A Ghost in My House? 13 Signs of Hauntings

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Do I have a ghost in my house?

A ghost in my house

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Have you recently moved into a new house or apartment? Have you found it hard to settle in? Maybe you feel that the building is somewhat unwelcoming?

Spirits may be infesting your home. Here are 13 signs that there might be a ghost in your house:

1. Unexplained Noises

All buildings creak and settle, and these noises sound especially loud at night. Most people get used to them. Unexplained noises are different: a door banging when there’s no breeze, distant sounds of laughter when there are no neighbors, regular knocking sounds that can’t be attributed to the plumbing. Try to discover the cause of the sounds as there might be a perfectly reasonable explanation – for example, the distant sounds of people leaving a party can travel down a chimney, so it seems like they are coming from the fireplace or are even in the same room.

2. Objects Disappearing

A classic sign of haunting is the disappearance of everyday objects like keys, phones, loose change, etc. If the items reappear in the same spot, then it’s possibly a ghost. Install a secret camera to rule out any other mischievous household members.

3. Lights Switching On

Or off. When you know you turned that light off, but now it’s on again, it could be a spirit, but faulty wiring is the usual cause. Have it checked out. If the lights continue to switch on by themselves, then a ghostly visitor could be trying to make contact.

4. Unexplained Impressions in your Comforter

You know that nest your cat makes when he’s been sleeping on your bed? Or the dent you leave when you’ve been sitting on it? If you haven’t sat on your bed and you don’t have a cat, then what made that impression? It might have been a ghost or maybe a poltergeist. People have reported the sensation of someone or something sitting on the bed when they are in it. Turn the light on quickly!

5. Cold Spots

The house is warm; the heating is on, and you are lovely and cozy. Suddenly, it gets colder, or you walk through a cold spot. Goosebumps appear on your skin, and you shiver. Make sure the heating hasn’t turned off and that you didn’t just walk through a draft. If the cold spots can’t be explained, then they might be caused by the presence of a spirit.

6. You Feel Watched

Most of us recognize that feeling of being watched. It makes us turn our head in a crowd to catch someone’s eyes upon us. It’s akin to another sense and is called, ‘gaze detection’ and causes certain cells to fire in your brain. When you get that feeling and there’s no-one there, you might be feeling the presence of a ghost.

7. Orbs in your Digital Photos

As you look through those photos you recently took in your home, you notice strange spheres hovering in the air. They may appear to cluster around one area or even on a particular person. Once dust or moisture on the camera lens has been ruled out, you might think of these ‘orbs,' as they are called, as good spirits. Some even say they are evidence of your guardian angels.


8. Strange Voices

A whisper in your ear, a cat purring when there’s no cat, a child’s laughter where there are no children, waking up because you heard someone call your name… these voice manifestations could be signs that your house has a ghost, but do get any medical reasons ruled out.

9. You See a Figure

When a human or animal figure appears right before you, there is little doubt that you have a ghost in your house. Do some research to find out if anyone died in your house, or, if the building is new, what stood there previously.

10. Odd Pet Behavior

Does your dog or cat refuse to enter certain rooms? Do they stare into space, hackles rising for minutes on end? Do they show strange signs off aggression or fear? It is said that animals can sense things that humans can’t. It’s possible they feel or see the presence of a ghost.

11. Unexplained Smells

These smells could be anything, from pleasant to disgusting. The scent of lavender, lemon, perfume, cigars, wood smoke, or rotting meat, for example. If you can’t track down the origin of the smell, and it keeps coming back, it could be a poltergeist or a spirit. Scent is one of the easiest ways for a ghost to make its presence felt.

12. Moving Shadows

Most shadows have a reasonable explanation, but sometimes they are inexplicable. If you can’t work out what is casting the shadow, it’s possibly a ghost. Sometimes the shadow is more like a sphere of energy, often black, gray and generally murky-looking. It may move around the room and feel as though it is some sort of energy vortex. Leave the room and call in a paranormal expert.

13. Invisible Friends

Your young child says he’s been talking to someone in his room, and indeed, you’ve heard him chattering away. It’s possible, that like many children he has an invisible friend. However, if you ask him, he might say he talks to the lady with a flower in her hair or the old man who sits in the chair by the window. Children often have a direct psychic line to the spirit world, so it’s likely that there’s a ghost in your house.

However a spirit, ghost or poltergeist manifests, it’s important you don’t live in fear. Mostly these things cannot hurt you, but to reassure yourself and your family, get an expert in who can determine what kind of haunting is affecting your home. Meanwhile, if you’ve been feeling a ghostly presence, call one of our friendly psychics for advice.


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