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Auras and How to Read Them

Aura readings

What are Auras?

An aura is the appearance of luminous colored light surrounding any object, including people. Auras have been described as electromagnetic fields, vibrational energy or simply energy clouds. Aura reading is the art of decoding and interpreting a person’s aura. 

It is possible that thousands of years ago seeing auras was more common than it is today. This is evidenced by ancient cave art, such as at Valcamonica, Italy, where humans are depicted with rays of light emanating from their heads. Aboriginal paintings at Wandinja show figures with curious halo-like headdresses. Closer to our own time, we see medieval paintings of angels with glowing halos.

Valcamonica region of Northern Italy

Cave art at Valcamonica, Italy

Have Auras Been Scientifically Researched?

Science is divided on whether auras can be measured. Kirlian photography caused quite a stir when it was accidentally discovered that if a high voltage field is directed at an object, it will leave a halo-like image on a photographic plate. This opened up all kinds of possibilities in research into auras. However, it is also claimed that the Kirlian image is the result of a simple law of physics: gas ionization caused by moisture.

Other research has focused on the person ‘seeing’ the aura. Some people experience a form of synesthesia, where an aura is perceived because of visionary or slight brain disturbances. Epileptics have reported seeing auras just before a seizure.

Whether or not science has proved that auras are ‘real’, I have always been able to see a soft glow around my fingers that I don’t perceive around an inanimate object. It’s like a grayish-violet haze and, when I move my hand, it follows like cigarette smoke. So for me, yes, auras are real.

Can I See My Own Aura?

The best way to begin is to focus on your hand. Have a large piece of white card placed upright before you. Hold your hand, fingers spread, in front of the card. Let your gaze soften and rest in one spot, either on a finger tip or the gap in between fingers. Blink if you need to. Pretty soon you should see a glow around your fingers. With practice, you’ll be able to see it whenever you look for it.

Another method is to stand in front of a mirror with a white background behind you. Again focus on one spot and relax your eyes. Take your time, it won’t happen immediately, but you may see the aura appear.

What Happens During an Aura Reading?

Auras change all the time. The colors mingle and merge and separate according to your energy levels, health and emotions. So an aura reading is a kind of snapshot of how you are at that moment. Experienced aura readers can pick up if you are healthy, what traumas you may have sustained, what your emotional state is, and lots of other information.

Some clairvoyants will only look at you and be able to see your aura; some will rely on photography. Your aura reader will describe what they are seeing and what the various areas of color mean. You should have the opportunity to ask questions. You may be able to record the aura reading, as there is often a lot to take in.

Aura reading

Photo Credit: swanksalot via Compfight cc

What Do the Aura Layers Mean?

There are seven visible layers of an aura. Many psychics connect the layers to the seven chakras. Starting with the field closest to your body, they are:

1. Physical energy and experiences

2. Emotional energy and experiences

3. The power you wield over the physical world

4. Your intuition and how you use it

5. Your mind and how you communicate

6. How you express your creativity

7. How you present yourself to the world/how others see you.

What do the Aura Colors Mean?

Even though there are layers in an aura, there is usually one dominant color. This reveals the basic personality and temperament of the subject.


People who have a predominantly red aura are courageous, energetic and adventurous. They are willing to take risks and are often the ones who break through barriers or records. They have a fiery nature and are quick to feel anger and irritation. However, their mood subsides within a very short time.


People with orange auras are gregarious by nature. They are generous and giving. They are easy to get along with as they are usually even-tempered. Although they will, like their red friends above, occasionally let rip with an explosive tantrum. It’s a rare thing though, so when it happens, then know they have been pushed to their limit.


A yellow aura means that the person is highly intelligent and an excellent communicator. They tend to be left-brain dominant so are logical and analytic. Yellows sometimes succumb to pressure and are more likely to have mental health issues.


Green auras signify that the subject is down-to-earth, hard-working and reliable. They are creative and love working with their hands. They appreciate beauty and love being surrounded by nature. Friends of ‘greens’ will benefit from their warmth and generosity.


People with pure blue auras are very rare. They tend to be serene, intelligent and creative. They often have healing skills or are involved in the arts. Their communication skills are excellent and are likely to find careers as negotiators or diplomats.


Purple people are sensitive and often psychic. They are often loners who forge their own path. They have open minds; they love to learn and explore new ideas. Thus, they are a storehouse of facts, theories, and topics.


A pink aura generally means that the person is very family oriented. They love to have their special people around them. In love, they are romantic and loyal. Once they have found their mate, they are with them for life.


People with white or silver auras are similar to purples in that they often have psychic skills. They are drawn to spiritual paths and have the ability to transfer that spirituality into a useful life purpose. They are found in professions such as teaching and counseling.  

Do let us know if you can see auras, we’d love to hear your experiences.


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