How to Access the Psychic Realm?

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The psychic realm is not somewhere else. It is right here. There is no difference between the earthly and psychic realms. What is different is that, for most people, the psychic realm is out of sight and hearing. We can’t see it, although it is there and just as real as what we see around us – although scientists are beginning to question if we actually do see reality and not some matrix-like construct.

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You are experiencing the psychic realm all the time. Your body is like an antenna and is constantly picking up signals. The problem is, we fail to notice. We have evolved to a level where feeling those signals is no longer a necessity to survival.

Let’s say you are walking home late and you intend on taking your usual shortcut. As you pause by the turning, you feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise. There’s no visual or auditory reason for it. Your body is giving you a message of danger. You shrug and take the long way. Later you are reminded of the experience and you wonder if it was some sort of psychic warning? Well, yes, it was. Yet it wasn’t psychic in the way we think of it these days. It was your natural ability tuning into the psychic realm of vibration. It was quiet and dark, so your senses were on full alert, You were tuned in to your surroundings and your physical sensations. You’ll never know if there was a threat hiding in the shadows, it might have been a cat or a fox. Yet, your antenna was working perfectly.

In essence, then, the psychic realm is a level of vibrations. It’s not a ‘higher’ place, or even ‘the other side’. It’s right here all around and within. That’s why everyone has some psychic ability to one degree or another. Some people are merely more highly sensitized than others. Their brains are able to translate vibration, whether it be aut

The Psychic Realm vs the Spiritual Realm?

The two terms are often confused. They are not the same. The psychic realm is right here in this dimension. The spiritual realm is not anything like the reality we experience on this planet. The spiritual realm is where we come from. Our normal state of being. Where we are all as One. Our incarnations here, on Earth, are adventures and opportunities for our soul to progress.

Accessing the Psychic Realm

There are many ways to access or tune into the psychic realm. Psychic people do it naturally without much effort. For most of us, who aren’t as attuned as psychics, it takes some practice and training to develop our faculties in order to pick up those vibrations. At first, you will have to experiment to see which exercises and practices take you closest. 

Before you even begin to get in touch with the psychic realm there are three things to learn: how to protect your psychic aura, how to cleanse it, and how to ground yourself after any psychic session.

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Protect, Cleanse and Ground

There are lower vibrations that can cause unseen entities to attach themselves to your auric being, so it is always a good idea to know how to protect yourself from a psychic attack. The easiest way to do this is by visualizing a protective shield or impermeable bubble around you. In your mind’s eye, fill it with golden or white light. Know that the light is pure love. The more intense you can make it, the stronger the protection will be. Love is the highest vibration of all and can withstand any infiltration by unwanted energies. Only energy aligned with love and your highest good can flow into your awareness.

Other methods you can use to add extra layers of protection include holding crystals or placing them around your home, lighting candles and burning incense. You can also ask for assistance from beings from the Spiritual realm to take care of you as you find your way into the psychic realm.

Cleansing, again, can be a visualization, similar to the first. Imagine a pure white light beaming down through your crown chakra, passing through your body and therefore all your chakras. Think of it as a beautiful spiritual shower, cleansing and washing away any dark sticky energy.

Grounding helps to bring you back into the ‘real’ world. It drains excess energy that might leave you feeling spaced out and light headed. Another visualization: sit with your feet on the ground, or sit on the floor, if you like. Imagine the energy of the earth rising up though the ground, through the walls and floors of your home, entering your body via your feet. Hold that vision for a few moments, then imagine the energy receding  back into the ground, taking with it any excess held in your body. Breathe deeply and then get something to eat and drink. Stamp your feet and shake your wrists.

First Steps to Entering the Psychic Realm

As mentioned there are many ways to make contact with the psychic realm. It’s a good idea to create yourself a program of study that includes the protect, cleanse and grounding exercises as described above. Then choose your practice exercises and do them daily.

  • Keep a dream journal. Just before falling asleep and waking are times when many people experience interaction with the psychic realm. Writing down your dreams, sensations and experiences as soon as you wake is a good way to spot patterns and messages.
  • Guided meditations are excellent for tuning into psychic vibrations. Here is a clairvoyant guided meditation by Michelle Beltran.
  • Become aware of signs from the psychic realm. If you were close to someone who has passed, speak to them and ask them to leave you signs that they are still around. Developing your powers of observation using all your senses is essential to becoming attuned to psychic vibration.
  • Try using free writing to see if it morphs into automatic writing. Treat it with respect and do the usual protection, cleansing and grounding rituals before and afterward. Just start writing in a stream-of-consciousness way and see what happens. You might be astounded at what comes through.
  • Ask your angels to help you access the psychic realm. If they don’t think it’s a good idea for you, then they will let you know.
  • See if divination works for you. Learn to use a pendulum to get answers from the psychic realm. Be aware that divination actually accesses information your subconscious is already aware of, so it might not be quite what you are seeking. Energy permeates everything, so whether you are tapping into the psychic realm or your own subconscious, it’s all the same thing in the end.
  • It has been said that any time we use our imagination, we are accessing the psychic realm, so allow your imagination free rein – often.

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If accessing the psychic realm directly is not for you, then ask another person to do it on your behalf. Consider treating yourself to a psychic consultation to get those questions answered.

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