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Spiritual Readings: Everything That You Wondered About Spritual Readings.

The term "spiritual reading" causes confusion among many. It can relate to several practices. Often, these methods can be combined to convey a message or to raise one’s spiritual awareness. In this article, we take a look at the various ways you can obtain spiritual guidance.

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of reading you want. Are you hoping to connect with a loved one? Are you interested in forging your spiritual path and need a little guidance? Are you wondering what energies are around you? Would you like a little advice from the angels? There are many psychics who devote their time to one or more of these practices. You will have to do a little research to find the one that can help you.

Pick any Ariel Grimm card

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  • Clairvoyance – the medium sees spirits and receives messages.
  • Clairaudience – the medium hears the messages.
  • Psychometry – the medium can read the vibrations of the previous owner/s of an object.
  • Aura sensitivity – the practitioner can see and read the aura around you.
  • Cartomancy – card reading; anything from regular playing cards to angel oracle cards.
  • Telepathy – someone who can read the thought and emotional vibrations of others.
  • Astrology – the practice of creating and reading birth charts to analyze your past, present and future.
  • Palmistry – the art of reading lines and patterns on hands.
  • Crystal Ball/Scrying – the practitioner gazes into a crystal sphere, dark mirror or bowl of water. He or she will see messages or visions.
  • I-Ching – yarrow sticks are thrown down to form a pattern or trigram. The practitioner then reads the trigram and applies it to the seeker’s question or life situation.

Ways You Can Receive a Spiritual Reading
One-to-One Spiritual Consultation

This is the preferred method of many psychics and their clients. A personal bond is usually formed. It may be at an office, home or another venue. If the reading is rewarding, the client will often book further consultations.

Group Spiritual Reading

Live with Regis Rob DiCaterino

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This is an organized event that can take place in an auditorium, church or even a TV studio. Participants are picked out from the audience randomly, and the spiritualist or medium passes messages, either directly from the spiritual realm or via his or her personal spirit guide. It’s a good way to see how it all works, but you are playing a numbers game as the chances of you receiving a message are remote.

It’s usually possible to schedule a private reading with the psychic, but if they are popular, there will be a waiting list.

Telephone Spiritual Reading

You make an appointment via telephone or by filling a form on a web page. You will usually be charged by the minute. A genuine, professional medium will get his message over succinctly and clearly. Some unethical practitioners will simply try to wring as much money out of you as possible by keeping you talking. Others, like Psychic Elements, would prefer to build up a rapport by giving you exactly what you want and need in as short as time possible. You won’t get ripped off, and you should be so impressed that you’ll want to repeat the experience when you next need a helping hand from the spiritual realm.

Ken Banks

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When connecting with a telephone psychic, it is your choice whether to ask a question or share personal information. Many mediums prefer you not to talk too much as they like to get the message from their spirit contact rather than the client. The reading should leave you feeling uplifted and with information that helps you in your life.

Online Spiritual Reading

An online reading takes place via Skype or similar video link. It is carried out in real time, and you will pay up-front when booking the session. It is similar to a telephone reading but with two-way visual contact. It is much more like an in-person consultation. A good medium will try to put you at ease and connect with you on a personal level as it makes it more rewarding for both parties.

The psychic will very likely have other consultations scheduled, so don’t be offended when she gently brings the session to a close.


Channeling is a growing phenomenon whereby the channeler – often he or she would not describe themselves as psychic – opens a line to another being or group of beings. They have the ability to allow their consciousness to step aside and let their contact speak through them. One of the most well-known is Esther Hicks, who channels a group of entities called Abraham. Esther describes the experience of channeling as "receiving blocks of thought".

Morning Meditation

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Channeling sessions take place on a one-to-one basis, in a group or workshop, and sometimes in writing. Many channelers have written books that have been "dictated" to them by their unearthly contact. Interestingly, many channeled messages are similar in content — there seems to be agreement, in the most part, of how the Universe works.

Spiritual Tarot Reading

Tarot reading or cartomancy is gradually losing its fairground fortune-telling image and is becoming more popular as a tool for exploring one’s spirituality. Some tarot readers are psychic and use the cards as a prompt or jumping-off point. Most, however, have learned how to read the cards and developed their intuition to a high level.

David Goehring - Three Card Spread

Image source: David Goehring on Flickr

Cards, whether traditional tarot, angel cards or oracle cards, are frequently used for counseling purposes. They can be an excellent way to focus on or expose issues that may be holding the client back.

Tarot readings are given in person, by telephone, via Skype, video or emailed.


Readings of oracle tools, such as I-Ching, runes, and crystals, are similar to tarot to some extent and can be delivered by the same means.

Spiritual Books and Other Material

Spiritual reading can often mean that someone is engaged in reading books about spirituality. In some cases, reading can lead to an altered state, like meditation.

Spiritual Reading - St. Petesburg

Image source: Saint-Petersburg orthodox theological academy on Flickr

Reading can open your mind to other possibilities, depending on the material being read. Ministers often encourage their flock to read the Bible in a spiritual way to feel the presence of God.

Where to Begin Finding a Spiritual Consultant

You could check your local newspaper, telephone directory, psychic fair or ask around for a personal recommendation. The internet is probably the best place to look for both long-distance and local psychics. Explore various websites and forums, check out YouTube, where many practitioners upload videos of example consultations.

You could, of course, start right here at Psychic Elements by reading about our lovely psychics on their bio pages. You won’t be disappointed!

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