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Empowering Readings From Her Spirit Guides
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About Selina
Since she was young, Selina has known about things; known about things before they would actually happen. As she blossomed into an accomplished psychic, she learned these gifts could be channeled through her Tarot cards, her skills as a clairvoyant and clairaudient, or straight from her spirit guides. Selina channels feminine and creative energy very well, making her an ideal psychic for any relationship or life path questions.
Selina feels that the universe gave her the skills to help empower people to move forward in life. She’s ready to help make you the greatest and most powerful person you can be.
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Customer Testimonials
"I thought she was very inspiring, hit some key points, I just hope that the predictions were correct!"
Lesa R, kruckwig MO
"It was very insightful! It was great!!"
L G, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W4S2 CA
"Selina was very energetic and quickly focused on my situation and provided insight and guidance. "
Barbara B, burke VA
"Selina was great with her predictions and insight. Highly recommended!"
Anonymous, Wichita, KS
"She was absolutely wonderful. She put me back into alignment with my self when I was starting to forget. She brought so much excitement and encouragement into the reading, especially when my energy levels were low. I recommend Selina for her gifts and excitement. "
A R, buena park CA
"Selina was awesome! She was dead-on with me and gave me great advice!

Thank you! "
Kasie M, Chino Valley AZ
"I absolutely adored Selena. She was so nice to listen to and related to my situation and I felt connected with her! If I wasn't broke I would have done extra time for sure. Thanks!"
Deborah F, Zionsville PA
"Selina was very helpful and honest. I believe her divine gifts and advises that propelled me to reach a higher level within my spirituality. Thank you! "
Anonymous, PEARLAND , TX
"Very good reader! Went into details and tuned into certain adjustments I need for growth. Can't wait to see if her prediction comes true!"
Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA
"Thank you, Selina. You did help quite a bit! I DID take the bull by the horns and it all was wonderful! Love & Peace!"
Anonymous, Wichita, KS
"She was so easy to talk to, it was like talking to an old friend. She explained everything wonderfully. I went into the reading with a lot of doubt and negativity and ended it feeling empowered and knowledgeable of what I need to do to live my happiest life. "
S F, Newfield NJ
"Loved! She has such a great delivery. Appreciated the openness and insight she gave. Wanting to make sure you understood the reason for outcomes and connected without all the extra questions. "
Anonymous, midlothian, VA
"This reader is excellent! Words cannot describe her readings. She is accurate and insightful!!! Thank you so much, I will keep you updated."
J B, Baton Rouge LA
"Beautiful! Eye opening message. Touched things that I knew deep about my own personality and then guided me on how to work on them. <3"
Anonymous, Southfield, MI
"Awesomeness! <3 <3 <3"
Anonymous, Wichita, KS
"Excellent reading! Selina was very accurate and very knowledgeable about many issues. I'm grateful for her advice."
Anonymous, Wichita, KS
"Articulate and insightful. I thought this reading was well worth my time and money. I will contact Selina again."
Anonymous, Sonoma, CA
"I had a good reading with Selina and I would definitely call back! "
Cristina D, Bronx NY
"Selina, I really can't put into words how amazing her gift and energy is. From the depths of my soul I feel that you will connect with her if you are meant to do so- as was the case for me. I certainly had a choice of whom to speak with, and my energy was overwhelmingly saying "Selina, Selina- it HAS to be Selina!" I'm so happy that I followed my intuition and finally had the chance and privilege to communicate with this vibrant, loving, and non judgemental soul that is Selina. After our card reading session our conversation was so fulfilling in every way, as she was so in tune with who I am, how I feel, and in which ways I approach life in general. Before our session ended I had no doubt that I've found my trusted spiritual advisor and I feel so fortunate to have been led to her by the positive vibrations and light of our universe! I'm 110% satisfied with every aspect of my dealings with her, and if you are one considering speaking with her- just stop, listen to your still small voice, and go with it my friend..... You will be as I was........ So extremely happy that you did! Love to all, especially you Selina!

Jerry T. VA "
Jerry T, Chester VA
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