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Nataly Bree
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I am the vessel to guide you through the power of spirit!
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About Nataly Bree
My name is Nataly Bree, and perhaps you are reading this due to an energy beyond luck or chance! I am blessed with an intimate connection to Spirit and Light. I have found it to be immensely enlightening, pure, and healing. I have abilities since birth but strengthened my abilities 10 years ago, and I am confident and comfortable in my blessings. I am a psychic bestowed with the following gifts: Claircognizance--which means clear knowing. Clairvoyance-- which means clear seeing. Clairsentience-- which means clear feeling. My divination brings forward what Spirit is trying to tell you!These gifts have provided me the opportunity to help others in their questions, pain, problems, hopes, dreams, and aspiration. As a psychic intuitive and empath, I will connect to your energy; as a vessel to guide you through the power of Spirit. I hope that you consider me a helpful gleam of stardust to illuminate your spiritual path and destiny. Please reach out to me if you feel drawn. I have many answers waiting for you. My devotion to pure healing and love, to which I always abide, could provide you with the answers you seek right now.
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Customer Testimonials
"Good morning! Nataly did a great job! She confirmed some things that I was already thinking. Even though our conversation was brief, it was worth it. Thanks so much!"
Shavonne C, mt pleasant SC
"Good information and very to the point "
Erika H, Phoenix AZ
"Nataly connected easily to me and was very positive and supportive. Her insights were very helpful. I highly recommend... beautiful energy!"
Anonymous, Farmington, CT
"She is terrific! "
Lindsey K, Lexington KY
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