Who are the Archangels?

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According to Dionysus, a prominent scholar of the Middle Ages, there are nine classes of angels: Seraphic, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels. We’re going to take a look at the most well-known class of angel, the archangels.


Archangels are recognized by most of the major world religions. They are beings of light who undertake various roles on behalf of God.


Archangels are tasked with the job of bringing messages from God to human beings. They are charged to protect the most prominent members of religions, such as the Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops. They are also the movers and shakers of the lower order of angels – giving out various missions and making sure all runs smoothly.

Archangels: Michael defeating Lucifer

There are seven archangels and, while their names vary throughout history and across religious texts, we will focus on the most commonly known ones.


Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael, also known as Saint Michael, is the leader of the angels and represents protection and courage. He has been adopted as the mascot of law enforcement the world over. His reputation as protector stems from his mighty duel with Lucifer, whom he then cast out of heaven. He is said to have destroyed armies, rescued unfortunates and cares for humans in circumstances of peril. Michael has a special affinity with the colors blue and gold.


Call on Michael when you need deliverance from a life-threatening situation, feel unsafe or vulnerable. You can visualize Michael cutting through the cords that bind you to someone who wishes you harm.


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Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel is a divine messenger. He appeared to Zechariah to inform him of the birth of St John the Baptist. He also appeared to Mary and announced her pregnancy and forthcoming birth of Jesus. Several religions refer to him appearing to prophets and delivering religious texts from God. The Bible mentions that Gabriel’s appearance is terrifying, although his intentions toward human beings are benign. His colors are indigo and white.


Call on Gabriel when you are in need of spiritual comfort, thinking of changing your life path, have reached a significant turning point and require a friendly guide.


Archangel Raphael


Raphael is the chief angel of healing. He channels energy directly from God. He is popularly connected with the pool of Bethesda – supposedly stirring the water at intervals to regenerate its healing properties. Raphael is also known as St Raphael and is the patron of those in the healing profession, the blind, travelers and marriage. Raphael’s colors are green and deep pink.


Ask for Raphael’s help when you need help to heal yourself or another. When you feel you are falling apart – physically or mentally – Raphael is the one to make you whole again.


Archangel Uriel


Uriel is not mentioned in the Bible but is held to be the fourth archangel after Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Uriel is the angel in charge of the realm of thought, mental health, and judgment. He is the conduit that links the human spirit with the Divine. When a person chooses to forgive another, it is Uriel who channels purification back to them. The colors gold and purple are associated with Uriel.


Call on Uriel when you are confused, angered, need help with creativity and when you want to feel source energy flowing through you. Uriel soothes the savage beast within.


Archangel Chamuel


Also known as Camael, Kamuel or Camiel. Chamuel is the archangel of relationships. He is also said to be one of the angels who, on God’s behalf, expelled Adam and Eve from Eden. His mission is to help humans achieve inner peace and contentment, as well as to see beauty in all things. He can also help find objects that have been mislaid. His favorite colors are pink and orange.


Call on Chamuel when you want to recover from depression, feel at peace or when you have lost something. Chamuel presides over relationship counseling, reconciliation, and amicable splitting up.


Archangels Gabriel Michael Raphael By EamonnPKeane – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48216943


Archangel Zadkiel


Zadkiel is the archangel of freedom, compassion and mercy. He is said to have prevented Abraham from killing his son as an act of sacrifice. Zadkiel is associated with the planet Jupiter. Like Uriel, Zadkiel can also help with tolerance of others and forgiveness. Another of his abilities is the aiding of memory. His color is violet.


Call archangel Zadkiel when you feel the need to release negative emotion in order to heal. Zadkiel can help you forgive yourself, increase compassion toward others, and achieve your educational ambitions.


Archangel Jophiel


Jophiel has several alternative names, among them Yophiel and Zophiel. Jophiel is a companion to artists and creators. He is said to be in charge of cleaning the Earth of pollution, creating beauty in its place. Another of his tasks involves exposing corruption and wrongdoing in governments. He is the angel of wisdom and illumination. His color is yellow.


Call upon Jophiel when you need help to clean your home, improve your mood and clear up misunderstandings. Jophiel can bring sunshine and good humor.


Connecting with Archangels


The archangels are always available to help in all kinds of situations. Very often your call for their assistance is passed onto a lesser angel, more suited to that particular task. Angels cannot step in unless they are asked to do so.


There are no specific methods or rituals involved in contacting an archangel. They are familiar with all their name variations and respond to the vibration of thought and energy rather than words. It helps to know what qualities you want to bring to your life and call on the archangel responsible.


See archangels almost as blankets of energy that are present all the time. Become familiar with the idea that they are around you constantly, offering their assistance to all humankind. Get into the habit of mentally conversing with the angels, thanking them for their protection and their special powers. The most important thing is to trust in their benevolence and love for us all.




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