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How to Attract Money: 5 Techniques to Manifest Abundance

How to Attract Money

Over the last few years we’ve been bombarded with Law of Attraction, The Secret, everything in between and more besides. It seems to us that the only people able to attract money are those who are telling us how to do it.

Psychic Elements has put some of their ideas to the test. We’ve asked some of our researchers and friends to share some of their favorite manifestation techniques.

Attract money

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Money Magic

'Attract money' magic is loosely based on spell work. We’ve tried various ways to manipulate the universe into depositing stashes of moolah into our bank accounts. The best results were when using an object or objects to focus on such as tarot cards. Our tester was able to manifest small unexpected sums of money. A small lottery win, an online gift voucher and finding lots of loose change.

Quick Tarot Spell

Try this tarot money spell. Choose a quiet time when you know you won’t be disturbed.

  • Pick out the Empress card, the Ace of Pentacles and the Nine of Pentacles. Put the rest aside.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  • For a moment, imagine how rich you are, how well off. How money just seems to flow to you. Allow this feeling to suffuse your body.
  • Open your eyes and look at the Empress. She is the archetype who represents growth and fertility. She brings comfort and sustenance. Spend a few minutes absorbing the energy of the Empress. Know that she will take care of you.
  • Now look at the Ace of Pentacles. This card signifies gifts, surprises, and projects connected to wealth. Take a minute or two for the card to weave its magic over you.
  • Lastly, look at the Nine of Pentacles. This woman is basking in her riches. She has all the time in the world to do what she wants to do. She is financially independent. Spend a few moments thinking about what you would do if you were her and money was no longer an issue.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply again. Say, “I am open to receive my abundance, and as I say it, so shall it be.”

That’s it. Put your cards away. Repeat as often as you like but no more than once a day. You can also pull out other cards that represent comfort – the Nine and Ten of Cups, perhaps. Maybe the Ten of Pentacles or Queen of Pentacles. Experiment and see if the money begins to flow in unexpected ways.


Our researcher swears that she manifested over $3,000 by visualization alone. Her car died, and she needed a new one – fast. She saw a vehicle she liked on sale for $2,300. Using as many creative visualization techniques she could find, within a week she received a check from a relative for $3,000.

If there is something you need to attract money for, try this visualization.

Close your eyes.

  • See the item you desire in your possession. Feel it, use it, love it. Don’t think about the cost; that’s the job of source energy. Really own that thing. Know that life is better with this item in your home or parked on your drive.
  • With your eyes still closed, and the visualization that the item is yours, use the fingers of your right hand to tap lightly on the pinky side of your left hand. Keep doing it for five or more deep breaths. Then repeat with left hand on the right.
  • Finish with the sense that the item you need or want is already yours. Repeat twice a day until the desired object or something better manifests for you.


Tithing is a controversial subject as it has religious connotations. There is a way to tithe without getting caught up in the ethics debate. One of our friends tithes to herself. She is convinced it works; she says it aids the flow and ease of money.

If you have an online bank account, open up several small savings accounts to run alongside. Most banks will let you open a savings account with as little as $1. If this isn’t workable for you then use the old favorite – money jars. Every time our friend gets paid, she divides 10 percent of her earnings around her savings accounts. So she might have one account labeled ‘gifts’, another marked ‘car’ and another ‘vacation’.

When she moves the money into her savings accounts, she feels a deep satisfaction that she is doing something good for herself and others. She says she is always pleasantly surprised how quickly the amounts build up and feels no guilt when using the money because she knows it will soon grow again.

How to Attract Money Attracting money

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Energising Water

Did you ever wonder why holy water is holy, or why particular springs are said to have healing powers? People have been blessing or ‘energizing’ water for thousands of years. A writer we know has been using this technique for several months. She’d heard about how we can infuse positive vibrations into water and wanted to make some improvements in her health. She was so pleased with the results that she now uses it for everything, including wealth.

The method is simple:

  • Pour yourself a glass of water, preferably filtered or spring water. It works on water from the faucet just as well.
  • Place both hands around the glass and use a quick version of the visualization method above to get yourself in the feeling place of what you desire.
  • In your mind see the positive energy flow from your hands, through the glass and into the water.
  • Drink the water.
  • Energize water in a filter jug or cooler by placing your hands on it and thinking or speaking “Wealth and abundance flow to this home.”

Positive Thinking and Speaking

This method is easy to explain but harder to do. Notice whenever you utter an anti-abundance sentence. It might not have anything to do with money itself, however, is is too easy to block the flow of positive energy with your words and thought.

We know that no-one can be happy, bubbly, positive all the time. That’s not how most humans are. And even if you said the positive words but felt awful, then it’s not going to work. What you need to do is to be vigilant in your everyday speech. Instead of, “I can’t afford that.” Say, “I’m going to have that soon.”

As you look around you and notice the jobs that need to be done or furniture that needs replacing, tell yourself, that the new stuff is already on its way.

The husband of one of our researchers has trained himself to speak positively. His wife can’t say for sure whether their financial situation has improved but she has noticed a definite lightening of the atmosphere in their home. Her husband spends less time worrying and more time relaxing.

Try some of the attract money methods outlined above, then come back and tell us how they worked for you. Meanwhile, if you have any deep money worries, contact one of our professional psychics.

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