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About Sadira
Her heritage is from Ghana, West Africa with ancestry originating from the Ancient Mali Kingdom. She comes from a lineage of "Seer`s" and Medicine women. Her gift had developed when she was a child into the ability to focus on a person`s situation and receive messages for them from "The Source". This gift means a lot to her because it is a gift that provides hope to those feeling hopeless, and a gift that can bring clarity and meaning to people that may feel lost. She also enjoys studying things about spirituality and metaphysics and spends time mastering her craft. She always comes prepared to her psychic readings; she is very experienced and very knowledgeable at what she does. Information seems to flow quickly for her, and she was very adept at explaining it promptly.
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Customer Testimonials
"Great! Love it!!!"
Sarah B, Flidell LA
"Sadira is awesome! I highly recommend her! She is very compassionate, very understanding, and very accurate. I felt she really connected to me and understood me, and her guidance was so helpful and gave me hope. Thank you! "
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA
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