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Astrology Reading

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Find the Answers You Have Questions For as They Relate to Your Birth Chart

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An astrology reading can guide and direct you through stressful and troubling emotions. It can also assist you by guiding you through cloudy choices, with reflections from your past, your present and your prospective future by presenting an innovative viewpoint on your life’s path. After all, astrology is the study and influence of objects in the cosmos such as planets and stars. These astrological components impact our human lives. The position of the moon, sun, planets and stars during the time of our birth, not conception, shapes personality and will influence our romantic relationships, as well. They can also forecast the path of our economic fortunes.

Gaining some perspective with astrological guides or our psychics, here at Psychic Elements, can illuminate options not considered when we are uncertain of what decision to make. Incorporating an accurate astrological reading is a helpful tool when needing to make a difficult choice. Getting an accurate astrology reading from a Psychic Element professional can offer an additional choice that you may not have been seen or considered before.

What is astrology and how does a reading work?

Most of the public is familiar with the term, astrology. They know that astrology is their sign that references one of 12 constellations in the zodiac. This describes the type called, sun-sign astrology. It is an astrology that many newspaper horoscopes are based upon. It is the simplest type, because no more information that your birthday is needed to create a sun-sign horoscope.

In order to produce the most accurate reading, our astrologers also note what sign each planet was in at the time of your birth. This is vital additional information, as this adds more a specific date to your astrological reading. Planets and signs combine with other elements like houses and angles to create a more complex and specified profile of your life, including your personality and its future prospective choices for your decisions.

This only helps to clarify your considerations and clears your path for more relaxed decisions and better choices to be made much more easily. Consulting with our psychics will put you in touch with your own intuition, which is your best guide in making the most difficult choices.

Astrology readings of varied forms

There are many forms or practice types of astrology. Cultures of old have practiced their own forms and some of these have evolved and fed into the present day form of western astrology. There are eastern cultures that practice other forms such as Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan astrology, which are better known. Even western astrology offers many varying philosophies and methods. There are those that utilize astrology by its end result for which it is intended. These include Mundane Astrology, Interrogatory Astrology and Natal Astrology.

Mundane Astrology is used to review global events and review and consider predictions about world economies, even wars and national affairs. In Interrogatory Astrology, it usually references a type of astrology that aids in making anticipated assertions about a specific objective or event in a person’s life. Lastly, Natal Astrology is the most common application of astrology or the most familiar way that we think in regards to astrology. It seeks out predictions and analyses centered on your date of birth. This is based on the premise that all things that happen to something occurs in the beginning of something specifically, this is also know as the Law of Beginnings.


Birth charts and astrology

One's birth chart is comprised of three elements: the Zodiac signs, planets and the twelve Houses. Professional psychics access and interpret the meaning of this combination for your astrological reading. For example: each planet-sign-house combo, like for example, Harry Potter's: Sun in Taurus in the 5th House, has it's own unique meaning. What’s significant is having the means or professional who can plot and interpret your birth chart and is able to grasp the culmination of this combination on its own, as well as in its direct relationship to the other planets. Psychic Element professionals guide you with valued interpretative information to make the correct astrological reading for your life and your needed impending decisions.

How does astrology work for you? Consider if we are able to see the vast and massive sky that is all around us, from below our earth and above it and all the unobstructed angles around it. Well an astrology chart is a sky-map in a complete circle that envelopes the Earth. On Earth, we are in the very center of that map. From the map, it reveals all the planets that are a part of our solar system including the Moon and the Sun and even where they were in correlation to us, here on Earth at a given occurrence in time. Now Earth is not a depiction on an astrology chart because it is actually the basis of our viewpoint, thus we do not see it in the sky because we are standing on it.

So actually, our professional psychics can choose an actual moment in time and cast a chart in order to see where all the planets in our solar system were at this identified moment, which is used to create your sky-map. Thus, one’s birth is the most common reason to cast a chart is in order to read about the meaning of the date of their birth, also known as a birth or natal chart. When an astrologer knows how to read and interpret the symbols in a natal or birth chart, it gives you information that is focused on your life's purpose, its lessons and social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. You will receive the personal and applicable information that is relevant to the questions you have about your life, your career and even your desires of your heart or your romantic future.

Psychic Elements offers you professional psychics without delay. Sometimes the immediacy or need for your decision does not allow you to physically sit down with someone who is a skilled astrological reader. Economics of the time may bear weight here, as well. Also, we may not have the resources to regularly sit down for astrological readings. Our Psychic Element, psychics can provide you with some guidance for easy and convenient access to information that you might not have had, ordinarily. This can bring you some welcome relief and pleasure in addition to well founding insights and welcome hope for your future.

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