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About Shelley
Shelley is a talented clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant (clear awareness). She particularly enjoys mediumship work because of its healing potential for those left behind. She has always believed that life as we know it doesn’t end when we die, and opening up to the “other side” can be beneficial for healing wounds caused by grief and issues left unresolved. Shelley's readings are detailed and specific, and she sometimes uses numerology, basic astrology or tarot into her readings to add dimensionality to situations and people but her readings primarily rely on her inborn abilities.

Shelley has a unique specialty for questions regarding relocation and real estate but her main goal is to help us see through to our true selves and to guide with compassion and understanding. She first realized she was different when she figured out that nobody else saw what she was seeing and experiencing on a daily basis. She’s always been interested in metaphysical beliefs and practices. Her earliest memories that her life might take a non-traditional path involved recognizing her gift for hands-on healing. She has been practicing Reiki for 14 years and became a master 7 years ago. Shelley also recently attended Arthur Findlay college for Spirit Art.

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Customer Testimonials
"Good reading, although we kept getting disconnected."
Anonymous, Newark, DE
"Shelley was very easy to talk with, was very straightforward and helped make some decisions about issues I had. Would definitely recommend her."
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"Always on point. "
Alicia N, Omaha NE
"She was on point and spoke well about my life and my career. I am juggling 2 businesses. She was very candid about my relationship with my husband and spoke very reassuringly about my wanting to have children. I am excited to see how the next few months pan out. I would recommend her to others most definitely."
Heather B, Phoenixville PA
"She was insightful and very enthusiastic. I would recommend her. You just need to ask her questions as you go if you don’t want to miss anything."
Anonymous, el paso, TX
"She was remarkable! I love all the information she shared."
Lynn G, Prosper TX
"Blow my mind!! We were talking about a test and she even said the grade I got last time!!! No one can be specific like that."
Z J, Elmhurst NY
"Very sweet person to talk to. Accurate reading."
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"Shelly was great! very warm and compassionate!!! "
Marjorie G, Hayward CA
"Wonderful reading with lots of information. She was quick didn't need a lot of info from me. Really enjoyed Shelley's reading. She was very sweet and easy to talk to also. "
Jennifer H, Modesto CA
"My reading with Shelley was very intuitive and informative. I felt very enlightened and at peace at the end of our call. I'd definitely seek out her advice in the future. "
C M, san jose CA
"My call with Shelly was amazing. Spot on clear concise. She was very caring and very helpful. Worth the call!"
Sherri B, Meridian ID
"Great reading ! She knew a lot about the situation without me telling her. Great connection!! "
J T, Ridgeland MS
"I've read with her twice and she's picked up on initials and significant details. She's also pretty quick and doesn't try to keep you on the phone. I tried a different psychic here but she's definitely my psychic of choice."
Anonymous, Woodbridge, VA
"Hi Shelley! I really enjoyed my reading with you. You gave me some very exciting things to look forward to. You were very patient and kind. You picked up on a lot of things and explained things well. Thank you for your insight and guidance. I am going to follow through with what you said. I truly appreciate you sharing your gifts with me. "
M G, Palmetto FL
"Great reading! She did not give vague, general statements. Everything was so specific, accurate and detailed about my situation, she was on point! She only asked my name then took off from there. Absolutely the real deal! "
Anonymous, Matteson, IL
"One of the best readings I've had. Shelley needed no time or help to connect with my deceased fiance. She was able to see him instantly and clearly and was able to easily convey his messages. "
Anonymous, Portland, OR
"I read with Shelly and found her to be easy to talk to and insightful. Her reading was definitely worth the money. Try her. "
Karen B, Baton Rouge LA
"Shelly was excellent. She knew things before I said anything. I will call her again. Thank you so much. "
T M, memphis TN
"Hello, Shelley was very kind and very accurate, I was very astounded. She told me very accurate facts about my deceased family members trying to contact me. I highly recommend her. "
Samantha T, Las Vegas NV
"My reading with her was exceptional! She was great, straight-to-the-point, detailed and I'm looking forward to give my feedback about what I'm looking forward to I will post as soon as I get confirmation."
Kamilah S, Jonesburg GA
"Shelley really helped me out. Thank you!"
Anonymous, Gurnee, IL
"Shelley was able to pick up what I called about immediately. She not only was intuitive, filled with a lovely intellectual and vibrant persona, but also offered thoughtful guidance/ counsel that made me feel better about the situation. She's quick and provides specifics. Thank you Shelley. "
Rachel Z, Hampton VA
"I called to get the truth. I knew I would know in a very short time if she was real or not. My circumstances are nothing anyone could guess about. On her FIRST sentence I knew she was seeing things as they are. She is quick and a very strong psychic. You don't have to doubt at all. 100% connected and accurate! I have had many readings in my life and I'll tell you, she is real. Call her. A++++ advisor!!!"
T K, carol stream IL
"She provided me with some interesting information and a different perspective on my romantic situation that hadn't occurred to me. It will be interesting to see what comes to pass. I enjoyed speaking with her."
Anonymous, Old saybrook, CT
"I really enjoyed speaking to Shelley. She was wonderful! She has a very bubbly spirit and she gave me valuable information about myself. I had no idea I had talents in a particular career field that I been undecided on for a very long time. Now I know that career fits me! Speaking to her was definitely worth it and I will definitely be calling back for her. I am satisfied and I love her already!!!"
L W, Mt Vernon IL
"Shelly picked up on my situation quickly. Nice reading, wish there were more details from the reading thou"
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"Shelley is really good she's dead on I love her"
Demetreus T, Chicago IL
"Shelley is one of the best she's good at what she does. I will always call her when i need help.

Altheida M, roswell GA
"on point thank you."
D R, New Orleans LA
"From all of my readings, Shelley's my favorite! Very accurate since the beginning. All questions were answered without any doubt. I'll talk to you soon Shelley!"
Jacqueline S, ORLANDO FL
"Good reading"
Anonymous, St Louis, MO
"My reading was excellent! She really can tell you word for word how it is going to be. An excellent choice. Thank you!!!

Anonymous, Ingonish, Nova Scotia Canada B0C1L0, CA
"great I will call in future to obtain more info. I would rate it a 5!"
"Was very pleased, great to receive some clarification in life's experiences and endeavors. On point in future directions."
"Shelley confirmed what I already knew. I'll have to wait to see if the other person does what she said he'll do. My rating if Shelley is accurate."
Pamela W, ypsilanti MI
"Hello, I had a great experience with Shelley and I feel happy and enlightened by my reading. Thank you!"
M L, Vancouver WA
"Hello,Shelley is good,she was right on target,I was really impressed with all she said.I would have her do my readings again!"
Sarah J, Seminal FL
"Thank you !"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Can get a good feel of what is going on pretty quickly."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Shelley was great to talk with and very nonjudgemental. She is very in touch with the other side and has a high connection. Nice lady. I enjoyed our talk. Will call again for sure. Much Love!"
Anonymous, New Market, AL
"Good reading!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Helped me see my own reading was right on."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Great reading. Thank you so much, Shelley. "
Anonymous, Mt Ephraim, NJ
"Shelley is a psychic genius! She brought up issues and knew things about me that I hadn't even hinted at. Her insights gave me the impression that we were looking through a telescope at very real possibilities for my future. I highly recommend her. Truly one of the best! Shelley was able to pick up on questions before I even asked. Her insights into my situations were enlightening and believable. If you have issues you'd like clarifications on, Shelley is like a telescope. Thanks Shelley!"
J W, Marquette MI
"Shelley was awesome. I look forward to speaking with her again. I highly recommend her to everyone. "
Linda T, Rockford WA
Anonymous, Piscataway, NJ
"Shelley, you were the best. You helped me feel so much better. I called and was very depressed and I now feel comfort."
James P, Baltimore MD
"Thank you for the reading! I will wait for it to happen."
"Nice reading!"
Samantha S, Brooklyn NY
"A lovely soul who is easy to talk to about life and problems. Time flew by."
Anonymous, Bronx, NY
"Shelley was very encouraging. Very supportive!"
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA
"Will speak to you again and thank you for your valued input!"
Peter C, Ocala FL
"She was very nice, Direct and I liked my reading. So upset I ran out of time. Thanks Shelley :)"
L M, Staten Island NY
"Shelley was very pleasant to talk to and she is very intuitive. She guides my perspective on how to behave as a lady and will wait and see on how the future will unfold."
Anonymous, Reseda, CA
"Very kind. She knew information right away and she was helpful and positive. "
A H, Yukon OK
"My reading with Shelley was very much spot on. She knew right away what I was interested in knowing and I am pretty sure things will turn out as discussed. I would definitely call Shelley again. "
S B, Groveland FL
"Excellent - she was very in tune."
Anonymous, Honolulu, HI
"She was awesome. Connected right away and gave similar info others have given me but with more detail. I would use her again in a heart beat. Thank you so much!"
Lynn B, Cottonwood AZ
"She hit on everything! Even things I didn't tell anyone!"
Anonymous, Mensure, LA
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