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About Mama Mojo
Mama Mojo is the mother of psychics, just like her name reads. An extremely talented and skilled psychic, Mama Mojo is a natural, with a very fluid and clear style. Most of all, she is incredibly accurate. Mama Mojo loves using a Rohrig Tarot deck that will clearly describe any situation in your life. She can start her readings with your questions or unveil what the cards want to tell you. She loves to focus on love, relationships, career, destiny, life’s meaning, deceased loved ones and past lives with her empathic and clairvoyant gifts. She can also interpret dreams. Mama Mojo is direct but still very compassionate
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Customer Testimonials
"The best!"
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"M M rocks it , she seems to know what's going on as if though she's right next to me in my life... Wow- thanks!"
Michael G, Jackson WY
"Wow!!! I’m so happy that she read with me this evening. I needed the insight and understands by. She’s amazing and understood my situation. Thank you!!!!"
Tracy P, franklinton NC
Jamon H, center point AL
"She gave me a lot to think about and was very surprised on some of the things she had to say. In all she made me feel better "
I J, Brooksville KY
"I had my 1st reading with Momma Mojo , I felt connection right away. She did a card reading and she was spot on, I will take her advise on my Love reading . I am sure I will talk with her again. Thank you Momma Mojo..."
Laurie jean P, Newaygo MI
"I greatly appreciated the reading and the connection I made with Mama Mojo. The guidance provided eased my mind tremendously. "
Anonymous, detroit, MN
"Mama Mojo, absolutely 💯 she was awesome and straight forward. Can't say enough wonderful things about her."
Patricia O, CLOVIS CA
"Great reading "
Carmen N, Arlington TX
"She was absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable "
Patrice W, Syracuse NY
"She was great!! Very good at her readings and right on. I’d definitely call for her again. Great reading! Thank you so very sweet "
Loredana M, Weirton WV
"Thank you!!"
Anonymous, annapolis, MD
"Hello hello I really enjoyed my reading with mama mojo we were really on point we talked about a lot of good things and I just need for her to know that is soon as we hung up and I came in the house I got the phone call from the friend that we were talking about in our relationship not knowing whether I’m psychic or not but he really lights me up when I talk to him. I know we are good for each other I hope he sees it as well. Power couple of 2020!!!!!!!!!!."
Jacqueline F, Baltimore MD
"She good all her readings are correct may not be in the timing you think but its comes "
Yolanda B, Brooklyn NY
"I only had a few minutes but she got right into it and gave me clear answers that made a lot of sense! I liked that she also didn't try to over interpret every last thing with her own details and instead gave me an idea of what was happening and asked me how that fit it. That actually gave me a fuller reading. I got clear answers to a not easy questions and I love Mama Mojo's voice and confidence and way of sharing what she sees intuitively. Thank you!"
Anonymous, nashua, NH
"I love her she is a real psychic and she is a wonderful woman ! I feel blessed to have her in my life !! Thank you mama mojo for everything!!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"She was good."
Anonymous, Newark, DE
"Thank you so much, love it! I will become successful in my career and the devil get thee behind me in Jesus Name. No more fear, nothing but happiness and relationships."
Anthony B, Brooklyn NY
"Great reading! Very intuitive, direct, honest, and helpful. Mama Mojo provided the kind of clarity and focus that I needed to push through the haze and move forward on some very important life decisions. Thanks! "
Sherry R, Los Angeles CA
"I have read with Mama Mojo a few times now and she is excellent at what she does! I will continue to read with her for sure!!! Give her a try she won’t disappoint you."
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Loved her! She confirmed what a lot of other psychics have said and she was really nice to talk to. I will definitely call her back!!!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Mama Mojo was awesome! This is my first reading and she was accurate in everything that she told me. I will be calling her back!"
Anonymous, Northlake , TX
"Very straight-forward, easy to understand and talk with, she gave me a very good reading and I look forward to talking with her again."
D L, Boynton Beach FL
"MM readings are always on target. I have been reading with her for over a year and the cards can pretty much pick up on the individual personality. Her big prediction has still not happened in almost 10 months and we laugh in frustration! It's as if her cards are telling us to trust we know what we are telling you. I have let the big prediction go but it still comes out in her card readings. Now, I mainly call her just to catch up and tell her about my adventures. She really is just like one of my gal pals now. My promise is not to call back until the big prediction occurs. Peace and love!!! "
Michelle G, San Antonio TX
"I found Mama Mojo very easy to talk to. She was able to tune into the person and situation rather quickly."
Karen B, Baton Rouge LA
"Awesome! I will call her again. She told me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. Thank you!!! "
Anonymous, Crawford , CO
"She was great!!! Veri intuitive."
C J, el paso TX
"Kind and to the point. Great insight. Will definitely use again."
J S, Clarks Summit PA
"Captured a perfect snapshot of several evolving elements in my life right now. Uncannily summarized several different influences for the time period in question and connected them to the greater picture in an illuminating way. Very encouraging reading that explained big shifts that I had been experiencing and connected the dots in a way that cleared out all the unnecessary gunk I had been getting caught up in. Thank you!"
F T, Atlanta GA
"Insightful reading without much prior knowledge of my situation. "
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"Mama Mojo is the best. She would answer question before I asked. Mama is on point. I would definitely use her again. "
Tammy M, memphis TN
"Mama Mojo was great!!!

Tammy P, Battlement Masa CO
"It was a delight to visit with her - and I did not arrive in a delightful mood. She found the positives!"
Anonymous, Morris, MN
"Her readings are very good! Full of information and they just flow, she stands by her readings and has confidence. In the past, all her predictions would come to pass. I am still waiting on one prediction to come true!"
Michelle G, San Antonio TX
"I loved my reading! Mama Mojo sees all :) She is very clear and tells it how it is. "
Eileen B, Hanover Park IL
"She was able to hit several things on the head... and I felt she was genuine based on not only what she said, but also what she did not say. I appreciated her time. "
Jennifer F, Little Falls MN
"Reassuring reading."
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"Mama Mojo was great! She really helped to clarify a couple things for me about my love life and my career. I enjoyed my reading."
Latanya K, montgomery AL
"She was great ! Felt a little spooky in a great way she nailed the head on some past relationships now I just have to wait to see if her predictions come true. "
Anonymous, Lafayette, CO
"Fantastic! A TREMENDOUS blessing! "
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
"Always kinds, gentle and honest - "
Anonymous, Niles, OH
"Great reading - very reassuring and has been right at every turn. Thank you"
Anonymous, Niles, OH
"Absolutely wonderful! Thank you, Mama Mojo!"
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Right on. Great reading!"
Anonymous, Dorchester, MA
"She was very on point!"
Cari M, Modesto CA
"Just what I needed. Thank you!"
Megan H, Eugene OR
"I love Mama Mojo! She gave me all the answers without me asking much, it was as if she was reading my mind!!! Explained to me what each tarot card meant and the outcome, I was very pleased. I will soon have a reading with her again."
Monica B, east elmhurst NY
"Mama Mojo was a breath of fresh air. She went right into the reading and was very accurate. I enjoyed speaking with her, it was like talking to a close friend. Her advice helped shed some much needed light. "
Anonymous, Peoria, AZ
"Very accurate and insightful. I liked that she used the tarot desk and explained the cards as they came into the reading. This was helpful since I am familiar with tarot, but also because it explained some of her insights. Her straightforward way of talking was great for my personality and she is very compassionate."
Anonymous, Joplin, MO
"On point and accurate with what is presently going on. I would highly recommend her."
D S, Santa Rosa CA
"Excellent reading! She's the real deal."
Madelaine W, Ventura CA
"I enjoyed talking to her very much! Her reading was spot on and extremely informative. She was a complete joy to talk to, and helped me put things in perspective. Will absolutely call again. "
Anonymous, Katy, TX
"While my reading wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear, it was spot on in terms of the situation & the players. Mama Mojo is so fun to speak to too!"
Anonymous, cypress, TX
"Mama Mojo's intuition and humor is on point. Thank you!"
Megan H, Eugene OR
"Great reading. Mama Mojo was very accurate!"
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Mama Mojo you are amazing! My reading was just what I needed to make me feel the way I feel right now... which is HAPPY! Letting go is sooo very hard to do especially when your in love but I know I have amazing things ahead of me and I cant wait to see what my life will be like now. Thank you. God bless you"
J W, Wilson NC
"Instantly and accurately described the relationships in my life along with helpful insights."
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"I like talking to Mama Mojo. She is direct and straight to the point. She opened my eyes to a lot. I will definitely get regular readings from her."
"It was crazy how spot on she was! She gave me such a sense of peace. I will update you after her predicted time tables. She is funny too! ;)

Thank you Mama Mojo! "
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"Reading was very good she she knew what she was talking about. Just have to see if they come to past."
Anonymous, Springfield, TN
"Good reading "
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"Amazingly accurate! "
Anonymous, Roxbury, CT
"She really gave me great insight on my current situation and the future path. Excellent reading!"
Anonymous, Chicago, IL
"She's such a great person to talk to, right on point, tells you the truth rather you like it or not. Worth the money! I hope to see these predictions come to pass in November as small reconnection and April for romance as you said. We'll see. Would love to talk to you about this."
Anonymous, Columbus, MS
"Thank Mama Mojo your reading was on point with everything that was going on. "
Anonymous, Valley Stream, NY
"Amazing....... Simply Amazing....! "
Kathy T, Miami FL
"She's funny, direct and very much on target. I recommend her for a very good, to the point reading."
L M, Emlenton PA
"I felt the reading was honest, she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but she was encouraging at the same time. "
Marcie L, Redding CA
"Wonderful! Very intuitive and insightful. Very real, a caring soul."
E F, Arlington VA
"I had a very good reading . I will have to wait to see if this is going to transpire. It seemed spot on! thank you."
Tom A, Bellingham WA
"I'd give her a 5 star rating! "
Donna W, Livonia MI
"she read me well. I look forward to see if things will happen the way she predicted."
Tom A, Bellingham WA
"It was great! Nice and precise. The only thing we'll have to see is what the future holds but she was very clear that nothing is said in stone. She gave me different options on the different paths to take."
Camalina C, Buffalo NY
"Mama Mojo was straight to the point! I can't wait for the prediction she gave me. She did touch based on a lot of things especially one of them and I was so surprised because I didn't really know how to answer that question. She is real and truly a psychic."
Patricia I, Landover MD
"She was wonderful and will be calling again!"
Christina V, hagaman NY
"Thank you so much for the insight on everything! It all feels much clearer to me now on my dreams and my feelings in general. I will also be definitely keeping a dream journal now for when I start recalling my dreams again. =)"
"She was great, fast and knowledgeable. She has a unique way of reading. I would call her again!"
Anonymous, Emlenton, PA
"Very good! Very informative in helping you understand certain things. Not 100% sure about her predictions but as far as current insight of me goes, she seemed to be pretty good. "
Anonymous, Woodbridge, VA
"She seems to be very confident in her readings so I have high hopes that what her cards told her are going to happen!"
Megan , Moore OK
"Being psychic myself, she confirmed and helped me to focus on my aim. Thank you."
Svetlana D, Chicago IL
"I definitely feel she is one of the best psychics I have ever had a reading with. While it wasn't what I wanted to hear, it was extremely accurate! I generally like to wait before rating but for once I didn't need to wait. I feel she was spot on! Highly recommended! She's very honest and straightforward. Thank you, Mama Mojo for a real, honest, up-front reading!"
K M, Kings Park NY
"You definitely have to want a tarot card reader to appreciate her gift! She seems to know her cards very well. Although that's not my thing, I really enjoyed her."
S S, Brooklyn NY
"Thank you, Mama Mojo! I was really stressing out until I spoke with you. I was so lost and badly hurting. I needed to speak with you and hear your insight ."
Lek C, Los Angeles CA
"Mama Mojo is incredibly accurate, loving, forthright and can lift you when life is tough! I am an intuitive myself and she is spot on! I highly recommend a reading with her! Amazing! "
Judi W, missoula MT
"Clear, concise, to the point, and accurate.

Mama Mojo has the Mojo. She knows what is up and can see why it might be coming up or going down.

I am so grateful she was open, honest and insightful with me. An important reading at a critical time."
Anonymous, Bronx, NY
"She really eased my mind!"
Anonymous, kentwood, MI
"Was very happy with the reading. Mama Mojo picked up on my situation. Very Impressed! "
Anonymous, north haledon, NJ
"She was very informative and precise."
Nadine M, Santa Ana CA
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