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Spirit Communication: A Glimpse Into The Afterlife

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This post was written by one of our psychics! Check their author bio at the end of the post.

For more than twenty-five years, I’ve had the tremendous honor of connecting individuals to the Other Side by delivering detailed messages from Spirit.  As a Medium, I’ve seen, firsthand, the healing effects of Spirit communication; however, I’ve also seen the many negative aspects and fears that can arise from improper teaching, incorrect information, and preconceived notions.  

Let’s face it, communicating with spirits can be considered quite taboo in our culture.  Because of incorrect information, social programming, and religious dogma, many are taught to believe that Heaven is reserved for some future time, existing in some distant place.  As an unfortunate result, the idea of mediumship and spirit communication has been relegated to nothing more than entertaining television programs that feature novice paranormal investigators walking into supposed haunted locations and shouting and barking out orders to ghosts, demanding that they show themselves.  

jessie pearl ghost hunting Image source: Jessie Pearl on Flickr

I’ll be the first to admit that it makes for very entertaining television; however, such programs are often very shallow and always nuanced.  Although traditional television shows dealing with the paranormal may try to convince you otherwise, spirits honestly don’t give a damn about keeping us entertained.  

I honestly find myself amused when I see novice paranormal investigators entering supposed haunted locations and barking out orders to supposed ghosts, screaming to the tops of their lungs, “Tell us your name” and “Show us who you are!”  It just doesn’t work that way.  That’s silly, and the theatrics are unnecessary.  

As a Spiritualist, I’ve made it my life-long mission to deliver messages from the Spirit world for one purpose and one purpose only – to provide evidential proof of the continuity of life and the fact that consciousness continues to remain after the death of the physical body.  It’s more than a philosophy – it’s a science.  In our modern, entertainment-based culture, many are led to believe that Spirit communication is something spooky – something reserved solely for experienced psychics and mediums.  Because of certain programs, some even feel that it doesn’t even exist at all.  

keoni cabral afterlife tunnel Image source: Keoni Cabral on Flickr

As an adamant supporter of the Spiritualists’ National Union, I strive to adhere to the seven principles of Spiritualism – the most important being the role of personal responsibility.  You see, in many ways, the afterlife is but an imprint of our emotions, our deeds, and our actions in this life.  When we pass from this life, we don’t automatically become angelic beings with good attitudes who can do no wrong.  We continue to live with our sense of self-awareness, our thoughts and ideas, and our emotions.  We continue to learn and become better.  This has nothing at all to do with religion and has, literally, everything to do with physics and biology.  

Science tells us that energy can never be created or destroyed but that it just continues to linger on, continually expanding and changing forms.  The same goes for consciousness.  When our loved ones die and pass into Spirit, every emotion, personality trait, and idea that made them who they were in the physical world continue to remain in the afterlife.  That’s why, so often during readings, loved ones return to simply bring up the joyful memories of holiday dinners shared, family vacations enjoyed, and the love that was experienced.  

boris sv love Image source: Boris SV on Flickr

Once, during a reading, a woman’s deceased mother came through to simply say how much she enjoyed watching late night television with her daughter by her bedside, weeks before she passed.  It was a moment of comfort and emotional healing for the client, and it was also a profound moment for the mother in Spirit, as she was able to say simply, “Thank you.”  

You see, Spirit communication has absolutely nothing to do with scary, evil entities determined to haunt your house, frighten you and the children, rearrange your furniture, throw things across the room, and make your life a living Hell.  That isn’t their intention and, again, that’s just not how it works.  It’s good for television ratings, though.  

One of the reasons that the idea of personal responsibility is so important to the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism is because it reminds all of us of humanity always to strive to be aware of the lives we live now – in the physical world.  The idea of personal responsibility keeps us always mindful of the importance of living our best life now by being kind, loving, and compassionate.  

erik hersman the compassionate one Image source: Erik Hersman on Flickr

Our universe and all of existence is one of karmic law – cause and effect.  What we send out, we will ultimately get back.  What we create will stay with us.  That’s why it’s so important always to be mindful of our emotions.  Are we harboring hatred and anger, or are we living in the moment and striving to find balance and peace?  Are we acting on the love and the attraction that we feel for certain individuals, or are we pushing others away and isolating ourselves?  Are we striving to create drama, or are we pursuing happiness?  

You see, Spirit communication serves a very real purpose, and that is to keep us aware of the lives that we are living right now.  As a medium, I see, firsthand, the healing and inspirational value that comes from those in Spirit.  So often, they only wish to remind us to live our lives to the fullest.  

Mediumship and the Spirit world has very little to do with death because, after all, there is no death.  Death is merely an illusion.  Mediumship and Spirit communication has everything to do with life and living it to the fullest.  Do you genuinely want to know what the dead have to say about your life?  For the most part, they say, “Live it and enjoy it.”

Damon is an internationally-acclaimed psychic medium who has spent his career connecting individuals, just like you, to the other side. With more than twenty-five years of experience working with Spirit, he is able to quickly connect with clients without the use of tools and relies solely on the assistance of his Spirit guides. Read more about him on his profile!

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