20 Signs He’s Falling In Love With You

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You’ve been seeing each other a little while. You are not a hundred percent sure how he feels about you, but things are beginning to shift slightly. You sense a change in him. You think he is as smitten with you as you are with him. So how can you be certain he’s falling in love with you? If you are dying to find out his feelings for you check out these 20 signs of love – he won’t show all of them, but if you can tick off at least a quarter, you know he’s getting there.

he's falling in love with you

1. He Gives You ‘The Look’

It’s a particular look that softens his face as he gazes at you. It’s almost as if his mind is elsewhere and he is oblivious to what is going on around. That’s because he’s thinking that he’s falling in love with you. You are his sunshine.

2. He Takes You Home

He makes a big thing of taking you home to meet his folks. He seems anxious that you like his family and that they like you. He self-consciously, but proudly, holds your hand as you walk in to their home and he pays special attention that you are comfortable.

3. He Texts You – A Lot

He texts you on the slightest pretense. He just had an idea what to eat…, or he’s heard of a great gig…, or here’s a joke… He texts you last thing at night and first thing in the morning. He’s looking for any reason to contact you because you are uppermost in his mind. All. The. Time.

4. He Asks Your Opinion

It seems he has lost his sense of reason and is unable to make a decision without getting your opinion. He’ll even ask you what he should wear and eat.

5. He Solves Your Problem

You might not even realize you have a problem until he solves it for you. You mention your friend’s birthday and he gives you a list of ideas for her gift. Or he offers to buy the flowers. Or he arranges to transport you to and from her party.

6. He Finds It Hard to Leave

When it’s time to go home, he can barely bring himself to leave you. He invents all kinds of excuses to stay until you have to almost physically throw him out. And then he’ll text you goodnight as he walks away.

7. He’s Interested In Everything You Do

He pays attention to your account of your day. He asks questions that show he’s listening. He knows the names of your coworkers and their various issues. He checks if your boss is being nice to you.

8. He Notices Things About You

He notices and remarks upon and small changes in your hairstyle, your clothes and makeup. He is sensitive to your moods and feelings. He knows exactly how you like your coffee.

9. Your Happiness is His Priority

He only has one goal and it is to make you happy. In whatever way he can.

10. He Shares ‘Inside’ Jokes

He makes up little inside jokes that only you two share. He frequently references them, especially in front of other people. He loves that you have these shared moments.

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11. He Makes an Effort With Your Kid Brother

He instinctively knows that to get you to fall in love with him, he needs to make an effort, so he goes all out to befriend your siblings, especially the younger ones. He’ll spend hours building racing tracks or teaching them to swim. He’ll also involve himself in your dad’s projects, if invited to do so.

12. His Face Lights Up When He Sees You

He can’t hide his delight when you walk into the room. His little face lights up with a look of love that is impossible to miss.

13. He’s Protective

He sees it as his job to protect you at all times. Your wellbeing and safety is his main concern. 

14. He Refers to ‘We’

He talks about things in the future. He’ll say, “We could go away to…” or “When we go to Jake’s wedding…” He’ll always include you because he sees a future with you.

15. He Holds Your Hand

He’ll find every opportunity to hold your hand or put his arm around you. He can’t bear not to be close to you in any situation. 

16. He Likes You to Wear His Clothes

If you’re cold, he’ll arrange his sweater around your shoulders or he’ll suggest you wear his shirt over your bikini at the beach. Be wary if he asks to borrow yours.

17. He Talks About You

He’s boring his friends by talking about you constantly. Just mentioning your name makes him feel closer to you. 

18. He Brings Gifts

He’s always bringing you small gifts, even if it’s just a song he wants you to hear. He brings a single flower, a cookie or some other token of his love.

19. Your Intuition Tells You He’s Falling in Love

You just know he’s falling in love with you. You don’t need any other signs because you feel I in your heart and soul because you feel it too.

20. He Says, “I Love You”

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Remember, men aren’t very good at expressing how they feel, which can leave you unsure about whether he is falling in love with you. There are a few other subtle signs which you might not even notice. Like he slowly begins to drop contact with some of his friends, especially if they are female. He wants to be exclusively yours. He likes you to think the best of him, so he will go out of his way to make sure he doesn’t mess up your relationship. He always puts in effort, going the extra mile to make sure you’re impressed. He’ll always talk you up and encourage you at every turn. You’re his favorite thing in all the world.

How and when did you know that your man was falling in love with you?

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