How to Attract Love: Seven Magical Methods

How to attract love

At this time of the year we are bombarded with images of hearts and flowers. Passion is in the air and if you haven’t got a love interest, it’s easy to feel left out and lonely. At Psychic Elements we think that love can come from anywhere and doesn't always have to be romantic – although it’s nice when it happens. Here are seven magical ways to attract love into your life.

How to attract love

Find the Love Within

As you were taught at school, atoms vibrate. Therefore, as you are made of atoms, they vibrate within you too. It’s estimated that a human body consists of seven octillion atoms – thats seven followed by 27 zeros. Atoms are mostly made up of… nothing. Empty space. You are 99.9999999 percent empty space. But this empty space has to be something, doesn’t it? You could say it’s dark matter, or a total vacuum, or energy. Some say it is light. Others call it love. What if we are all made of love? Take a moment and visualize your whole body suffused with love. You can feel it, can’t you? This is the love within. Tune into this feeling of love as often as you can. Close your eyes for a moment and feel the energy of love rush through your body like a wave.

Feeling this deep, permanent, delicious love; acknowledging it, experiencing it will enable you to love yourself – mind, soul and body. If you can tap into this often and appreciate how wonderful it is, you will not only attract others who want to share this loving energy, you may even feel that your inner love is all you need.

Create a Sanctuary for Love

While this inner lovingness is all very well, you would still like to have a real live mate in your life. In order to have what you want, you need to make an actual physical place for love. Choose a room in your home. Bedrooms are usually the best. Do your best to minimize its contents. Declutter, hang clothes up, consign everything to its place. 

Remove or cover up mirrors as they reflect negative energy. Put your family photos, cuddly toys, books and plants into another room. Decorate the room in soft colors: cream, rose, pink, pale green or pale turquoise. Add small touches of red for passion. Keep a space in your closet or dresser free for your new love's belongings. 

It doesn’t matter if your love never enters the room, the principle of creating space still holds good.

Make Time for Love

Take a look at your life. You are so busy, aren’t you. The universe can’t deliver love unless you are able to fit it in to your schedule. Carve out some time for relaxation. Not the sort of relaxation that involves checking Facebook and connecting with your Instagram buddies. You need to create real time space so new love can weave its way in. 

The kind of thing to do is take a walk with no purpose other than to walk. Sit, with nothing else happening other than sitting. As you walk or sit in peace, feel the bliss of non-distraction. You are ‘being’. Five, ten, fifteen minutes, whatever you can spare. This way of being puts you into a state of receiving. In turn, that means you are open to gifts of love from the universe.

How to attract love make time

Magic Scripting to Attract Love

We’ve mentioned this before, but scripting is still one of the best ways we know to attract love, or anything you desire. It’s very simple. You write out what you want in your life as if you already have it. You don’t have to believe in it, but if you are able to adopt a feeling of certainty, of knowing, of sure expectancy, that will accelerate the process and bring better results. 

Here’s an example of scripting for love:

I adore being in love. I appreciate how much my mate loves me. I give love in return. Together we are beings of love and light. Everything goes well for us. Our lives are perfectly entwined and in tune. It’s so nice when we go out to eat. It’s so relaxing when we stay home together. I love that we call each other every morning and every evening. I feel blessed to have this person in my life. 

I know I am love and love is me, 
As I write these words, so must it be.

You can make it up yourself. Always write it in the present tense. Avoid any negatives and only be very specific if there are certain details that are important to you. Scripting is a useful tool in your magical armory to attract love.

Don’t be Desperate – Live in the Moment

If you think of everyone you meet as being potentially The One, you will prevent real love from coming to you. Additionally, your intense focus will be disconcerting to your date. Instead, take each moment as an opportunity to get to know the other person, to have fun, chill, and to enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Let the future take care of itself while you live in the present. 

Give Love to Get Love

What is love, really? What is it that you desire in love? Someone to appreciate you? Someone who you can appreciate? Someone to spend time with in joy? To receive all that, you need to give it out first. There are many ways to do this.

  • Look after your baby niece or nephew. Spending time with very young children and observing their pure connection to source will kick start your own. Unless you dislike small children, of course.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter. Walk a neighbor’s dog. Get yourself a kitten. We love our animals unconditionally, as they love us. 
  • Work with people less fortunate – find out about hospital visiting, or volunteer at a shelter.

Giving of yourself in this way allows you to form new bonds, to appreciate that everybody, including you, is doing their best. When you donate your time without thought of the returns, you raise your vibration to a higher level. And love loves a high vibration. 

Know You are Perfect and Whole

Think of yourself as being whole and love-full. You are not looking for your ‘other half’. You are perfect as you are. People are drawn to those who exude this self-loving confidence.

Happy loving.


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