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About Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa will feel like the psychic that you already know! She is warm and will feel familiar to you. She reads tarot and uses her inborn gifts and expertise in astrology to add an extra level of interpretation to them.

Zsa Zsa started to notice her psychic abilities at a very young age, knowing when things were going to happen, and dreams that were pre-cognitive. She began studying astrology and tarot. She likes to use her beloved rider waite deck and a crystal pendulum for further clarification. Zsa Zsa believes that the cards are never wrong, and can help her callers organize and understand where they are and in turn, make the choices they need to make with confidence.

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Customer Testimonials
"Zsa Zsa is the real deal. She has wisdom, care, and a life coach that everyone needs. She eases your anxiety and gives you direction. I am really blessed to have found her. May many good things happen in all of our lives."
Anonymous, winnetka, CA
"This was a very good reading. She was kind and very insightful. "
M D, new york NY
"Zsa Zsa was very easy to talk to with. She picked up quickly on the POI. I will definitely call her again. "
J T, mount laurel NJ
"She gives good readings . I will know more soon "
Anonymous, Parsippany, NJ
"Hello I enjoyed my reading with Zsa Zsa. She was very helpful and I will call her again. Thank you!"
Phyllis W, brookefield CT
"Easy to talk to .. very positive ."
Anonymous, Parsippany, NJ
"Very good reader she was very helpful and gave very detailed Info thank u zsa zsa !!"
Hailey M, Hart MI
"such an upbeat reading! praying that all of her predictions come true! xx"
M M, pittstown NJ
"most accurate reading i have done with any advisor . Please be advised , i will contact her to tell her everything she told me came true .. "
Bennett Y, Maple Valley WA
Anonymous, East Norriton, PA
"She was awesome, will definitely book again."
Brian S, Alberta Canada
"Oh my! I can’t explain how good she was I will be speaking to her again great lady nice very down to earth. "
Tyhesui S, houston TX
"Awesome she didn’t ask me much of nothing, but was really on point and had a lot of information for me"
Angelina R, North Miami FL
"I had a very excellent reading with Zsa, for she was very accurate and had positive feedback on my future course of actions to come . Thanks Ben "
Bennett Y, Maple Valley WA
"Excellent very detailed just hope with fingers crossed her predictions come true! My life would be what I dream of! Thank you Give her a call you won’t be disappointed!"
Pam F, Bonita Springs FL
"I love my readings with this lovely lady. Is always detailed with accurate readings. Thank you so much!!"
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"I had an awesome reading!"
Misty H, Stanley VA
"It was great I trust her."
Catherine H, Anderson SC
"Omg, I wish I could give Zsa Zsa a 1,000,000 stars. She is Awesome!!! The connection is amazing. Please PLEASE. TRY HER U WON'T BE DISSATISFIED AT ALL! ❤"
Angela T, East Point GA
"Very accurate, friendly and personable "
Mandy W, Lexington NC
"Zsa Zsa was amazing and picked up on things without me saying anything"
Angela T, East Point GA
"She’s always right on!! "
S D, Clovis CA
"Great Reading "
Carmen N, Arlington TX
"Fantastic reading. Zsa Zsa is one of the Best Psychics I have encountered! "
Anonymous, East Norriton, PA
"Excellent engaging reading "
Carmen N, Arlington TX
"It was an excellent reading. Zsa Zsa is very straight forward and also very caring. Will definitely call her again."
Anonymous, boynton beach, FL
"Absolutely amazing! She read my situation with zero details and nailed everything. Her personality is amazing! It felt like sitting down with an old friend! "
Sabrina C, Colchester CT
"Always a detailed wonderful reading with this lovely lady. Thank you!!"
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
" I had a very good reading with her she is very sweet and truthful"
Mary R, kentwood MI
"I made notes and I look forward to the future. "
K J, oswego IL
"Literally a doll she’s made me feel so much better "
Onihja E, charlote NC
"Always mind blowing."
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"I am blown away by your readings. Had a reading today and hours later I received confirmation in regards to my love life and career with the guy I’m seeing. Honestly mind blown."
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"She is the best. Alway spot on. Scary though when the lightening struck tower comes up in the near future. But at least I am ready for it "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Thank you Zsa Zsa. She was able to calm me down and give me information that I knew and for forecasted the future in real time."
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"This was a great reading. Zsa Zsa was able to pick up on things that were happening in real time. "
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"Her positive vibrations had bought me some good luck and movement in my life towards the direction I was looking forward to. It's very important to have a positive psychic counseling you."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I enjoyed my time with her and she is best at explaining the picture how it is without sugar coating. Love you dearly and appreciate your keen discernment of the party in question."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Always a great read. Lot of beneficial suggestions about every aspect of my problem. She is very flexible and makes me feel at ease. Talking to her is relaxing because she has positive energy. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I feel fully equipped to face my challenges ahead after speaking with her. She had managed to open some blockages I had in my mind based on the needed information I was looking for. She is truly a light worker."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Amazing pleasant woman who put me at ease to express my questions. Her time with me was well spent. Her style of direct yes and no answers clarified all my concerns. She has a natural awesome way of connecting to her clients. Feels like you are talking to a friendly non judgemental person. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Wow I have no words for this wonderful woman. She is also interesting and fun to talk to. She makes good humor. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Always a fulfilling reading with lots and lots of valuable information. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"She can establish a great connection to the issue in question in minutes. Very positive easy going lady who don't forget the details important to me in each reading."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This women's abilities and the use of pendulum is really exact. All the stories other readers give me are also true but very vague and clear on my detailed concern. Next time I see the guy I will take your advice and definitely be more brave to speak up and resolve this emotional torment between us. This is key for progress for the both of us. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I am so blessed I found such an honest woman who gave me precise answers to every single concern I have. The tools she uses is key in her readings and it never strays you from the issue at hand. It was a pleasure to converse with you. Thank you much for all insight."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Amazing woman, I got so much clarity from her I am so greatful. We had established a great connection. You won't regret by calling her. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Out of this world awesome, thank you for every piece of information that you managed to relay to me so clearly. I wrote down every thing in my journal for future reference. I will also look into the top you gave me for the cleansing of my home."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This woman is the best. She never keep you on the line for no reason. All questions are answered in a timely fashion. Her gift will unravel all your confusion. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"She is awesome, non judgemental, easy going woman that you feel you can confide and talk to her about anything. My reading flowed smoothly and cleared all my concerns. God bless her and the angels she works with really know the real deal. She nailed the issue straight up as opposed to other readers who tried to sugar coat or go around the issue at hand."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Zsa Zsa was a pleasure to speak with. She is very clear in her communication and consistently asked for validation on information she relayed. I would highly recommend her!"
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"My third time calling this awsome lady. Zsa Zsa is amazing!!! Thank you!!"
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"Zsa Zsa is an amazing reader! Very nice to speak with and she is very accurate! I would highly recommend her you won’t be disappointed!!!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Incredible!!! Call her."
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"I enjoyed speaking with her. Loved her personality and energy. She provided a lot of information in a short time and I left the reading with more clarity. I will speak to her again. "
Anonymous, Lenoir City, TN
"Very Amazing reading! Hit the nail on the head for a lot of things! wish I got to talk more!"
Anonymous, Coudersport, PA
"She is always spot on. So honest and warm and loving. Tells you the bad but makes it not so bad with her sweet charm.

She has a unique way to work with the stars and angles. And they really work with her. Her readings are always fun and full of laughs. I talk to her 3 times a week so I know what is around the corner. "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Awesome reading! I would definitely call again. Loved how straight foreword Zsa Zsa was. She validated what I was already feeling. "
Lynn J, Gainesville GA
"I love her energy! I wish I had more time."
Jenami G, Sumpter SC
"Awesome as usual! She is so inspiring and so intuned with the angels and stars. "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Zsa Zsa provided a great reading. She was in alignment with me and my situation. She provided alot of predictions and some of them have come true. I can't wait to see if the other predictions fall into alignment. Call her, you won't be disappointed."
C B, Harrisburg NC
"As always, fun and exciting. So far she has not been wrong. She is the best. No one better!"
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Always always 100 percent accurate "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Fabulous!!!!!! Call her!"
Gwendolyn B, Naugatuck CT
"She is so on target. I have been separated from my husband. She said don’t be surprised if he shows up tonight. I said that won’t be happening. Low and behold! 1am in the morning, he walked to the door. She stated once he is there he will not be leaving. He will be back for good...... I will keep you informed."
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Very good reading and enjoyed talking to her. "
Lashaun R, Washington DC
"She was absolutely amazing!!! She predicted things from my past without me having to tell her. I am waiting for her timeframe and predictions for my future to come to pass. Thank you so much Zsa Zsa!!!"
Lashae F, Hampton GA
"This woman's reading is so on point. When I'm in doubt and don't believe her ...her cards proves me wrong. Amazing!!!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"She's very awesome! I love talking to her as I found her really down to earth. She gave me hope for the future and absolutely loved that she's able to give time frames. Sometimes narrowing it down to the very day. Most psychics won't or cant give you that. I would recommend her to anyone needing answers. "
Chazmyne K, kingwood TX
"I love her! Her readings are very positive. Not sure if her predictions will happen only time will tell, but her reading about other people current actions are very accurate. I call her many times in one week to keep me focus."
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"So far her reading and timelines are on point. I'm amazed at her accuracy from her tarot cards. Just Amazing! Still waiting for more to manifest and if it does she will deserve 10 stars cause it's unbelievable what to expect. Will keep you all posted with an update by Oct 2017. "
Yolanda B, Brooklyn NY
"Zsa Zsa really helped to discover and confirm my future. Her reading is much appreciated!"
Lavivian C, Charlotte NC
"She was very good. Very personal and nice. I really enjoyed my reading. She told me some things that I expected. So looking forward to my next reading."
L B, Cheyenne WY
"Very Good!"
Debbie V, Ridgewood NY
"10 stars ! She rocks !! And several of her predictions have come to pass ! She is very funny and has such a kind spirit . I love her energy !!! "
Michelle G, San Antonio TX
"Zsa Zsa really made me feel better about my situation. I would and will call her again."
L M, Stone Mountain GA
"The reading was awesome. Zsa Zsa was spot on with so many things. Looks like I'll be having lots of changes coming in my life sooner than I ever thought! "
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"She absolutely knew the details of my "relationship" 100%. I was blown away by her behaviors and actions! She was able to pick up on everything and explained everything. She also accurately predicted that he would be reaching out to me within a few days and I thought she was completely wrong when she said it. I hope her future predictions are correct but as far as knowing the situation during the present, she was by far the most accurate I've spoken to."
Anonymous, Newfield , NJ
"Excellent. To the point and very perceptive. I highly recommend her. "
K M, Santa Monica CA
"She was amazingly accurate to describe the person I wast honking about. She encouraged me!"
Anonymous, lakewood ranch, FL
"You are always the best ZsaZsa!

I enjoy your readings every single time.

Marina P, Henderson NV
"I just had another reading with Zsa Zsa last night. She is wonderful, sweet and kind. She imparts wisdom with information. She has continued to give me hope for my situation. I have faith in her abilities and will wait for the predictions to manifest. Thank you Zsa Zsa!!!! xoxo"
Maria F, nutley NJ
"Love, love, loved her!!! Best reading ever. Picked up on several things very accurately, easy to talk to. She is soothing to listen to and you feel hopeful and reassured by the end. Will definitely stay in contact."
Kristi P, Round Rock TX
"Very uplifting and informative. She's now my favorite!"
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Simply amazing!! She's truly gifted. I will definitely call her back!! We connected instantly."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Lovely! I wasn't sure what to ask, but she was still able to provide me lots of information and insight.

Anonymous, Ottawal ON K2B5P9, CA
"Totally incredible reading! Zsa Zsa was completely accurate and I will be having another reading with her again! Awesome insight into my situation! Thank you, Zsa Zsa!!!"
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Hello the reading is what I was looking for and I'll give Zsa Zsa a 5* rating and thank her for the advice. "
Edward K, Warren MI
"She was very knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable with her reading... I felt chills as she broke everything down by detail and explained from every angle. Would highly recommend."
Anonymous, Sausalito, CA
"Such a sweet heart! Her positivity really lifted my spirits!"
Anonymous, Eagle Mountain, UT
"Amazing!! So gifted and one of a kind :)"
Anonymous, Walnut Creek, CA
"Reading was great and uplifting!

Zsa Zsa was full of positive energy that transformed back to me. Looking forward to having another reading soon by Zsa Zsa."
M P, Henderson NV
"I just had my first reading wit Zsa Zsa. She was warm and very sincere in our communication. I am very hopeful and happy!

Thank you so much... Looking forward to your prediction!

One of the best readings I ever had!"
Maria F, nutley NJ
"I give Zsazsa a 5 star! It's always a pleasure to talk to her."
Anonymous, Renton, WA
"Zas was wonderful she talked to me in great detail and I enjoyed her so much if i had more money i would have talked for hours Thank you for the insight hope things come out like she said waiting on the results"
Marian C, Elmirage AZ
"Zsa Zsa, you were amazing as this was my 2nd time of calling you. I felt she was warm, genuine and her senses were in-tuned with mine even I was a little overwhelmed with the accurcy of the information. Would recommend only Zsa Zsa every time! Thanks, Julian."
Julian M, Baton Rouge LA
"I was really impressed! Everything was so accurate . No questions asked, I was told about the things I only would know. I'm waiting for the predictions to come true. Going to write more comments later.

Thank you so much Zsa Zsa, you make me feel very good because your reading was real. "
Anonymous, Gaithersburg, MD
"Excellent reading ! "
Dimitra P, Laval, Quebec,Canada H7W2Y1 CA
P K, Parker CO
"Thank you Zsa Zsa you were so accurate in my reading. Everything you said was happening as we spoke."
Anonymous, Valley Stream, NY
"I enjoyed our reading! She hit everything in the nose, no questions or names asked about anyone in question. No dob needed. The cards don't lie. Thank you and I will update as predictions unfold."
Anonymous, Redford , MI
"Excellent reading! She knew soooo much and is so sweet! I will speak with her again. "
Jasmin W, Newark NJ
"Love speaking to Zsa Zsa. Awaiting for results to happen!"
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"You were on point with everything you said!!! When I have extra cash I will definitely call again, thank you

for the free five minute session !"
Lauren G, Richmond VA
"Zsa Zsa was fantastically accurate and knew so much before we even barely got started. She is extremely easy to talk to and makes you feel like you're talking with your best friend. I'll be calling Zsa Zsa again very soon. The general reading was awesome, but she had lots to say about in depth questions as well. Thank you."
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"I am a new member of Psychic Elements and after reviewing the profiles of psychics, I found that Zsa Zsa's profile picture and smile was approachable and what I expected in her reading for me. She was positive & warm in telling the truth based on what she saw and felt in my reading, not pacifying me at all. I look forward to the positive life changes ahead of me. Thanks for the insight Zsa Zsa! "
Melanie H, Upper Darby PA
"It was great :) I was amazed!"
Ulyana K, missagua ontario L5N 3S6 CA
"Zsa Zsa, you were right about the communications getting better with me and EL. Everything you said happened. Thank you ! "
Anonymous, Valley Stream, NY
"Zsa Zsa was great! She had a great ability to read and understand me and my situation. She tuned in right away and was quick and thorough and her insight was perfect."
Cecilia C, lansing MI
"All I can say is WOW, she picked up on everything! Even the conversation that I had that day in regards to some advice I gave to a friend. I know what she's saying is true, just waiting for everything to happen!"
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"She was wonderful, warm and kind and quick to the point. I will definitely call back because she said I was going to fall in love, then I ran out of time! Thanks, Zsa Zsa!"
Anonymous, Emlenton, PA
"Great reading! Told me things that i need to watch out for in the future!"
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"Zsa Zsa was awesome. She was very accurate. Thank you Zsa Zsa..."
Nerline M, Miramar FL
"She was very good, I enjoyed talking with her, I will call her again soon."
Corlette C, Stafford CT
"Very accurate and so kind. Looking forward to seeing the prediction come true. Thank you Zsa Zsa "
Patricia I, Landover MD
"Love Zsa Zsa's reading. It was a pleasure!"
Anonymous, west valley, UT
"Wow! She mentioned there will be a guy coming into my life very soon and described him. I met him the next day and everything she had said about him fits perfectly. I LOVED the reading. Very warm, confident and she hit every nail. Coming back!"
A V, Sacramento CA
"It was a pleasure talking to Zsa Zsa. She was very detailed in describing what kind of a person I am without ever meeting me, personally. She told me what I was going through relationship-wise. Gave suggestions which made practical sense. Told me about my husband's nature, which only I knew. I really look forward to talking to her in the future. "
Sathya S, chattanooga TN
"Excellent reading! Now I'm looking forward to my future career path unfolding."
Doug S, Laguna Beach CA
"Awesome reading!"
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"Always on point. So accurate!!!!!"
Lizette O, Salem MA
"Zsa Zsa was personable and she did most of the talking. I asked her to shed some light on my romantic life, which has been very painful of late. I found her to be comforting and she helped me to see some better energies coming into my near future in my love life. I was thankful for that Her tarot reading helped me be comforted to know that it will not always be this difficult and she told me I was surrounded by my angels. I thank God for that, as this has been traumatic to say the least. I look forward to reporting better news soon, God willing.

Thanks Zsa Zsa for your help; you were great. :)

Anonymous, cary, NC
"Really enjoyed my reading. She was very knowledgeable about my problem & very helpful. Will call her again."
Anonymous, Pontotoc, MS
"She starts off her reading with tarot to connect with you. She tells you about past, present and future. She gave me a prediction for 3 weeks! Overall, nice lady."
S S, Brooklyn NY
"Each reading by Zsa Zsa of my past, present and future continues to answer all my job related questions. Her readings are surprisingly accurate up to and including future predictions and their timing!

Amazing, just as before! She described every detail of of my past and current career situations, as if she was watching a video. I can't wait for my future to unfold as she described from the cards.

She is so accurately interpreting the cards that I've started calling weekly; literally I can't wait to find out what the latest details are regarding my career!"
Doug S, Laguna Beach CA
"Love this woman. She is full of light and dead on accurate. Can't wait to be able to speak to her again! Thanks Zsa Zsa, for your amazing insight!"
S C, deltona FL
"Wow, Zsa Zsa is amazing. She read the situation clearly. I am so happy that she read for me."
V M, brooklyn NY
"She hit the nail on the head. We had a good connection!"
Tom A, Bellingham WA
"She picked up on so much. Down to the color of my guy's car. Hoping everything she predicted comes to pass. I will definitely keep in touch!"
Felicia G, West Valley UT
"She was very friendly and gave me some good, solid advise. Thank you for a great reading!!"
Lilawatie R, far rockaway NY
"She picked up very well even if I didn't give her any information."
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
"Awesome! I did not say anything and she hit everything right on the head, on the past and present. I am really looking forward to the future she mentioned."
Anonymous, Lebanon, MO
"Very good! She is very nice and personable and we had a good connection. She understood how I was exactly feeling. Would definitely call again."
Brianna F, ventnor city NJ
"Zsa Zsa was amazing. She saw my issue and gave me the advice I needed. I would highly recommend doing a reading with her."
Richard D, Schaumburg IL
"She gave me great insights on where I am heading and things I need to be doing. It was a pleasure talking with her and I will definitely call her again Thank You!"
Dominique M, Amityville NY
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