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Raise Your Vibration

how to raise your vibration

What do we mean when we talk about how to raise your vibration? Back in the day we’d say, “Oh, that good news really lifted my spirits.” Your vibration is, put simply, how you feel. The better you feel, the more in tune you are with the high vibrating frequency of the universe. If your mood is low, then it’s as if someone is throttling your connection to your life source. Think about it. When you are sad, despairing or feeling hopeless, you can barely move. All the life force is draining out of you. Of course, it won’t completely leave you or you’d drop dead on the spot.

raise your frequency

Visualize a column of light that links your body to an invisible source of energy. When that light is bright white and pulsating, you are energetic, eager and inspired. When the light dulls and thins, you don’t feel so good. You are tired, listless, bored and disconnected. You don’t notice things around you, your senses are blunted, and your interactions with others are superficial.

The good news is, whatever your circumstances, you are doing it to yourself. Every single time. Why is that good news? Because you are in control. If you allow yourself to succumb to low-level vibration, you also have the power to lift yourself out of it – raise your vibration and regain your natural higher frequency.

Wait, are you saying it is natural for me to have a high vibration? To feel happy?

Yes. Your natural frequency is usually much higher than your day-to-day average. Most people get through the day on a sort of okay-blah level which is punctuated with occasional higher spikes. I hope you are following all these analogies.

We have placed so many limitations, restrictions and demands upon ourselves, it’s a wonder we can survive at all. Our connections are throttled constantly.

There are some people, and you know at least one, whose frequency is so high they are a shining beacon. Sure they might have bad moods now and then, but like Tigger, they are soon bouncing back again. Nothing can suppress, or depress them for long.

Why Raise Your Vibration?

Know this: there is not one thing in this life that is more important than your own  vibration.

Now there’s a whole chorus of voices as you say, “Of course there is. My child’s well-being, for example. Helping my mother through her illness. Making enough money so we can survive. Helping others less fortunate…”, and so on.

No. None of those things, or anything else, is more important than keeping yourself at a high frequency whenever you can. And this is why. Take the first example – your child’s well-being. Do you think that your child will thrive better when you are in a high frequency or a low one? People are affected by the vibration level of others. Therefore, your child will respond positively, be inspired, be safer and grow up to be a beautiful person if their parent is already at a high frequency.

Okay, what if you are looking after a sick person? It’s hard to stay positive and cheerful in the face of illness. First of all, understand that keeping someone company in their low vibration is not good for you. You can’t get low enough to make them feel better. It’s not possible. Your mission is to not see them as sick at all, but to see them whole and healed. If they are really ill and about to make their transition, then your job is to glow with energy and channel unconditional love to them. Nothing has to be spoken. Just envelop them with love. They have nothing to fear. The whole experience can be a positive and uplifting one – if you choose to make it so.

raise your vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration

We’ve touched on a some methods previously in “I Want to be Happy:  5 Keys to Happiness”. They were: awareness of where you are at any given moment on the happiness scale; speaking positively; appreciation; learn new things and saying ‘thank you’.

Some other ways are to immerse yourself in high frequencies. Music is one of the easiest ways to do this. You know what music inspires you, gets you moving and lifts your mood, get those headphones on and rock. Better yet, get to a live music event where the audience is flying on high vibrations.

A reliable frequency enhancer is water. Drink it, shower under it, bathe and paddle in it. Fill your sink and submerge your hands, forearms and elbows in water, warm or cool, whatever suits the temperature. Close your eyes, release a deep sigh and feel your spirits lift.

Color is another way to raise your vibration. Allow the frequencies of color to enter your being through your eyes. If you do art then play with color combinations. If you have colorful clothes, wear them. Pick up some paint chip samples and play with them. Gaze at images of flowers and nature on your computer or tablet.

Take some time out in nature. Nature, in all its forms, is wonderful frequency improver. Trees and plants have no resistance. There’s no effort involved in their existence. They thrive or they fade and die, returning to the earth. Being in nature and being in the moment while you’re there will soothe and uplift your soul.

Scent is also a great way to increase your vibration. Essential oils are better than artificial perfumes. A whiff of lavender, or whatever your preference, will give an instant frequency boost. Keep some in your desk drawer.

So I’m Not Supposed to Feel Bad – Ever?

It’s impossible to maintain a super-high vibration, unless you are one of those ‘Tigger’ people. So don’t stress yourself out because you aren’t feeling that high-frequency connection. In fact, it’s not desirable to be ‘up’ all the time. Everyone needs to experience contrast. Yet, once you recognize that you are in a state of contrast, without being in the least bit self-judgmental, begin to work your way back up again. You can even tell yourself it’s okay to feel down for a little while because you know it will pass. Your natural tendency to a higher vibration will reassert itself. In this way, there’s no effort. This non-resistant, allowing mode will enable your vibration to gently rise.

How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration – Teal Swan

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