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10 Steps to Change Your Money Mindset

Change Your Money Mindset cards

From early adult-hood we are locked into a certain money mindset. Our beliefs surrounding money are created by our circumstances, our parents and people close to us – and it limits our potential to earn and attract money. Very few break through this money mindset barrier. Sure, we may earn more than our parents, but generally speaking, we restrict our potential for attracting abundance because we don’t recognize our self-imposed limitations. So how can we bust through old patterns of beliefs and change the way we think and feel about money?

1. Money is Energy

Money is merely a physical representation of energy. In itself it is worthless. How much is a thousand dollars in your wallet worth if you are in an uninhabited dessert with no water? Money is just a thing. It has no power over you. It is an exchange system. The real wealth is embodied in your time, your skills, the goods and services you purchase. More and more, money is not even a physical thing; it has been reduced to a collection of pixels, a number in your bank account, or a pocket full of plastic cards. Most people don’t even see the money they earn any more.

Change Your Money Mindset cards

2. Money is Not Evil

So it follows that, if money is nothing more than a representation of something else, it can’t possibly be evil. What is evil is when people allow their obsession with money to dominate their entire lives. When the love of money supersedes all else. It’s fine to love and appreciate money, but it is only one thing among many others that enhance our lives. Money is an enabler, that’s all. It can’t bring love, or truth or beauty because those things live inside us.

3. Set Your Intentions for Abundance

Abundance is not only money. Abundance is love, friendship, air, clean water, food, shelter. All the things that surround us, enrich us and make life worthwhile. If you are reading this on a smart phone or laptop, or even on a borrowed computer in a library, you are wrapped in abundance. 

Set your intentions to create more abundance, more personal enrichment by stating them to yourself. Write it down, “I am ready for more abundance. I am open to receiving abundance. My capacity for creating abundance is limitless.”

4. Money Can Come From Anywhere

It’s true, money can come from anywhere. Believing that it can only come to us via our employer, or our business clients, or our parents is incredibly limiting. Money can come from so many places that it would be impossible to list all of them. Money might not always manifest as actual cash. It could arrive in the form of a free item, an invitation or anything that you would have paid for. Money can also manifest as a big saving on something you want to buy. Or a bill that has been reduced.

5. Give a Little to Get a Lot

Don’t be an irresponsible spendthrift, but don’t be miserly either. Give money where you can – in charity collection boxes, donations, etc. Look for opportunities to give a little often: drop a dollar to that street busker, tip your waiter, buy those Girl Scout cookies. Be joyous in your giving. The happier you feel about flowing money out, the easier money will flow in.

6. Don’t Speak of Lack

Never speak of lack. This is difficult; we seem to be trained to say, “I can’t afford it”, or “We don’t have enough money for that”. Instead choose your words in a spirit of abundance: “I’ll buy that soon”, or “I may buy that one day when I decide to”.  It’s not really about the words you use, it’s about the money mindset you choose. 

7. We Live in an Abundant Universe

Talk to yourself about the abundance of the Universe. The myriad of stars in our galaxy, the vastness of space, the grains of sand on the beach, the air that you breathe, all the wonderful things you have access to. Feel your heart and mind open to the energy of abundance. Spend some of your time-energy every single day of your life appreciating the abundance already in your life.

8. Appreciate Your Outgoings

Your bills, taxes,insurance premiums, and general outgoings all benefit you in some way. Your mortgage payment or monthly rent is exchanged for a home that shelters and protects you. Bless each payment and send it to its destination with appreciation. Every time you have to send a check, add a note saying, “I appreciate your service”. Any time you hand over cash for something, give thanks – even if it is a parking fine. The more you love your bills, the easier and faster abundance flows to and through you.

A relatively painless way to become debt-free is to pay a little more off your smallest debt each month. Try to double the payment, or just pay an extra few dollars. As soon as your smallest debt is done, take the money you allocated to it and add it to the next highest debt in order to pay that one off faster. Repeat, as necessary.

9. Create Magical Streams of Income

Look for opportunities to create streams of income. The ways you can do this are limitless and only restricted by your imagination. The Internet has opened up so many possibilities that starting a website or a blog and monetizing it is a simple process, and there are no end of free resources out there to help you get started. You have expertise and knowledge other people will pay you for, even if it means you learning as you go – you can always stay one step-ahead and readers will love to share your journey and help you along the way buy buying your products or clicking on your links.

Maybe you have time you can sell? Sure, your time is valuable to somebody in some way.  Push through it. Some people will pay you to sit and talk to them. Many would pay you to walk their dog. Or look after their cat while they are away. Again, your imagination is your only barrier. The key is to enable these streams of income. Some will not work. Others will be intermittent. The more opportunity you give money to flow to you, the more it will come.

The key thing to remember is that each time you create one of these streams, is that you do it with love and joy. If it becomes stress-inducing or takes up too much of your time, it’s not worth it. It must enhance your life, not suck the life out of you.

Change Your Money Mindset cakes

10. Pay Attention to Signs

Somewhat related to money, it’s important to pay attention to your intuition and also to those little signs that appear in your life. You might notice that the phrase ‘copy writing’ turns up a lot. Or maybe people begin to mention ‘choc-chip recipes’. These little repetitions might be leading you in a direction you hadn’t considered. Be open to all possibilities.

Change Your Money Mindset Step-by-Step

  1. Money is an energy exchange; no more, no less.
  2. Money is not evil, it is a representation of energy.
  3. Set your intention for limitless abundance.
  4. Know that money can come from anywhere. Don’t restrict the ways.
  5. Give whenever you can.
  6. Never speak of lack. The Universe has the means to answer your desires at any time.
  7. Know that abundance is all around.
  8. Love your bills and what they bring to you.
  9. Create magic streams of income. Imbue them with love and joy and they will bring prosperity.
  10. Look out for guiding signs toward your greater good and abundance.

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