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Gifted Tarot Reader That Genuinely Cares
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About Taline

Taline knew she was psychic when she was a young child. She began studying metaphysics at the age of 23 and has been giving readings and helping people overcome emotional roadblocks ever since. Taline has a direct approach to your questions and answers truthfully and tactfully. This makes her very easy to open up to, as she genuinely cares about your spiritual well-being.

Taline uses a 3 card spread with her tarot to tap into any issues involving Career, Money and especially matters of the heart. She uses her stellar Empath and Medium abilities to provide helpful insight regarding exactly what your loved ones are feeling, as well as those that have passed on. A reading with Taline will leave you feeling confident and empowered!

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Customer Testimonials
"Amazing...She is the best...100% guarantee everyone needs to get a reading by Taline...She is the best!!...straight to the point..She did not sugarcoat anything...This is it..She is it."
Elizabeth A, Brooklyn NY
"Very good!!! "
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"She was very pleasant, easy to talk to and also very understanding of my concerns.

Thank you again.

Love and light"
Susan P, Lakeland FL
"Probably the most honest and straight forward psychic I've ever spoken too!!! Thanks for your honest advice. "
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA
"She was great! Very in-tune and gave excellent advice. "
P W, Meadville PA
"I had a great session! She shared her gift of wisdom and compassion with me! Than k you!!! "
H B, Novato CA
"I liked her style, what she said made a lot of sense. I hope it all comes true."
Anonymous, New Port Richey, FL
"Taline was wonderful! She really listened to me and made me feel better about my situation. I told her what's that I wanted from my reading and those were the areas she concentrated on. Only time will tell if I wind up with this man of my dreams but if not, she assured me that someone else is out there."
L V, New Port Richey FL
"It was great and I was pleased."
C E, Houston TX
"First time caller and this lady was amazing! Loved my reading."
K B, Pembroke pines FL
"Told me something I really need to know concerning my relationship I'm gonna take her advice and see things though. She's great! "
D W, chicago IL
"Throughout the weeks my horoscope has been reading exactly the same as my psychic read to me. TALINE was right on spot. THANKS YOU! "
Kimberly G, Pueblo CO
"She seems on point!...however I wasn't financially straped enough to continue my reading so I will be calling her back next week!"
L R, savanah GA
"She seemed spot on with everything! "
Lance B, Howard OH
"It was wonderful...I don't know what will happen but when it does...Love, success, money...maybe one day....

Thanks, it was very entertaining.

Charlotte H, Burleson TX
"I'm so skeptical and I'm sure Everyone has heard this phrase. But honestly, she couldn't have been more accurate. I loved her personality and how genuine she is. She knew right off the bat how my ex was and what was going on that was so in detail. It took me 3 years to decode him, it took her 3 seconds to know every detail without me saying anything! "
Cassandra M, worcester MA
"Taline was very accurate even though we only talked for 5 minutes without questioning me she hit the target not two but three times!!! I would love to talk to her for a duration."
J M, jacksonville FL
"Just talked to you but ran out of minutes! You were on point and excellent. I know things will work out. Thank you!"
Anonymous, Beeville, TX
"Great personality and reader. Captures the essential points answering my questions well."
Anonymous, Reno, NV
"Excellent reading. "
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"You were right on communicating with B. "
James P, Baltimore MD
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