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Five Ways Your Spirit Guides Can Help

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Now you’ve discovered your spirit guides, you’ll want to keep in regular contact. They can help you in many ways: in the important areas of life as well as routine day-to-day issues. Whichever method yielded the best results when you found your guide, that will be the best one to use every day. So if meditation was the key, then continue with that. If they came through while you were free-writing, then do that. Of course, you can experiment to find the way that suits you best.


Spirit guides

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You may have one spirit guide who stays with you all your life, or you might have several. Sometimes, you will contact one for a particular purpose and never see/feel them again.


Your spirit guides want to be useful. They want you to keep the channel of communication open until you get so used to calling on them that it is automatic. People who rely on their spirit guides report that life becomes easier and smoother. You don’t have to tell people that you have a spirit guide; when they inquire why life seems to be going so well for you, you can simply say that you have learned to rely on your intuition or gut feeling. It’s the same thing anyway – those nudges from spirit come through the best way they can, and giving you a strong physical feeling in the solar plexus is one of them. Sometimes it feels like a caress on the back of your neck or a whisper in your ear. Other times it is thought that seems to come from ‘other’ rather than being a product of your mind.


They will never make you feel uneasy unless there is good reason for it. If they are giving you a creeped out feeling, then you know to remove yourself from your current situation with alacrity. If you are driving, get off the freeway and take an alternative route. If you are walking down the street, cross to the other side. If you are introduced to someone and feel discomfort, make an excuse to get away from them.


Here are five more ways in which your spirit guides can help take care of you.


1. Spirit Guides Help with Decisions


Whenever you are wrestling with a difficult choice; when you are ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’, call on your guides for direction. Ask them to provide signs, and then make sure you notice them. Coincidences, synchronicities and repetitions are things to be aware of. You might hear the same book, song, or movie mentioned several times – there could be a message there for you relating to your dilemma. Try closing your eyes and picking a random book from your shelf. With your eyes still closed, let the book fall open wherever it will. Move your finger around the page and stop when you feel the urge. Open your eyes and read the passage – keep the words in your mind as you go about your day and see if any other nudges from spirit are forthcoming to help you make up your mind.


2. Manifest with the Aid of Your Spirit Guide


Your guides can help you in times of need, whether it be money or some other necessity. It’s easy – just ask, and get yourself into an allowing mindset. You have to trust your spirit guides to come up with the goods, and they can’t do that if you are putting up mental resistance. Mental resistance means continuing to worry about the same problem. Do whatever it takes to relax your mind around these issues, particularly if it's about money. Right now, at this moment, all is well. Know that money can come from anywhere. Don’t force it. Soothe yourself into a feeling of abundance and your needs will be met. Whenever the worry comes back, tell yourself that your spirit guide is working for you, that they know what is best for you. Drop your shoulders and release a big sighing breath. All is well.


3. Spirit Guides and Other People


Spirit guides are very good at letting you know when someone you just met is a genuinely nice person or if they have another agenda. Let your spirit guide be your judge of character by mentally tuning in with them. Ask them to let you know through your intuition whether people you meet are in alignment with you or out to use you.


Turn to your guides when you aren’t sure how to handle interactions with another. Again, all you have to do is ask for their guidance and then tune into your gut feeling.


Occasionally, spirit guides will arrange for your path to cross with someone who can help you in a time of need. They might just give you an answer to a question, without you even asking. Or they might be able to open a door to some opportunity that is perfect for you.



4. Stay Healthy by Staying in Touch with Spirit


Call on your spirit guide to help you get your body in shape. Take your time when selecting food and let your guide indicate what they think you should be eating. Experiment by placing your hand over certain foods and see if you can discern different vibrations in your body. You will soon know good from bad.


Ask your spirit guides for some motivation to move. When you suddenly get the urge to go for a walk, that’ll be spirit encouraging you. When you feel drawn to going for a swim, that’ll be them again. Pay attention to those small nudges.


Spirit guides sign

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5. Spirit Guides are with You on Your Spiritual Path


Once you become comfortable with the idea of relying on your spirit guides to accompany you on your life journey, you’ll know they are also concerned with your spiritual welfare. They will never make you feel uneasy unless there is a good reason for it. Spiritual guides don’t usually come in various flavors of religion. However, they might want you to follow a particular religious pathway because they know it will benefit you in your life. It might lead to you helping someone else – spiritual guides are in touch with one another, and occasionally you will be called to action to be an earth angel for a person in need.


We hope you can discover your spirit guide or guides, and that they will add a new, deeper and positive dimension to your life.



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