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Spirit Guide Tips: Breaking Through to the Other Side

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Too often in popular culture (online, video games, in movies and on TV), spirits are portrayed as evil. In the last few years, violent ghosts, vicious vampires and vapid zombies have become trending topics.

This is a dramatic and very untrue picture of what spirits actually represent. Here at Psychic Elements, many of our very talented readers have been developing and using their gifts to enable contact with the other side.

When someone passes from the physical world, they retain the same energy that they have always had. Ghosts and spirits are usually benevolent, kind and helpful, just as they were when they were living beings in this world; they are good people, operating in a different environment. If you lose someone to death, they are not truly lost. They have simply moved from one plane (physical, material) to another (pure energy existence). Although this transformation is a little more complicated than just changing addresses, understand that most ghosts, like most people, are good.

Are There Evil Spirits?

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Not every spirit is 100% nice. Not every spirit is even the ghost of someone that has lived before. There are spirits (poltergeists) that are playful and mischievous. They may try to get our attention by moving things around. They are more annoying than anything else.

By the same token, you cannot always rely on the opinions and guidance of spirits that has lived before. Like all of us, they are still in the middle of their own “soul evolution.” They still might be working through the bias, prejudice and fear of their own karma.

Spirits that no longer have a physical body may be having an adjustment period. And if someone was severely damaged in their last lifetime, they may be unwilling to let go of the physical and move forward.

So the truth is that the overwhelming majority of spirits are good, there may be a few unevolved spirits out there that could be called “evil”. It isn’t like the movies. Lower spirits and confused ghosts do not have the physical energy to harm us.

Psychic Elements readers will always attract and cultivate only the higher vibrations.The psychics here use their experience and training to assure that we continue to help our clients. Each reader has their own tools and techniques to protect their own energy and enhance their own inspiration. In many cases, they will be reading the energy of the spirit to assure that the spirit is offering actual guidance.

If you have ever played with an Ouija board as a child, you may have encountered some spirits. If they were claiming to be Cleopatra or some other famous personality on the other side, you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

How do you know when a spirit is trying to get in touch?

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Tapping: It is quite common to experience some physical sensation when a spirit is trying to get in touch. This phenomenon is also known as “tapping”.

It may take the form a slight tingling or tickle (especially on the head neck and shoulders). Keep in mind that the top of your head is the “Crown Chakra.” This is the portal to the highest spiritual realms. It is not surprising that most physical sensation happens on the top half of our heads or foreheads.

If you are having energy healing work done, you may feel the same sensations as “tapping”. Many readers and psychics are familiar with these sensations, and they happen on a regular basis when they open windows and doors to the spirit world.

Temperature Changes: Your body and the area around you (generally in the aura field) may experience sudden temperature changes. It may heat up or get cold. You may also feel hot and cold spots in the air around you. This usually takes place when the spirit is trying to communicate and levels out during the time you are connected.

How do you know if a spirit has your best interests at heart?

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If the spirit is giving you advice that is negative or asking you to do something that you are not comfortable with, end the contact immediately. When you are getting guidance or inspiration from an entity that is not in the physical world, you must depend on your own intuition. If you are confused or tentative, end the contact immediately. Contact (either through a reader or alone) should always leave you feeling uplifted and inspired. Only higher vibrations, closure, inspiration and understanding, is possible if you are communicating with an evolved spirit.

The short answer is that if you are concerned that the spirit does not seem right… end the contact immediately.

Keep in mind that karma is about action and reaction. If any spirit, or any person for that matter, ever gives you advice that is not moral or ethical, insist that they leave instantly.

At Psychic Elements, our readers are dedicated to higher-self contacts. They may use spirit guides or positive parts of their intuition. We believe in the awareness and evolution of every single soul. The lessons of the soul and continued growth and development are the most important parts of the equation.

If you are working to develop spirit guide communication, you will be opening windows and doors to the world of spirit. It is essential that you gain some insight to that world first. If you have no experience, talking to spirits is not a good idea. Seek answers and support through a reading at Psychic Elements or through your local metaphysical community. Get an understanding and some clarity before you jump in.


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  1. Thanks for the information. I have a friend who says that he is a psychic, so I am trying to understand better. It is interesting to think about interaction with spirits motivated by different intentions. Is it possible for an evil spirit to disguise itself to be more manipulative?

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