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About Zachary

Considered one of Southern California's best Tarot card readers and teachers. His clients have come to count on his careful readings and straight-forward approach.

Zachary has a 15-year experience as a reader and teacher and uses tarot cards as his primary tool. His expertise includes love, career, and any question or subject that is important to you. His use of Divination spreads for the future can be read for any time period you choose.

He is also a successful Tarot teacher and wrote The Professional Tarot Card Reader's Certification Course.

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Customer Testimonials
"Great guy. He's able to deliver his reading in a very reassuring way. Would definitely recommend."
Vladimir J, brooklyn NY
"Good quick read."
Anonymous, Newark, DE
"I really like him! I will have to see if his predictions are accurate."
Anonymous, Edgemont , SD
"We will see how it goes. Time frame given for obtaining new job is promising. Overall the rest of what was said in my reading pertaining to relationship/love I kinda knew but its always nice to have the affirmation. Thank you. "
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"I really like to get reading from Zachary. He is awesome. Give him a raise but don't raise his minute cost because I won't be able to afford to get reading. Thanks!"
Johna W, mustang OK
"So amazing! Very smart and quick. He got it right into the details without any information besides names. Definitely, recommending him!!!"
Anonymous, ogden, UT
"ZACHARY, was awesome!! Great. Will definitely call back when I have more money. Thank you."
Johna W, mustang OK
"Great reading. Picked up on things quickly "
A H, Yukon OK
"Amazing reading! Did not have to give lots of personal information and yet he was right on point with the main aspects of my life . Thanks Zachary :)"
Anonymous, pompano beach, FL
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