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Have you ever wondered if you are psychic or if you have psychic abilities? Many people have a strong curiosity about their own possible psychic skills and gifts. Do you imagine yourself helping out the police and solving crimes? Do you picture yourself offering guidance and support to those that are desperately searching for answers? Or do you see yourself like Nostradamus and imagine yourself predicting major historic events? 

It is quite natural to wonder if you have "the gift" and ask yourself, 'am I psychic?', so don't worry, you are not losing your mind. Check out the following signs of having psychic abilities and who knows, you might be the next world famous psychic to be discovered.

Deja Vu is a Regular Occurrence

If you constantly find yourself in familiar place, meeting people that you feel you already know and if you feel as though your current experience is one you have had before, you are experiencing Deja Vu. Deja Vu is extremely common among those with the psychic gift and it is a form of heightened awareness.  If you tend to ignore these constant experiences as coincidences, you will never get to explore the gifts that you may possess. Start logging down these experiences and keep a journal of them. If you notice that you are having more and more of these experiences, you could be psychic.

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You See Things Before They Happen

If you tend to see visions of events before they occur and then actually see them happen, you are probably a gifted psychic. Psychics tend to have many visions on a regular basis and they allow for predictions of the future which is what psychics have been known for, for countless years.

deja vu
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Your Intuition is Higher Than Usual

If your intuition is higher than others, you may have psychic abilities. For example, you know who is going to call you before your phone rings or you know that an event is going to happen and then it actually does. These can be small events or major life changing ones. Intuition, sometimes referred to as a 'gut feeling', can be quite powerful if it becomes strong and it can lead to more and more discoveries of the psychic realm. 

Have You Tried the Zener Card Test?

If you have been asking yourself over and over again if you are psychic, try the Zener card test. Zener cards have been used for years to tell if someone is psychic. It's quite simple, someone holds up a Zener card and you try to guess what symbol or shape is on it. You can try Zener card tests online and find out if you have any psychic abilities.

You Know Trouble is Coming

If you always know something bad is about to happen before it actually happens, you are a gifted psychic. With this ability you can stop bad things within your personal reach from happening. Many would consider this a superior gift as you can actually change the future before it occurs. For example, if you see your child falling off his bike in the middle of a busy street and you see a car racing towards him in your vision, you can prevent your son from riding his bike that day. 

Are Your Dreams Really Vivid?

Psychics have extremely vivid dreams. Do you see bright colors, perfect graphics and dramatic images in your dreams? Do you remember them every morning? Most people tend to forget what they dreamed about in the morning, whereas psychics can account for and describe every detail of their dream. Try keeping a dream journal so you can identify your dream patterns. This will help you identify any psychic abilities or not.

You Have Predicted a Major Historic Event

If you have grand-scale predictions and have predicted some major events that effected the world, like the 9/11 terrorist attacks or President Obama winning a second term in office, you are psychic. These type of predictions come out of nowhere and are usually a shock to whoever they are shared with.

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You Sense and Witness Experiences

If you sense and see an experience when you touch a person, hold a personal object of theirs or when you walk into a room, you most likely have a psychic gift. Psychics are famous for holding onto a personal belonging and being able to tell a story from that individual's life. Good or bad.

Some people that ask themselves whether they are psychic or not, may feel sad when it is proven that they are not. We all have some form of psychic power within us, but it has to be unlocked on a more spiritual level so don't give up hope. Just dig a little deeper and explore the psychic realm and all that is involved to achieve a greater understanding of what psychic gifts you could possibly have.

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