What Does It Mean To Have a Black Aura?

black aura

You are made of energy. There’s no getting away from it. Everything in the Universe is made of pure energy. It takes many different forms: from low-vibrating materially-manifested energy, to the highest clearest spiritual kind. Your aura is a gentle radiating energy field which is in constant flux. It emanates from you, and surrounds your whole body. Some people can see or sense it; others cannot. The color of your aura reflects your emotional state. Happy emotions cause a bright, clear positive aura to radiate outward and you’ll notice that people are attracted to someone with a high-vibrating, happy aura. So what does it mean if you don’t have a happy aura? What if you have a black aura?

black aura

What’s This Aura Thing Again?

Your aura is a mix of light (color) that flows from your chakras or energy centers. The color shifts and changes constantly, but generally there is one dominating hue and one lesser, but quite strong color. These two colors are called ‘auric pairs.’ If one chakra is out of balance, its color will leak into the aura. If several are out of balance, the whole aura will be affected. 

Every living thing has an aura, from insects to oak trees.

The more vivid and bright, the aura, the more the person has a strong connection to source energy. They feel vital, alive and life is a breeze. They are passionate, eager, and engaged in what they do. Getting up in the morning is the best feeling. 

A black aura, rather than emanating strong, clean vibrations is sluggish. It absorbs, rather than radiates energy. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘energy vampire’, then you’ll know now exactly what that means. After you’ve spent time with someone with a dark aura, you’ll feel drained and depleted. It takes a little time to shrug off that negative feeling and find your natural energy balance again.

I Have Been Told I Have a Black Aura

First of all, you need to know that a dark aura does not mean you are evil, or have evil surrounding you, or that you are cursed. Secondly, hooray, now you know what’s going on, you can do something about it.

There are many causes of a dark, muddy, or black aura. The most common cause is a simple bout of negative energy, caused by a low mood, that has a temporary affect on your aura. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about. Your mood will soon bounce back and your aura will naturally clear. However, auras which remain black generally have a long-term underlying cause, such as:

  • Chronic depression and mental illness
  • Extremely low self-esteem and confidence
  • Constant negative thoughts
  • Fear, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, grief
  • Continual thoughts of failure
  • A focus on negative events
  • An unwillingness to forgive, and let go of grudges
  • Physical illness 
  • Poor living arrangements
  • Low energy levels
  • Poor diet
  • Drugs/alcohol addiction

As your aura is a reflection of your state of health and well-being, it makes sense that, as you address the underlying problems, your aura and general emotional energy is going to improve. However, it works both ways. Clean up your aura first and you stand a better chance of dealing with the problems.

Cleaning Up a Dark Aura

One thing to recognize is that a black aura is not your natural auric color. It’s dominating and obscuring your true colors. It’s opaque, whereas a normal aura is clear, even the darker, high vibrating colors like indigo.

Another point to remember is that, you won’t clear a dirty aura with one cleansing. It has to be an ongoing process–working on the chakras, and the physical and mental levels too. However, start with an aura cleanse and you will likely feel a lifting of your spirits which, in turn, will enable you to begin making those important life changes.

If you know that you are in a temporary phase, such as grief or loss, then don’t do anything. Let your natural cycles take care of things. If it continues longer than it should, then you can take steps to get yourself back to normal again.

Aura Cleaning Exercise: Visualization

Start here. This is a simple visualization that will give instant relief. It will be temporary at first, but the more you do it, the ‘lighter’ you’ll become. It will provide a chance for positive energy to flow to and from you.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Mentally see yourself surrounded by a slow-swirling dark cloud. Really feel its negative influence over your whole body and mind. Ugh, it feels horrible, doesn’t it? 

Now just imagine, the cloud beginning to dissipate. Every now and then, you get a glimpse of a beautiful color through tiny gaps in the darkness. Maybe you see warm gold, or brilliant blue or vibrant green, or shimmering magenta. See the black dissolving, wisping away while the bright colors become visible, surrounding you with positivity. Visualize the glorious colors mixing with the most beautiful pearlescent white that seems to pour down over you like a celestial waterfall from above. Just sit there and enjoy the feeling for as long as you like.

Do you think you could repeat that short visualization every day? It need only take a few minutes.

black aura

Other Aura Cleansing Methods

There are many other ways to clean your aura. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Run a bath, and add Himalayan salts and any fresh or dried herbs you have to hand. Lavender or rosemary are good. One or two drops of essential oil would help. Relax and visualize the cleansing water soaking away the darkness around you. If you can have a refreshing shower afterward, that’s even better.
  • Carry a cleansing crystal; clear or pink quartz is good. 
  • The right kind of music can help you. Whatever lifts your heart and gives you joy. 
  • Meditation is highly recommended. It will cleanse your aura and prepare you for healing on all levels:

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