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ShoShana's sign
Honest, Informative, Spiritual Medium
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About ShoShana
ShoShana is a very professional and experienced reader who receives clear messages from her spirit guides. She begins by asking for your date of birth but does not need any more information than that in order to tap into your energy. Once connected, her messages flow through her quickly and she has an abundance of messages to relay to you, including accurate timelines. Using her fine tuned psychic abilities, ShoShana is able to pick up on any major concerns that you may be having and offer thorough insight that will allow you to overcome any emotional roadblocks.

ShoShana has experienced psychic ability since the age of 7 and was able to help many friends and family members through difficult times and loved ones passing away. Using her mediumship abilities, she has also been able to assist with local authorities and homicide detectives in order to bring peace and justice to many beings. Shoshana is a very compassionate person and has also helped non-verbal autistic children communicate with family and cancer patients cross over to the other side. Let her show you how to find your true path in life!
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Customer Testimonials
"My reading with Shoshana was great! Such a sweet and honest soul. Her message was compassionate yet direct. She has lifted my spirits and am very excited to see it all into fruition! Love and light!"
M G, Lubbock TX
"She was very detailed with her reading. Very very good. She gave me a lot of insight of what is going on and what is going to happen. Give her a try everyone that's out there reading this. You will be happy you did like I was. Thank you so much."
L S, Milwaukee WI
"She was so helpful and detailed! Gave me a lot of information including days things are going to happen. I thank you so much! Everyone needs to talk to her!!! "
Linda S, Milwaukee WI
"ShoShana was ASTONISHING! Without doubts, she immediately honed on my specific predicaments and the major themes of my life with laser like FOCUS.

Her descriptions of my environment, the personalities and the obstacles and opportunities before me was unerring. ShoShana is a TRUE ORACLE during our reading. She offered me hope and solace. She shared an INCREDIBLE perspective of exactly who I am and offered a TRUE GLIMPSE about those around me. These astonishing truths of these visions allowed her perceptions to the unfolding future made me a TRUE BELIEVER in her talents and abilities. I consider myself TRULY BLESSED to have been led to ShoShana. She is a true channel to universal wisdom and divine light. Thank You ShoShana!!!

Michael C, Oak Park IL
"The ABSOLUTE most intuitive , empathic , clairsentient Psychic Advisor that it has EVER been my pleasure to work with !!! She picked up on EVERYTHING !!! And read persons and situations with such clarity and precision that it was like she was personally and very closely connected to the situations and events and personalities herself !!!She know things that only family members or the closest work acquaintances could know ....And reading with her was like reading with a psychic in a film or a novel ... Who genuinely "know and all sees all "..... But whom is 100 % on the side of LIGHT and Universal Consciousness !!! From now on ShoShana is my "go to gal " ShoShana deserves the absolute highest praise as a true Oracle of the Light !"
"I really like ShoShana. She connected fast and she's honest."
"I'm impressed! Now I'm waiting to see these things manifest."
Niya S, Fayetteville NC
"My reading with ShoShana was amazing, she was spot on and her energy was truly inspiring. She helped me through a tough time with her positive energy and sweet disposition. Thank you ShoShana! We'll be talking again very soon."
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"Wow very wonderful reader who is very nice and takes the time to answer questions. I enjoyed it thoroughly and found out some interesting things..."
Anonymous, Toronto Ontario, CA
"She's really great and we really had a connection! Gives you great advice and most importantly don't tell you what you wanna here but she tells you how it's gonna go !!!! :)"
Tashari P, Miami FL
"ShoShana was absolutely amazing! She hit things dead on the head and was super friendly."
Ronald C, Baton Rouge LA
"She was very nice, lots of info."
Sandy B, virginia beach VA
"An absolute blessing to speak with! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me!"
Justine M, Union City GA
"thank you for your reading"
Amanda J, indianapolis IN
"She was wonderful, very sweet. She picked up quick on things In her reading. She is worth a call back to let know how things worked out."
Michelle J, Carteret NJ
"She was great ...

She helped with a couple of situations, very clear .

We'll see what happens .

Thank you !!"
Anonymous, East Taunton, MA
"I tried to test her on some questions. She was able to tell me more than I was expecting!

Arona N, Houston TX
"She was absolutely awesome. Not because she told me what I wanted to hear. But because of her vibrant and sparkling personality. She had a wonderful vibe and spirit to match."
Christina B, Astoria NY
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