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About Trinity
Trinity has been psychic her entire life and was giving professional tarot and palm readings by the time she was 16 years old. She has the ability to connect with you quickly and get all of your questions answered in a very timely and professional manner. The stellar accuracy in her readings will send chills down your spine!

Trinity is dedicated to bring ease to your mind, whether your questions pertain to Love, Family or Career related situations. She absolutely loves helping others and aims to relieve any stress and leave you smiling, by the time you get off the phone.
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Customer Testimonials
"5 stars as usual! Trinity has such a good heart. Her accuracy rate is phenomenal!"
Anonymous, waldorf, MD
"5 stars! Thank you, Trinity, for keeping me grounded. Keep me in prayer and if ever you feel any negative or bad energy coming my way please have your company contact me so that I can call and talk to you. From the bottom of my heart... thanks..."
I S, waldorf MD
"Spoke with Trinity a while back. She's a great person, caring kind. I would definitively recommend others to speak with her. "
Anonymous, shakopee, MN
"I will definitely call her back! Very intuitive!"
Cherise W, surrey, BC Canada v3z7y6 CA
"5 stars!!! Trinity is excellent! Can't ask for anyone better. "
I S, waldorf MD
"Trinity was an excellent psychic. She told me things that were spot on and also encouraged me on the courses of action to take in various aspects of my life. She is also very nice and friendly. Thank you Trinity - I will be sure to contact you again "
Angela T, Guelph Ontario Canada N1E0C6 CA
"Trinity has gotten me through quite a bit and she has been spot on with everything. She has such a big heart. Bless you Trinity and thank you again! "
Ilona S, waldorf MD
"Hi, Trinity was awesome, she really was on point and touched on a lot of my issues. Very good advisor. Lady is truly gifted."
Anonymous, Charlotte, NC
"Trinity has guided me through some very muddy waters this last year and I am so thankful for her wisdom and psychic connections. She has steered me to a safe shore."
Anonymous, Punta Gorda, FL
"Spot on!"
Anonymous, Middletown, NY
"Always kind and straight forward. I appreciate her advice and it's great to feel encouraged no matter what the news is. "
Anonymous, Niles, OH
"Trinity knows how to project her knowledge into your reading. It gave me goose bumps !!"
Anonymous, monterey, CA
"She was dead on within seconds of speaking with her. Very pleased."
Anonymous, Charlotte, NC
"Love speaking with her and her insight is amazing"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"My reading was wonderful. She was right on about things. She was so on point it was scary. I give her a five star rating!"
Johnte S, Las Vegas NV
"That's my girl!!! She is the Best with a capital B"
Elizabeth A, Brooklyn NY
"Trinity is amazing!!! She picked up on something that blew me away!! I trust her and she does not sugarcoat anything... I only call to speak to her. She's simply amazing!!! She's worth your money."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Trinity is a true professional. Her reading was spot on and accurate. Trinity helped me get through an emotional crisis! Very caring and sincere! I highly recommend her!!!"
Arnold M, monterey CA
"Trinity picked right back up from where we left off.I will keep you posted in a month ."
Anonymous, Marshfield, WI
"Amazing! I love her. This is my 2nd reading with Trinity. I told her the first reading came true. She actually remembers me. She is so sweet and comforting. I was so nervous talking to her but she basically gave me confidence. I told her that she is going to be my best friend! I recommend everyone to call her. "
Elizabeth A, Brooklyn NY
"Really connected, she read into the heart of a couple of specific matters and nailed it. Because of this, I feel comfortable following her guidance for the outcome I am looking for. Thanks Trinity!"
J H, Zephyrhills FL
"Trinity is very good, more than 5 stars! She is just right on point with the person. I am waiting for her prediction to come pass. I will definitely call her back. Highly recommended!"
Nancy T, Frisco TX
"First of all, I felt like Trinity was very kind, welcoming, and very good at what she does. She seemed to seamlessly right in to any question I asked. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an enjoyable, accurate reading."
Gwendolyn W, Shawnee OK
"OMG! This beautiful lady (and I don't know what she looks like) is incredibly gifted. I told her NOTHING about a situation and she totally nailed every aspect of my situation and about the man I'm with. She is sincere and really gives you direction, making you feel confident and clear. Thank you Trinity! I'm definitely putting you on speed dial!

Sylvia V, Liveoak TX
"Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns. You were great!"
Anonymous, Arcadia, CA
"Trinity was great! She picked up really well on the situation, and persons feelings. I also felt she picked up well on third parties as well."
Anonymous, Arcadia, CA
"Hi Trinity, I read with you regarding a situation in my love life and I will say that you were accurate !! I love that you helped ease my fears and were honest with me . You left me with a better understanding of what was going on and I can honestly say that you have helped change my life. Thanks so much Trinity !!"
"It was a live reading. She seemed to know the personality of the person I was phoning about. She picked up on the negative influence this person is living under. I have to wait four months to see if the situation resolved itself. She explained it will take that long for this person to realize what he lost. She explained in depth what she was picking up on in regards to his energy. It was exactly how this person has been acting. "
Anonymous, Hadley, PA
"She was very accurate and very precise about the questions I asked. I'm looking forward to call her again as we get down to close to the questions I have she's a very good psychic."
Edward james H, San Mateo CA
"Trinity provided amazing clarity and advice for my questions regarding love, career, home, and family. She was warm and so easy to connect with. I will definitely call her again when I need additional insight. "
N D, San Jose CA
"Awesome! Her predictions are already coming to pass!"
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Wonderful, she is down to earth. I felt she wanted to really help me not just give a reading. She is the best. "
Melissa D, peru IN
"Trinity is great. She gave me good feedback. I was going on a job interview on Friday so I called her on Thursday and she told me that I would get the job and they would notify me by mid of the following week but that I would start in two weeks. They called me the same day and will start in a week. "
Anonymous, carney, NJ
"Excellent, fast, clear and concise. very impressed and very helpful. Thank you Trinity"
D A, Manassas VA
"Absolutely amazing!!! I only described my situation a little bit and she tuned in right away!!! I will definitely be calling her back."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Trinity was right on the spot. I really didn't have to tell her anything, she already knew. She gave me some advice on how to deal with him. Thanks"
Inastasia I, memphis TN
"I enjoyed my reading with Trinity on 2/16/16. It was Trinity's honesty about how I needed to handle a relationship. As hard as it is I'm going to move forward and take it a day at a time. Thank you Trinity."
Lori B, Mesa AZ
"Very happy with what she told me she was very sweet and polite. She made me feel more secure and I loved that she was on it. Her advice was very good. I'm so thankful for her ."
Anonymous, los angeles, CA
"I love talking to Trinity. She is very up front with her reading! "
Stephany B, Baltimore MD
"Trinity definitely touched on, and confirmed a lot of what's going on in my life. It made me more confident on what's been on my mind/heart as to what moves/changes to make."
N J, Cleveland OH
"I was very fast paced with questions, but Trinity had no problem keeping up with me. She was right about everything she could see, and it was confirmation that I did need. She could see my future and gave timelines that I could feel were accurate. I would call her again. I very much appreciated her guidance in areas where I needed it most, and she answered all questions very well with her gifts."
Lori R, Dixon MO
"My reading with Trinity was wonderful and I am so thankful that I have finally found someone who is caring. I believe God places special people in your life to help you with what you are going through. She thought me to believe and I will surely win. I am going to call her again. God bless you Trinity. I am giving her 5 stars!"
Priscilla B, Bakersfield CA
"Trinity is wonderful to talk to and very wise to be so young, I am confident that her insight is accurate and the results of my situation will come to pass. She is a good support when you need someone to confide in. It is so much better when you can talk with someone who understands you and not afraid to be compassionate, yet straightforward which helps you heal, be strong and be patient. With Psychics...One must learn to wait on results."
Janet A, St Charles MO
"Trinity was able to address all my questions in a professional manner. I will contact her again"
Harriet C, Troutman NC
"very direct on right on target with all in information. very happy with reading . "
Marc C, Loch Sheldrake NY
"I will only call Trinity now. I have spoken with dozens of readers in the past. She is genuine, and I say that with depth and care for everyone looking for the truth. She needed only one piece of information, my birthday, and was keenly aware of my situations (discussed 2), the persons involved, and the future as best outcomes. We connected. There was nothing fake about Trinity. She is an authentic intuitive. Thank you Trinity. I will call you in 3-4 weeks. "
Sonja G, Fort Smith AR
"She was very nice and helpful! I'm hoping she is right! I can't wait to talk to her again! "
Amber H, Yukon OK
"Quickly identified all the issues I was having in my life and with a certain person. Very straightforward, kind and compassionate reading, telling me not what I wanted to hear, but what she saw that I needed to know about my current situation and into the near future. One of the most clear readings I have had with a psychic before. I look forward to updating her. "
C C, Mansfield OH
"She was very helpful and she enlightened me on why the things that were going on in my life were there."
Anonymous, SOUTHAVEN, MS
"You were spot on ! You know what was going on. Thank you Trinity."
Tom A, Bellingham WA
"Trinity helped me to see things in a different light. I knew there was some confusion going on with my ex which included involvement of a third party. Trinity helped to see how to handle my situation. Thanks so much! I will definitely seek her help again. "
K J, Colorado Spring CO
"She is the seer I have been looking for. SHE IS TRULY GIFTED!!! I will be calling again and again. :)"
J A, St Charles MO
"Really good reading... She nails it every time... I agree I am on a positive path that is getting stronger... and I am grateful for the support she is giving to me to claim it.

Thanks Trinity.. keep up the great work!"
Dawn W, Hamilton OH
"Trinity put me at ease immediately. She listened, didn't rush and started the reading immediately without any delay tactics. She was eerily correct with very little information, and what she did relay not only put me at ease but took my breath away with her accuracy. I will definately retain her as my regular psychic. "
L G, Victoria TX
"Good Afternoon Trinity! I really did enjoy speaking with you yesterday and I wish we could speak more. Your senses were very accurate, you are very intuitive and helpful. I felt at ease when I was talking with you and some parts of the conversation we had yesterday was pretty emotional for me but you helped me get through it. I really appreciate your abilities to help others. Your amazing. "
Jon S, Manassas VA
"Great job!!! Will be back. Thank you! "
Joan P, Fall River MA
"Picked up on my situation without me giving information. I felt sure her gifts are genuine because I am able to confirm the things she told me. I can't confirm future predictions yet but I'm hoping for the outcome of my desire. Thank you. "
Anonymous, Vista, CA
"Trinity was great I would definitely recommend her."
Blanca O, Fort Worth TX
"I love my reading. Thanks Trinity!!!"
Kalisha A, Detroit MI
"I give Trinity 5 stars! She gave awesome insights & was very accurate with her readings! She gave great advice! I highly recommend her! "
Iriel W, Lafayette LA
"Very positive... Helped me through a rough patch. Very reassuring."
Dawn W, Hamilton OH
"I really felt like she understood me!.....Luv this gal<3"
T A, augusta GA
"Excellent reading, very intuitive and very detailed. She was able to pick up on my situation right away. Detailed explanations with clear and concise answers. Thank you so much. Great call!"
F P, New York NY
"I enjoyed my reading with Trinity yesterday. SHE MADE ME FEEL VERY COMFORTABLE AND SEEMED VERY INSIGHTFUL ABOUT MY CURRENT SITUATION. I will see if what she said will come to pass. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR VISION...GOD BLESS YOU!"
Lorraine G, Westfield NJ
"I was pleased as punch & will continue with her in the future. Insightful!"
T A, augusta GA
"Trinity was absolutely amazing! She confirmed many things for me."
Anonymous, Baton Rouge, LA
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