and tubes and nurses as the person left their life and moved to spirit. Or perhaps they see a snapshot of a future event – even something like an airport departure board with ‘canceled’ next to a certain flight.

Clairaudients (clear hearing) hear things — mostly voices, and again, they don’t usually hear these voices as though they are external. Mostly they are in their head. Try recreating the voice of someone you know closely in your mind. It’s quite easy to do and you can probably have a whole conversation with them. Often, clairaudients hear voices just as they are going to sleep and as they are waking up. That magical inbetween sleep and waking state is the ideal time for spirit to grab our attention.

Both clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities are gathered under the umbrella term of ‘psychic’, which comes from the Greek work ‘psyche’ literally means ‘of the soul. Meaning that the information you receive comes not via your external senses but from your inner vision, hearing and, in the case of other ‘clairs’, your senses.

Signs You Have Clairvoyant or Clairaudient Abilities

1. When a spirit is trying to attract your attention you might ‘see’ a certain photograph or scene from your childhood in you mind’s eye. You might be confused that you are being shown your own memories not someone else’s and that’s because you can relate directly to your own experiences, not theirs. It’s easier to make sense of the vision.

2. You are mentally shown a certain object or place connected with that person.

3. Sometimes you mentally experience a memory, such as falling, which tells you that the person trying to come through died from a fall.

4. You might experience actual physical signs, such as pain in certain areas of your body. For example, difficulty breathing will indicate the person passed of a lung condition.

5. You may ‘hear’ conversations in your head that seem to have nothing to do with you. 

6. Random lines or poetry or songs may be inserted into your consciousness. They will be significant to whomever the spirit is trying to contact.

7. The vision or conversation could take place in a vivid dream. It seemed real at the time and you remember it clearly after you wake up.

8. You may experience a physical sign when a spirit is connecting to you. It could be a tingling sensation on your scalp or neck, or a barely discernible brushing against your hair or skin.

Remember that when you are beginning your psychic adventure, the visions and sounds come through as partial images and snippets of conversation. Rarely will it be given to you in one easy-to-understand chunk. This is because you are not experienced enough to fill in the gaps or make the necessary connections.

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Developing Your Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Skills

Clairvoyancy and clairaudiency usually, but not always, appear together. If you have one skill, you tend to have the other. You may also have one or more of the other ‘clairs’.

Exercise One: Prediction

Each time the phone rings, without looking at the display, try to predict who is calling you. When you receive an envelope in the mail without any identifying details on the outside, try to sense what organization or person it is from. Do the same when people call at your home, just take a moment to ‘see’ who is at the door before you open it.

Exercise Two: Visualization 

Practice your visualization skills. Get yourself comfortable, grab a pen and paper and describe in detail your best friend’s kitchen. Pretend you are standing in the middle of the room and turn slowly. Write down everything that you see. Do it in list form if it’s easier but include details like color and the manufacturer of appliances. Repeat this exercise often with other people’s homes. It doesn’t have to be the kitchen. Pretend you are in their living room watching them watching TV. 

Exercise Three: Psychometry

This is when you ‘feel’ the imprints or vibration of the person who owns an object. Ask a friend or relative to bring you an object that belongs to someone else. Ask them not to tell you who it belongs to. Hold it and try to sense who the owner is. Do this with a selection of items. Things like keys and watches are ideal, but make sure your friend has permission from the owner before they hand them to you.

Exercise Four: Photographs

Similar to exercise three, ask people to bring you photos of their relatives, perhaps those who have passed over. Hold the photo, look at it and try to sense the lives and characters of the people in them.

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Exercise Five: Colors

Instead of trying to see auras in the accepted sense – as fields of colored energy – think of someone you know and use a color to describe them. What color would describe your best friend? Your mother? Your teacher? Do this as often as you can. The reasoning behind it is that often a spirit will use color to jog your memory of a person. For instance, let’s say you associated the color gray with your auntie Agnes. Agnes suffers from a chronic health condition. So when you are shown the color gray in your mind, spirit could be passing on the message that they or someone else suffers from the same condition as Auntie Agnes. 

Each of these psychic development exercises requires practice. And more practice. The more you do them, the more proficient you will become. Keep notes in a journal to chart your progress. Watch out for more psychic development ideas in future posts.

Thanks to A.L. Hale and “The Clairvoyant’s Handbook” for the exercise suggestions.

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