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About Laura Marie

Laura Marie’s warm, friendly personality will help ease you into a detailed and highly accurate psychic reading. Needing no prompting, she can dive right into a general reading with you or will answer whatever specific questions are currently on your mind. She can provide great insight with quick answers, giving realistic predictions and accurate time frames. It is obvious that Laura Marie always has her caller’s best interest in mind, as she excels in helping you manifest your hopes, dreams, and success.

Laura Marie had psychic abilities since the age of 10, when a lightning bolt struck above her head, sending a blue light around the room and surrounding her with a bright, white energy field. Through the use of her clairvoyant gift, she is inspired without the use of tools, tuning into those relevant to a situation by hearing their first name, and/or, if you choose, by divining with tarot, oracle cards and I Ching, to fine tune your answers. A professional psychic for over 25 years, Laura Marie truly enjoys helping others gain confidence and shift perspective in order to help you achieve the personal goals in your life.

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Customer Testimonials
"Thank you so much Laura Marie for you exceptional insights. It’s always so appreciated. "
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"Thank you so much for the reading. As always very accurate and informative. I will reach out soon to finish the reading. Thank you!!!!"
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"5 star quality. She was great!"
Michael G, Jackson WY
"Thank you. She was awesome."
Lakriesha L, Triangle VA
"SHE'S AWESOME! So sweet and comforting! Her voice is so soothing! And, she's accurate! I love Laurie Marie. She is my go to all the time! The absolute best on this site! I've read with a few! No one comes close!"
Linda O, Brooklyn NY
"Her readings always resonate with me. I love how she is straight forward and honest with her advice."
Anonymous, Caddo, OK
"hell I enjoyed my reading with Laura Marie and will call again."
Phyllis W, brookefield CT
"Hello Laura ...Sorry so late to leave a testimonial however the small reading Laura was spot on!! I hope I can catch Laura again soon "
A A, cathedral city CA
"Excellent reading. "
G D, Hemet CA
"She is great !"
Jamon H, center point AL
"As always, a wonderful and enlightening reading. My heartfelt thanks to you, Laura Marie, and blessings to you and your loved ones. 😇💙"
S A, Swampscott MA
"Tuned in well; gave great detail without my prompting. Appreciate the insights"
I K, hatfield PA
"Amazing as always. She gets to the issue without even asking… she’s given me so many insights and self development tools that I cannot thank her enough!!!"
K R, shelby MI
"I did not tell her anything about me I didn't say too much of anything the first thing she said what she felt like I was going to be moving as she predict a lot of other things that I was thinking about or had in mind or have been doing I don't know but I will see in the future if her predictions all right but one thing I can say is I am moving next month and she predict it that was the first thing she said I feel like a lot of things she said hit it on the head like I said she's predicting the future but if I would rate her right now with all the stuff she said I will rate her five stars."
Kevin W, Pleasanton CA
"ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT THIS WOMAN IS AWESOME! She gives great words of wisdom! Tunes in with your energy! Super accurate! Talking to her is like talking to one of your cool aunts! You'll feel so comfortable talking to her! She's a true psychic indeed! You don't have to say much! Just mention a name and she takes it from there! She's a must call! Call Laurie Marie NOW! Love you Laura Marie. Thank you for all of your help and wonderful energy:-)"
Linda O, Brooklyn NY
"I have been speaking with Laura Marie for 5 years. She is always spot on!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"She was a great psychic "
iesha M, Miami FL
"I had a very short reading with Laura and just in that short amount of time, she was able to tell me what I needed to know. I felt alot better after speaking with her and she definitely knew right away the situation. She is legit and I definitely recommend her."
N R, San Antonio TX
"My reading with Laura was Awesome!!! Pleasant, Calm, and Very Detailed. Thanks Laura😃💛"
Cassandra G, decatur GA
"She was amazing! She tapped in quickly and gave great suggestions on how to handle the situation!"
J T, brooklyn NY
"Laura Marie is my go to psychic. I have been speaking to her since 2016. She gives immediate and accurate answers!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Laura was excellent and I will be back to see her again! She gave me some good insight and was very compassionate! "
Anonymous, carson, CA
"Wow! I really needed her for motivation and she gave it to me.

Laura is very fast and picks up details.

She used her insight and was able to give me direction at the same time. She saw a lot of good things to come for my career and abundance coming my way soon. I am very motivated to start planning now."
T H, bronx NY
"Always a great pleasure speaking with Laura "
Octavia M, Maywood IL
"Very good will call her again. "
Carrie A, Longbeach CA
"Amazing psychic. Very accurate always! I love the way she delivers information. So gentle yet very clearly stating the facts. I love her reading and keep coming back! Thank you for sharing your talent 🙏💖"
K R, shelby MI
"Gifted for sure! I enjoyed our conversation and the ease at which I could ask ...anything! Too bad I ran out of funds....

Overall she was quick, accurate, conversational , good listener and friendly I highly recommend her "
Anonymous, Naples, FL
"She was on it thing she said was true and she give u great word of encouragement I’ll tell anybody to try her"
J H, center point AL
Anonymous, Toledo , OH
"Always value your insight. Thank you."
S A, Swampscott MA
"Thank you again, Laura Marie, for a wonderful reading."
S A, Swampscott MA
"Everything she said is true about my poi. Very nice and compassionate lady. Thank you for the clarity and hope in my situation."
M B, Las vegas NV
"Sorry, got cut off, ran out of funds but she described my POI very accurately. Liked her energy & covered a lot of ground within a short time. I would recommend her cause she confirmed what I had been suspected without me even telling her. She said things that just could not be made up. I will call again & recommend. Thank you:)"
Anonymous, Triangle, VA
"Fabulous! Amazing insight and gives you all of the info that you need quickly and concisely!! She I wonderful and the real deal!!"
Kim M, Livingston NJ
"Thank you for another great reading Laura Marie! I always appreciate your guidance, accuracy & confirmations. I will be reaching out again in the future as need!"
M C, Baton Rouge LA
"I have had readings with Laura Marie since 2016. She is my go to person for timely accurate information. Her talent is so great that she can tune into any situation just by asking. Thank You Laura Marie!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Laura Marie was FABULOUS! Very calming, truly connected. It felt like I have known her forever!! A definite must call!"
Kim M, Livingston NJ
"Laura Marie was wonderful. She picked up on my energy right away. "
A K, san ramon CA
"Thank you 4 the additional reading it was very helpful"
Roberta W, dayton OH
"She was great love that she didn’t use tools "
Anonymous, Cliffwood , NJ
"Very good reading. Lots of details! "
Barbara T, Montgomery AL
"Hello, Laura Marie did a fantastic reading on the questions I asked, and Yes I believe her answers were correct, I did connect!"
Clarice H, goodman MS
"She was great and real and she made me fell like iam not doing anything Wrong I n thinking people is happy and iam walking around depressed and up and down but my heart is gud toward the wrong people "
Jamon H, center point AL
"Honest Encouraging"
Duke F, gotham city NY
"Amazing Reading!!! Thank you for a wonderful reading Laura Marie. You've cleared up so many uncertainties I had lingering & now everything is clear! Thank you & I look forward to Another reading in the future. "
M C, Baton Rouge LA
"I enjoyed my introductory reading & will do a full reading with her. Thank you"
Anonymous, Baton Rouge, LA
"I’ll call again "
Luis L, Little Rock AR
"I wish I had more time. 20mins goes so fast. Laura Maria was really great! Thank you"
Loredana M, Weirton WV
"Wonderful guidance "
Melissa W, Charlestown IN
"I was blown away by how quickly Laura Marie was able to tap into my situation and provide such in depth insight and as a result guidance. I will certainly return from another reading! "
Anonymous, yonkers, NY
"I specifically asked for a psychic that did not use tools. True psychic ability is something you have or you don’t. Laura Marie was amazing. As a psychic myself, I was blocked on one aspect of my life. She used words I actually did while trying to overcome my concern. It’s like she could read my mind! She gave my things to try to make my concern work out just the way I thought it would. Her confirmation and advice on how to handle it, brought about a positive change in a matter of hours. I absolutely loved her spirit. I will talk to her again."
W K, Cocoa Beach FL
"Very good!"
Anonymous, Nashville, TN
"Ty again you are very remarkable, will keep in touch.❤️"
Lynn G, Frisco TX
"Thank You wonderful "
Anonymous, Washington , DC
"I want to thank you Laura for all the honesty, your insight, and praying. All turn out the way you Predicted it would."
Anonymous, Delta, OH
"Thank you very much Laura for the insight you Provided me with I am sure we will speak again "
Anonymous, Delta, OH
"Laura was remarkable, she was so easy to talk to and so informative, I couldn’t be more happy with her in-depth reading, looking forward to having another session with her in the future. Ty"
Lynn G, Frisco TX
"Laura Marie is best psychic reader you will find via phone. She is able to instantly connect to people's energy and tell you exactly what's on their mind. The clarity is worth every penny."
Anonymous, Fort Collins, CO
"great reading"
Debra J, raleigh NC
"Laura Marie was a super connected reader right from the first sentence to the very last (sorry we got disconnected). She definitely moved me with her accurate descriptions of 'events' past and future. She gave calm reassurances of my own intuition and for that insight alone I am grateful. Thank you :)."
R L, Hermosa Beach CA
"Amazing amazing always!!"
S S, Fort Collins CO
"Laura Marie is always frank. I have been consulting with her for over 3 years now. She possesses a great psychic gift. I thank her for her gift!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Was overall a good reading. A lot of things added up to my current situation. Very patient and understanding. "
Anonymous, Clifton, NJ
"One word, wow! You are so detailed fast and accurate!! Thank you for clarifying all this confusion!! Wish I had more money to talk to you more than 10 min but you are definitely worth my money!! Thank you again, be calling you soon!!"
Veronica R, Laverne CO
"5 star"
Lisa B, East Pomona CA
"Amazing psychic! She is so intuitive and on point! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to read with Laura Marie!"
K R, shelby MI
"It was my first reading with Laura Marie, I didn’t know what to expect... but she was so accurate and insightful that I am her fan for life now!

Thank you very much! I cannot wait to call you again!

K R, shelby MI
"I have been speaking with Laura Marie for over 3 years now. I have the most faith in her out of anyone! She is my go to psychic. I call her a few times a year. "
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"As always, wonderful reading. Thank you so much. "
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura was amazing! She was spot on as if she knew the situation before hand. Laura is also very keen and has impeccable attention to detail. She’s the real deal!"
T M, Ossining NY
"She is amazing!!!! I can’t say enough... she is just naturally gifted! I return to her time after time. I would recommend to anyone! Very accurate positive and uplifting spirit ?????? Xoxo kat "
Anonymous, shelby, MI
"Laura Marie is very honest! She is my go to psychic. I have phoned her for the past 3 years. "
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Laura Marie shared so much wisdom in one reading. She pinned down the nature of my relationship in the first 2 minutes and even used the same words that have been going around my head! She went beyond just the surface details of what happened/will happen - though she covered those well too. She got to the heart of the both the problems and the positive about what is going on. Again the word that comes to mind is Wisdom. Plus she's a very good psychic. I can't wait to talk to you again Laura Marie!"
Anonymous, nashua, NH
"Was a nice reading. Always. She is a wise woman indeed."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Always a great reading. And she is really discerning about past lives. She can tell you the issue at hand that correlate with your lessons and feelings which can drag from past lives as an emotion that needs to be cleared and fixed in this life. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
" Laura Marie was great thank you"
Aubrey K, Dayton PA
"Extremely please with the amount of detail and explanation she was able to provide. I appreciate her insight. I didnt get to ask her everything I wanted but what little I did, I was very pleased with! "
Anonymous, North Wilkesboro, NC
"She hit everything on the head I enjoyed my reading with her"
Carolyn T, sibley LA
"It was great she had great insights"
Brandy J, Murfreesboro TN
"I have been speaking with Laura Marie almost 3 years. I have total faith in what she tells me. She is my go to psychic! Thanks Laura Marie"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Always a wonderful reading. Thanks!"
S A, Lynn MA
"She was excellence reader."
Christine K, Fairfax VA
"It was a great reading!"
Christine K, Fairfax VA
"Laura Marie is the real deal! I have called her numerous times for over 2 years now and she always gives me accurate counsel. Thank You Laura Marie. So glad I have you to call for confirmation."
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Just plain awesome, next level reading. An out of this world, great counselor. Knows the soul's purpose."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Fantastic reading. Out of this world. She really knows about your soul purpose and karmic relationship problems and how to resolve them. She managed to illuminate my situation from the deep root of the problem. BTW, I found the book you told me to read now in a digital form online. Many Blessings!"
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Laura Marie helped prepare me for what's to come. I'm thankful for that keep up the good work. "
A R, San Leandro CA
"Laura Marie was great she answered all of my questions."
Aubrey K, Dayton PA
"I enjoyed her reading and will talk with her again next time."
Nancy Red Hong T, Frisco TX
"I'll be calling her again!"
A R, San Leandro CA
"Laura Marie is the real deal. She tells you the truth. She did a wonderful job! Thank You!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Always knows!"
S A, Lynn MA
"Wonderful reading as always. Thank you."
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura Marie has a really good grasp of what is on a person's mind when they call. Although she did not know the exact reason for my call until I told her, before I did so she was able to get a perfect energy read of what was going on in my mind and what was happening in my relationship with my loved one."
L V, New Port Richey FL
"Laura Marie is a wonderful human being. I won't listen to any other spiritualist, but her. I have been to other readers and no one in my experience is as detailed and straight forward as she is. Thank you, Laura Marie I really value your input and advice. "
Kimberly G, Los Alamos NM
"Thank you Laura Marie for the clarification about the party being called about."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"She was amazing at connecting and understanding my situation. Will be calling her again!"
Anonymous, Glendale, CA
"Excellent reading. Laura Marie is very detailed and clear.

Thank you!!!!"
Georgia M, Whiteplains NY
"God Bless Laura Marie! She is my go-to person when I need clarification. Her reading was right on target. I am most grateful! Thank You!!!"
Denise F, Margaretville NY
"Laura Marie was excellent!!!"
Malachi A, Pennsacken NJ
"She was a great reader!"
Christine K, Fairfax VA
"Thank you! Spot on and insightful."
Anonymous, havana, FL
"I felt your reading was very informative and specific. I will contact you again. You spent the time well and answered my questions accurately. Thank you!"
Heather M, Fort Collins CO
"The best! Thank you."
S A, Lynn MA
"Thank you as always!"
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura Marie was spectacular!!! Will definitely call her again. She didn't waste time - nice and direct with what was going on and gave me encouragement with my direction. Absolutely awesome!"
J G, Ketchum ID
"Excellent reading. Very straightforward and to the point. She gave me better understanding and great insight into my situation. Definitely will be calling again!"
Anonymous, Jacksonville, FL
"Laura Marie is an amazing reader! Her gift is penetrating and very detailed. She gave me directions that I would have not been able to guess on my own. I feel blessed to have found her precious support. Most appreciative!"
Anonymous, kailua, HI
"Thank You!"
S A, Lynn MA
"Awesome! You don't have to say much! Just give her a name and she elaborates! She's on point with everything she says! She really does tune in! I honestly believe out of the many psychics that I've read with all throughout many sites, Laura Marie truly does have a gift! Try her! Trust me, YOU WON'T REGRET IT! The woman is awesome!"
Linda O, Brooklyn NY
"My husband and I are currently separated but working on our marriage. During this reading with Laura Marie, she said to me that my husband was really working on it but not showing me any signs so I was frustrated. She was right with that.

My husband was here tonight and we were talking and out of the clear blue came Laura Marie’s exact words!

Needless to say, she is awesome and she has been so spot on so far with what will happen and what to expect. She is the best. "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"Laura was awesome!! She was very direct and very sure. I love the consistency through out the conversation. She didn't ask a lot of questions but was able to give accurate answers. I'll definitely be speaking with her again in the future."
L S, Toledo OH
"Thankful for you. :)"
S A, Lynn MA
S A, Lynn MA
"You're the best! Thank you."
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura Marie was great. Definitely hit some things dead on. I was a little confused as to the time frame, because when we started she said he was ready right now then switched later to end of March/ early April. Although, I do understand how hard it is to pinpoint those things."
A S, alpharetta GA
"She is amazing!!! Please thank her for me!!!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Laura Marie was so helpful and her reading was spot on. Thank you so much!"
Anonymous, Bronx, NY
"It was right on point. She knew my current situation to the tee without any information but my name."
Y B, Brooklyn NY
"Laura Marie is a lovely compassionate psychic. She is encouraging and open. I have read with her a lot.

-Beverly R."
Beverly Hufford R, Charlotte NC
"She was right on point with everything. Her cards were right on target.

I normally read with another one of your psychics and Laura Marie confirmed everything.

So far everything has been right on target. I know what to expect.

Thanks "
Suzanne S, coral springs FL
"This was my 2nd reading with Laura Marie and it was great. She is very easy to talk with, give you great feedback and provided me with some answers I've been waiting for. I highly recommend her."
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"She is very insightful and detail oriented and has always been able to help me to get things in perspective. I highly recommend her!"
Vladimir J, brooklyn NY
"Laura Marie is gregarious and exudes because of her confidence and air of authenticity. I love her and some of the most amazing things in my life have come to fruition from her predictions. You are only hit by lightning rarely and I am sure you are never the same. She is a beautiful soul and uses her gift to help people. What more can I say? 100% accuracy! 100% of the time impossible but she is at least 95%. Love her. Thank you Laura Marie."
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"She’s awesome!! She tells you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!! She doesn’t sugarcoat like other psychics and I respect her for that."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Laura Marie is so gifted. I've had many readings with her. I feel that when I talk to her she really listens, and gives honest and practical guidance. She picks up on my energy really well. I'm so blessed to have found her along my path to help through some really tough times. She makes me realize I do have the ability to succeed in all parts of my life. I can now start to get through the crummy parts of life in a more calm and peaceful way. "
Andrea P, Beaumont CA
"I've had a few readings with Laura Marie now and I really enjoy them. Not only is she incredibly accurate, but her delivery is so graceful and she seamlessly jumps from point to point. Will definitely call her back and hope her predictions come to pass. Thank you again!!"
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA
"Laura Marie is a pure pleasure to have a reading with. She is very honest and sincere, is very down to earth and doesn't need to add 'fluff' to information she shares with you. This was my 2nd reading with her and I found her to be right on target. I highly recommend her!"
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"Thank you! Laura Marie was great!!!"
Aubrey K, Dayton PA
" I really enjoyed my reading with u.. Thanks so much!"
Shakeva N, Chicago IL
"She is amazing...i will definitely be calling her back"
Sharon J, Mcdonough GA
"Hi! My reading with her was great! She told me a few things that nobody knew and we'll see what happens in the near future."
Mariana C, Long Beach CA
"She was pretty accurate and detailed. I appreciate her honesty."
Kim E, Allentown PA
"Laura, was so warm friendly and accurate. I trusted that she is the real deal and one of the best I've read with. "
S S, Fort Collins CO
"She was right on the money and really helped me figure out how I will go through life in general."
Brandy J, Murfreesboro TN
"Laura Marie immediately jumped right into my reading, which I loved. She was very direct and gave me many opportunities to ask questions. I really didn't have many questions because she was so spot on with everything. I feel much relieved and I have a better understanding of where I am and what's to come...

Thank you for an awesome session! "
Ashia S, Savannah GA
"She was straight to the point on everything and accurate. Was really helpful."
Izabeyah S, Wichita KS
"Laura Marie is an amazingly gifted psychic. She was spot on in my reading, very accurate and right to the point. Highly recommended. Can't wait for another session with her!"
Nancy B, Ocoee FL
"I want to thank Laura Maire for the answer she gave me tonight!"
Catina E, Houston TX
"My reading with Laura Marie was excellent! She is always able to realistically answer my many questions so that I can make sense of each situation. Thank You Laura Marie and I always look forward to a reading when I need some clarity."
Denise F, mahwah NJ
"Detailed information. "
B T, Montgomery AL
"One of the best. She gives insights and she talks the whole time which I sugar coating. I expect her to agree on some issue but she did not."
Anonymous, JERSEY CITY, NJ
"All I can say is THANK YOU! To the truth! Direct! You restored my hope in my relationship! You eased my pain that I have been going through. Feeling positive now and looking forward to this next season of my life! Looking forward to my future. I can't wait to speak to you again! XOXO"
"So sorry I got cut off early, but I will be calling back! Laura Marie is so wonderful. I could talk with her for hours. Spent well beyond my budget for this!!! She's so accurate, encouraging, and loving and I'm grateful to have connected with her. I will certainly be connecting with her again. I've talked to many psychics and she's definitely one of the best."
Jenna G, Los Angeles CA
"Laura Marie was exellent! I was more than comfortable with her and her reading was very accurate. I will definitely will be calling back. Thank for you for the help. I needed it. I would definitely recommend her to others. "
F M, New Rochelle NY
"She is great! Last time, I spoke with her, she predicted exactly the way the prior past two months would go. I am hoping that she is exactly right on about/with her predictions this time. She is pretty awesome! "
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"Laurie Marie was so hands-on with her reading ...makes one really want to pay attention....I love her!"
Marjorie G, Hayward CA
"Laura Marie was excellent. She gave me clarity on my love life, as well as pointers on myself in areas in need of change. She was very straight forward and had a sense of calmness that put me at ease."
Nakeia J, Euclid OH
"Laura Marie is very talented and is spot on with her readings. "
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Many thanks to you Laura. <3"
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura Marie was wonderful to read with. She has a special ability and she shines above the rest. I'm looking forward to calling her back and getting more insight into this relationship. "
Anonymous, San Jose, CA
"I gained understanding. "
Kimberly K, webster TX
"Sorry! The minutes expired as you were finishing up. However, I think I got the message now. You are so insightful and talented. God bless as you continue you on guiding others. Will definitely be in touch with you as my journey continues to unfold."
S C, Sugar Land TX
"Hello Laura Marie!

This is my 4th time having a reading with you. I keep coming back because I believe you give me an honest reading. Thank you and I am always sorry to cut you off because of the amount of money that I can afford right now. Blessings, Light and Love.


Denise F, mahwah NJ
"As always, thank you for your ability to see, feel, untangle and comprehend the complexities of my situation, and then convey information regarding the messages I seek from the Divine with compassion and serenity. Blessings, Laura Marie :)"
S A, Lynn MA
"Laura is so sweet and gentle. She sounds like she knows what she's talking about and she gave me very detailed information. Our chat ended earlier than I would've liked but I plan on calling her back, especially when the details start falling into place. "
N E, Woodbridge VA
"She was REAL fast. She flowed through the reading VERY smoothly (one of the best readings I ever had!). I had A LOT of readings from various psychics, I cant even count. She seemed accurate and matched up with what the other psychics said. Even though she was fast, she stopped and listened to you if you had anything to say (unlike the other psychics who rambles and try to over talk you). She was very polite, very serene, and very smooth. Very positive reading, she seemed accurate and her timeline seemed accurate to what was going on in my life. She didn't waste any time, unlike others who would pause or stutter. My time ran out, but I will come back. I recommend her!"
Annie K, Tucson AZ
"My phone was muffled, so it was hard for her to understand me. I felt she did a great job of connecting and was accurate in what she knew. I will definitely get another reading with her! Thank you Laura Marie!"
Anonymous, Rhinelander, WI
"Thank you so much! You are amazing. You really are talented. Your reading was life -changing and enlightening!

Anonymous, Menlo Park, CA
"Wonderful reading as always. Thanks!"
S A, Lynn MA
"5 stars....kind and informative"
M D, Warwick RI
"Very Sweet...detailed and accurate. "
M H, Coconut Creek FL
"She is absolutely wonderful! I truly believe that she is one of the most gifted people I've ever spoken to. I've never heard someone so insightful and well rounded in every area as an advisor & as a guide as a woman. I truly believe that she is placed here to help others. God bless you Laura Marie! I will be talking to you again soon."
"Laura Marie is very intuitive. I've called her on a few occasions, nothing has happened yet but as she told me, it may take awhile. Very good reader."
Anonymous, New Port Richey, FL
"I gave her the name of a man, nothing else; and from there she took over. I was silent most of the time. I was expecting to hear her tell me that there is no future with this person and to move on. But that is not what she said in any form. She gave me some dates, timeframes, told me what he is thinking of me, told me he knows what I'm feeling. Said some things that I never told anyone. I will see how this plays out. I must say I'm still a little shocked by what she told me, and I still don't know how it could be possible. Laura is a lovely, extremely calm and has gentle and kind presence. She's gifted."
Anonymous, White Rock, NM
"Great reading! She was so on point with so many areas of my life. I asked a few specific questions and she gave me a general reading. Very good information. I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks."
Anonymous, Kalamazoo, MI
"Thank you for another beautiful reading!"
Anonymous, Jersey City, NJ
"Laura Marie is very understanding and calming, answered all of my questions and gave me very good advice."
Anonymous, New Port Richey, FL
"She gave me a lot of details in my reading about someone. I have more clarity on the situation. Thank you, Laura Marie for the excellent reading. "
Anonymous, Herndon, VA
"Loved the reading! Connected immediately and very empathic! "
Toshanika K, fayetteville NC
"Laura Marie is awesome! I got cut off from my reading because had to go back to work but I want to call back and speak to her more when I have more time. She was accurate and on point!"
Courtney b W, orlando FL
"My guy and I broke up a week and half ago and I consulted w/ Laura Marie to see if it was final. She captured the situation accurately and even helped me make sense of things. She saw that he would contact me this week and make plans for next weekend. Well, I am here to report that Laura Marie's contact prediction passed! He texted me today :)

She also saw that in June, I will be doing something nice for him - some sort of dinner setting. I didn't confirm this during our call but I have indeed booked a magic show w/ dinner-like settings for his birthday, in June. I had booked these tickets in the beginning of April!

So yeah, I'll be a returning client :)"
Anonymous, Jersey City, NJ
"Laura, I enjoyed my reading with you tonight. You are such and caring person and hope everything you said, does happen. I will keep in touch and let tou know how it goes."
Anonymous, Wynnewood, OK
"Wow..she was so spot on I stopped and asked her how she knew that about me!

Great insight into my relationship and super advice though patience is a virtue!!!

Just a sweetheart. Warm and caring and totally genuine!

Thanks so much for all the hope you have given me!"
Anonymous, Greenwich, CT
"Laura Marie was wonderful! She was very in tune with my situation. She brought so much clarity to questions that have really been plaguing me and no other psychic helped me to really understand the way she has. She explained things just the way I needed to hear it and delivered to me how truly she understands what's going on. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to talk to her. Thank you Laura Marie! Blessings to you! She's amazing kind, caring and empathetic. I can't say enough good things about this experience. "
Julie A, rome GA
"This was my third reading with Laura Marie. I think she is terrific! She is quick and hones in on your questions instantly and she is honest! I will call her again!"
D F, mahwah NJ
"Laura Marie is fantastic. She was accurate about everything. Laura Marie was warm and pleasant. I highly recommend her. She is FABULOUS."
A S, Capital Heights MD
"She was accurate in things before I even asked her! Loved the reading. Thanks!!!"
Ailyn A, north bergen NJ
"Laurie Marie's insight is 100%. Her details and explanations are very clear and on point. I only read with Laura Marie... will call again."
Sarina S, Edmonton,Alberta, Canada T6H5Y6 AE
"I always feel happy and empowered after a reading with Laura Marie. "
Anonymous, w yarmouth, MA
"Very intuitive and quick connection. Thank you again, very much appreciative!"
Anonymous, ogden, UT
"On point!"
A L, Austin TX
"Laura Marie gave a great advice and she's a very kind person. "
Anonymous, shakopee, MN
"Laura Marie was exceptional! She was able to connect with me instantly and was right on target in answering my questions and providing additional information that no one else could have known. I will definitely be returning for more readings with her. There is much more to discuss."
Kathleen R, Owasso OK
"Laura Marie is so honest, real and kind. She is the greatest. She reads only what you ask. She is by far my favorite reader and I always know she will tell me the truth, not what I want to hear. I will continue to call her."
Vicky B, Durham NC
"Thank you - Laura was kind, firm and gave plenty of food for thought on my situation. Thank you for everything"
Anonymous, Niles, OH
"Very detailed and accurate. Thank you."
Marianne S, ramona CA
"detailed and accurate... fab"
Anonymous, miami, FL
"Excellent! I felt very connected with Laura Marie and the things she predicted have happened! Thank you, dear!"
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Thank you so much, Laura, for your time. You were kind and honest and very insightful for me. Pretty much nailed everything I was thinking and answered some questions I hadn't even really had on my mind. Thank you for your time. I am very grateful."
G P, Weehawken NJ
"Thank you so much for your words today. I took them to heart. "
Anonymous, fayetteville, NC
"Hello! Laura Marie was great! I will call her back. She is very accurate and on point. Give her a call and you will not go wrong."
Anonymous, raleigh, NC
"Love her readings. She picked up on my situation quick and she was very accurate."
A T, Henderson NC
"Laura Marie was very insightful! I absolutely enjoyed my reading and I will be calling back for future readings!"
Veronica W, Atlanta GA
"Laura Marie was right on point. She quickly answered my questions and she spoke about some things that I hadn't even told her about. I really enjoyed reading with her. I will call again. I will still have to wait and see if her predictions come true. "
A N, Raleigh NC
"Laura Marie has a wonderful gift into seeing into the heart of the matter. She's compassionate and nonjudgmental, too. Highly recommended!"
Anonymous, Rincon, GA
"Excellent! She was clear and answered my questions easily. I will continue to use her."
Vicky B, Durham NC
"I had her before and was just as pleased this time. She was easy to understand and sensitive to my questions. I will call her again."
Vicky B, Durham NC
"To Laura Marie: Thank you !!!! I believe you !!! I'll call you again"
M F, N Hills CA
"She was intuitive and recognized things about me. She was friendly and polite. She could sense my personality in a way that others couldn't. "
Anonymous, Aurora, IL
"We connected very well. I could tell she was intuitive and specific. She wasn't making broad generalizations. She really got my personality in a way that a lot of people don't. She was polite and professional. I would recommend her to others. "
Anonymous, Aurora, IL
"Enjoyed my reading! Million stars and happy faces!!! HIGHLY recommend! "
Anonymous, El Paso, TX
"My reading with Laura Marie was so right on! She was on the nose with everything she shared about my new beginning with my husband. My career forecast was very realistic for's what I make it. She confirmed so much for me. Her phone presence was very comfortable! Thanks Laura for such a positive outlook!"
Johnnie B, Shawnee KS
"Laura set my mind at ease in many ways and I am very thankful for the information that she shared. The insight into my situation and the people involved was very enlightening and I look forward to seeing some of the changes that she told me to expect. While we didn't get to finish our call, I was 100% satisfied with my reading, and will contact her again sometime in the future."
Sophia A, Alpharetta GA
"i felt somewhat better when i hung up she gave me some tops to move on she gave me alot of assurance that sean is around me i even went over the 20mis i really cant afford but it bought me some peace hope i can call agaiin"
Annette L, Long Beach NY
"This is my second reading with Laura Marie and I give her a 5 star rating. I will call again! She is accurate and understands a quick response."
Denise F, mahwah NJ
"Thank you for everything you conveyed me in our conversation. May karma be kind to me and my faith not waver. Blessings, Laura Marie!"
S A, Lynn MA
"As always, a wonderful reading. Thank you for your gifts, Laura Marie."
S A, Lynn MA
"What an amazing detailed and insightful. Thank you Laura Marie for helping me get some clarity about my relationship. I'll definitely be calling back. "
Vicki K, Sacramento CA
"she was spot on and even offered a solution to my issue. "
V J, brooklyn NY
"I stand surprised and amazed by my reading. I definitely received more than I expected and was speechless because of it. Thank you for the clarity !"
J L, Brooklyn NY
"Amazing as always. Laura provides a very detailed reading, delivered with compassion. Give her a try Thank you Laura Marie. "
S A, Lynn MA
"She was awesome!!! She gave me a general reading which was very helpful to see my future was great and that I had nothing to worry about. I will definitely call her back to give her updates. "
D W, Columbus GA
"I had a reading with Laura Marie and she answered my questions quickly and efficiently. She was great!

Thank You and I will definitely call again."
D F, mahwah NJ
"Laura Marie was very thorough and detailed. She addressed some issues that I have personally without me even asking. When I was finished with the reading I felt so clear headed and knew exactly how to move forward. I would recommend her highly!"
Emelie B, Fort Collins CO
"Thank you for the reading. Will take your advice, and keep doing what you told me."
Anonymous, Arcadia, CA
"Your honesty is what I appreciate most when I talk with you. You are very quick to pick up on situations and I like the fact that you can go in farther to really seek answers to a particular situation. I also appreciate your are always on when I need you. Thank you for your help. "
Karie H, Roseville CA
"Thank you Laura Marie for giving me great guidance. You are kind, sweet, intelligent and great for guidance. I feel much better having closure on my past actions and now I look forward to a bright future with many new experiences including with men. Thank you for giving me good guidance. You are the best. I hope all good things for you also.

Best wishes and you are in my prayers!

Elizabeth M, Norristown PA
"Thank you for your reading. I appreciate your explanations and admired you for being direct and honest. I will be contacting you in the future for sure! Again, thank you so much. "
Karie H, Roseville CA
"Laura Marie gave me a terrific reading. She was very insightful, presented her information in a clear concise format, and allowed me enough time to ask follow up questions. I'll definitely ask for Laura Marie again! Thanks."
Diane L, Del Ray Beach FL
"Very good reading!"
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"She is absolutely gifted and fantastic! She gave me so much specific information on my be and me it was shocking! "
Grace A, Glendale CA
"This lady is excellent!! Very plain to understand and she is very fast she does not waste any time as she does not have to use any tools at all. I would recommend a reading with her I sure you will be as pleased as I was."
Anonymous, Bardstown, KY
"I feel blessed to have discovered this woman. Her ability to key in to my energy and provide insight regarding my inquiry is phenomenal. She is compassionate, yet honest and direct in her responses. She can tune into the energies and actions of individuals you are seeking information about, allowing you to understand why they do what they do. She is wonderful!"
S A, Lynn MA
"Excellent reading from Laura! Very in tune with the energy and the overall situation. It was nice to have someone to talk to and lift my spirits a bit, bringing me to a new, wiser level of understanding. I will use some of the advice you gave me when she does come back around. You are definitely someone I would call back for advice in the future when I have the money and am needing advice. I have talked to multiple phone psychics before, although you are the first/only one on this line. You are definitely the best I have talked to in a very long time! I'm glad I chose a call with you. I knew by your profile you would be the best on here. :) Thanks Laura! "
Anonymous, North Ridgeville, OH
"Laura Marie provided me the information I was seeking, it was in a round about way and was difficult. But her answers made sense to me!! Thank you"
Andrea E, ironwood MI
"Hello, I really appreciate your reading. you are the first psychic who was straight forward with me. I will recommend you to my friends. thank you for the clarifications"
Francis A, capitol heights MD
"She was very nice and had a lot of detailed information! She knew the man in question and how he acts! She was spot on! Looking forward to her predictions coming to pass! I would definitely contact her again! :)"
D K, West Bend, WI. WI
"Laura Marie was awesome! She provided clear guidance and answered all my questions patiently. I would definitely return for another reading session with her."
Anonymous, concord, CA
"Laura Marie knew much detail about a person's intentions and reasoning behind them. Very talented and would definitely do a follow-up call to hear more."
Korrie L, Tustin CA
"My reading was EXCELLENT! She definitely picked up things that had happened and what I currently felt was happening in my life especially my love life. I am very impressed and happy with my reading. It gave me faith and confirmation I was going on the right direction. Thank you so much!"
Genita S, Cleveland OH
"I give Laura Marie a 5-star. Thank you Laura Marie for a reading that gave me some insights on what to improve on in myself. It was very helpful."
Anonymous, Renton, WA
"Laura Marie gave me a great reading! She made me feel a lot better about my situation and was pretty bang on with a few things. Not only did she verify my exact situation but she also gave me really good advice and guidance. I have already recommended her to a friend of mine and I would definitely call her again! Thanks Laura Marie."
Anonymous, mississauga, On Canada L5L3K9, CA
"My answers to my business plans and timing were

accurate and will utilize her advice and suggestions.

I will update next month when activities proceed.

Bennett Y, Maple Valley WA
"I really enjoyed my reading very clear and insightful. Thank you so much for the clarification!"
Aesha H, Smyma DE
"Kind of sad I couldn't finish my reading but was really good! Very insightful "
Stephanie L, Cache Bay, Ontario CA
"Speaking with Laura Marie was an amazing experience. She was warm, and compassionate regarding the situation I was inquiring about and was very thorough in providing me with the information I was seeking. I will most definitely seek her services again. Thank you Laura Marie."
S A, Lynn MA
"You were amazing! It is my first time calling you and I enjoyed the experience. I'll be giving you a call again!"
Aesha H, Smyma DE
"Hi Laurie Marie, my reading went very well with you. Thank you, Doris "
Doris A, Cheport NJ
"Thank You, Laura

5 Stars "
Serina Y, Bowie MD
"She got straight to the point! Thank you, Laura Marie."
Anonymous, Mattapan, MA
"She's more than accurate. Very honest. I love her reading!"
Jacqueline S, ORLANDO FL
"Very knowledgeable and helpful, very sweet."
A V, Reno NV
"She was great! Very spot on about how everyone felt at this time and situation. She even said things we both have said to each other and even knew about my pregnancies in the past that I said nothing about. Will definitely call her again!!!"
Ekaterini K, Woodmere NY
"Wonderfully on point and gracious! I look forward to speaking with her again."
Anonymous, houston, TX
"Readings with Laura Marie are always gratifying. She is an excellent source. Her sensitivity and understanding is most welcomed. I highly recommend her!"
Mary L, Rockville MD
"She is obviously real!She was struck by lightening and I believe she is the real thing."
Margaret Kelly B, pinhurst NC
"I had the most amazing reading with Laura Marie. She was spot on about this person I asked her about. What she said about him is the truth and about me. She was so detailed about everything and had some promising dates,so we will see about the dates but everything else was dead on! I thank you so much for clearing up a lot of things that I was confused about she was so great and amazing and right. Thanks again! Everyone should give her a try she will not let you down at all ."
L S, Milwaukee WI
"She is so good. All she needed was the names and she was just blunt about the situation I was going through. I'm going to book the 20 min reading. Thank you Laura!"
Anonymous, San Diego, CA
"Laura Marie was wonderful! Thank you so much for your help!"
Rebekah K, Charleston SC
"Laura Marie is wonderful! She's wise and insightful! I am very impressed with the details and advice. Thank you.

Katherine Q, BEVERLY MA
"Laura Marie was incredible in her reading. Sweet and kind. Thank you Laura Marie!!!"
Anonymous, Thousand Oaks, CA
"Great reading !"
Brandy P, Tad WV
"Laura, was very honest and spot on. I will definitely be talking to her soon. "
Michelle R, Dana Point CA
"Laura Marie was very upbeat and extremely thorough. She gave clear timelines for when to expect things. I enjoyed this reading very much!"
S D, Morris MN
"Laura Marie was great! Connected fast and gave me a lot of information."
M J, Carteret NJ
"The reading was genuinely trustworthy! I have had readings with her before and she has always come across as honest and dedicated to answering my questions as best she can. I have confidence in her."
Mary L, Rockville MD
"I had a wonderful reading ,it felt accurate ,time will tell.Laura Marie tuned in to what is going on in my life. Thank You"
T A, Bellingham WA
"Laura was very spot-on with her reading. Just like her bio reads, she just dove right in about a particular subject I was curious about. She is very quick and to the point and covered a large base on the subject at hand. The phone connection could have been better but other than that I was satisfied with the reading. Would recommend. "
Jennifer G, Albuquerque NM
"She is a great reader. Highly recommended! she confirmed everything I was feeling about my job and a guy I was thinking about getting involved with. Not getting involved with him because she told me exactly what I was thinking about him. I will definitely call again."
L M, Emlenton PA
"My reading with Laura Marie was on point and accurate!!!! She was extremely insightful!!!!"
Anonymous, Lithonia, GA
"Thank you Laura,. your reading was amazing! everything you said was accurate."
Cherlyn P, Valley Stream NY
"Very nice reading! Thank you Laura for your kindness I will let you know how it all turns out! I will be calling her again!"
K S, Herrin IL
"Laura is awesome! She reassured my marriage will be okay and I like how she kept me very calm. Great and accurate reading!"
Mykale T, Independence MO
"Laura was very professional,personable and very informative! I got the answers that I was looking for she was very on point with what I needed to know. Thanks Laura, I may be back to visit again soon.

Bessie S, Joelton TN
"My reading went very well! I"ll give her a 5!"
Doris A, Cheport NJ
"Laura was great. She was very calm and very confident with her reading. Very accurate!"
Anonymous, Baton Rouge, LA
"She was right on with traits of people around me and was honest in the best way to approach them if I want success. She is my favorite and I count on her skills."
A E, ironwood MI
"Excellent - quick, gave great insight and advice and helped me understand some things. Didn't just through out the future, but did say "if you do this, this will happen, etc.""
Anonymous, Lillian, AL
"Laura Marie is fantastic and on point. She is calm and has a calming effect as she reads. She tells the present and the future of my relationship with my big friend.

Thanks Laura Marie! "
Anonymous, Inglewood, CA
"Where do I begin? Always a pleasure to connect with Laura Marie! She is amazing, accurate, to the point, sweet, understanding and compassionate when reading. Her honesty is refreshing and enlightening! She is one of the best readers on this site providing ethical advice and not wasting a callers time to tune in which I also believe is important as well! Stay blessed friend! (((Hugs)))"
Anonymous, Hayward, CA
"Hi Laurie Marie my reading went very well with you, Thank you Doris a."
Doris A, Cheport NJ
"Excellent and on point! Will choose her again. Thanks Laura."
Anonymous, Inglewood, CA
"I felt very surprised that she knew things that I haven't shared with anyone , she couldn't have known because I've never met the lady in the picture. I cant wait to speak to her again. I loved my reading it was 100% honest.

Thank you Laura Marie!"
Sherell L, Tampa FL
"Very much on target!"
Anonymous, Inglewood, CA
"She was so polite, sensitive,and intuitive. Thanks so much."
Lydia S, Miami FL
"She was long winded but responded to my questions. I felt like she was giving me personal advice instead of reading me. The way she described people in my life, down to their personality was amazing. She was extremely accurate.!"
Anonymous, Arverne, NY
"She is my first reading, with this company , I had questions about my love life that I couldn't a decide on but now I am coming up with a decision now , I can honestly say my money was well spent !"
C F, Decater GA
"Laura Marie is amazing my reading was truly amazing and spot on! I came away feeling positive and looking forward to my future. She is truly gifted!!!!"
Sherry B, Oviedo FL
"Just as I felt before I even had the call, the reading was completely accurate! I really and truly give thanks to the powerful insight that she provided and I look forward to talking with her again."
Marie S, Detroit MI
"She's so accurate and detailed thank you ! "
Catherine M, Whitestone NY
"Great reading... gave me a lot of information and details... everything was so accurate. .. Thank you"
Anonymous, Orange, CA
"Laura Marie is very insightful and creative. I enjoyed my reading with her very much!!"
B B, Chicago IL
"Hello my name is Pam and my reading with Laura Marie was exceptionally good. She is honest, sensitive and yet compassionate in her responses. And most importantly she didn't waste time getting right into the specifics of my questions. Very helpful, a lot to think about and yes I would get a reading with her again."
P B, Bourne MA
"When I made the call I was in a state of despair. by the end of the reading my spirits had been lifted and I felt able to cope, I found truth and strength in what she had to say, A very gifted reader."
P S, Seattle WA
"Thanks Laura the energy stands right now she was very in tune with what is going on."
Shannon E, San Diego CA
"She was accurate, kind and patient she tuned into me even with my screaming kids in the background. Amazing job!!!"
Joan P, Fall River MA
"My reading with Laura Marie was dead on! She really put my mind at ease. I will definitely call back for another reading. Thank you for your help!"
Anonymous, mount laurel, NJ
"Awesome reading. Very detailed. Laura thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I will be in touch "
D G, culver city CA
"Laura Marie's readings are incredibly insightful. Her answers to questions are comprehensive and bring clarity to the questions given her. I strongly recommend her."
Mary L, Rockville MD
"Laura Marie was so good and I will be getting a reading from her again! "
Isaiah E, Houston TX
"Used my promo gift for a short reading with Laura Marie about my love life. She was really sweet and everything she said made so much sense! I definitely have faith in what she told me and that everything will work out."
"Wow..Laura picked up on my relationship situation very quickly, and was very accurate in her description of the man in my life. I plan to call her again soon!"
Y M, san francisco CA
"I really enjoyed the was fluff. I will call again!

Anonymous, Powell River, British Columbia V8A1R7, CA
"Always a pleasure to listen to the wonderful insight of this woman. Laura Marie is amazing."
Cecilia C, lansing MI
"Great ! She really gave me insight on him and told me how he felt about me and the situation."
Azaria B, Lakeland FL
"Excellent reading. I give her a 5 star rating! "
Donna W, Livonia MI
"Great reading!!! "
Cyndy F, Topanga CA
"I loved my reading, she was very intuitive and read my situation very well. Put me at ease and cleared up situations. "
Laura L, clive IA
"Laura Marie was 100% to 200% on target with my love relationship. She knew everything that was going on right on point. I would come back . She's the best!

Mary A, Deardorn Heights MI
"Again an exceptional reading. I wish I could talk to her all day. She gets it, explains it and you feel understood and aided by a psychic who is really experienced and great at what she does. I wish I had a good friend to talk with in my life just like Laura Marie. She is the real deal! She relates to you on a real level."
Cecilia C, lansing MI
"Laura Marie is a wonderfully gifted woman. She has a profound ability to perceive situations and people. She has become my confidante and I value her insight, experience and advice deeply."
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"Laura Marie was the best psychic I have ever spoken with ever. I have spoken to many,many psychics. I just loved talking and listening to her. She knew so, so much without me going into detail. I loved every minute. You don't know how much you truly helped me. Thank you. You are the greatest!"
Cecilia C, lansing MI
"Thank you for the insight."
Tammy C, Indiana PA
"Very friendly and easy to talk to!"
Anonymous, hempstead, NY
"Laura Marie picked up on everything very accurately! She blew me away! Thanks & God Bless you! You're a very gifted lady!"
J T, Margate FL
"She pick up on my situation very well. I was shocked on the detail of things. I will be taking her advice. "
Anna Marie C, Alexandria VA
"A 5 Star with 5 being the

Top or best basis of measurement! She connected to me in such a clear and lucid way, yet conveyed that she understood how much I cherish life and want to enrich everything and everyone with any ability that I have been blessed to receive. I believe that in our give and take existence that you are only allowed to give and you must do so with integrity and genuine humility, perhaps with total anonymity.

Although our conversation was totally understood to be her feelings and was not representative of any medical professional advise, I have had the occasion of speaking to a Licensed MD in the psychology profession and she described me in almost the exact terms. This was comforting and rewarding to hear the same observable feedback. I sincerely enjoyed speaking with her and do indeed, expect to and would appreciate the opportunity to do so again on another call. "
Andrew M, memphis TN
"Laura was sincere. She answered direct questions accurately. As a RN I am practical and skeptic all with my readings. I would visit again. She is trustworthy. "
Tina W, sacramento CA
"Simply Amazing!!"
Brittany G, Freeport TX
"Laura is kind, knowledgeable and straightforward. Pretty accurate on the most part. she also very wise and understanding. I say she stands behind her reading 100%...if when I challenged her. She shut me up fast and calm me down. Showed me how to use common sense and understand my guy's emotions as well as my own. I can't wait to call her again...because I will need her guidance thru this difficult time we are going through."
J A, St Charles MO
"Laura Marie is very connected. Her energy is so soothing and her style is very "down to earth". I will call her again very soon. "
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"Thank you Laura. She is very compassionate and nice person. Nice reading~ Will call her back soon!"
Y O, Arcadia CA
"Laura was very nice and professional."
Anonymous, San Diego, CA
"Very compassionate my situation is a real ordeal but i felt relieve and i feel much better thank you ..."
Maria P, Del rio TX
"Laura Marie was a really pleasure to talk to and she was amazingly accurate. I will call her again very soon. She is a natural!"
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"She was great she described my past and present and personality, fears and struggle just by hearing my name.. She was straight to the point and accurate.. Will talk to her again."
Alexander V, Brandon FL
"Very accurate! Picked up on everything happening in my life. "
S D, Caerritos CA
"Great talking with Laura. She was very insightful and gave me a lot to think about. I hope to see things come through."
Anonymous, Irmo, SC

Positively Reasonable and Easy to connect and accept and interpret the reading!

Angie K, Caldwell TX
"Love reading with her, very accurate in what I feel is the truth at this time"
Andrea E, ironwood MI
"My reading with Laura was amazing! She knew exactly what was happening. I never felt so comfortable with a reading before. Her honesty and compassion are a true asset. You have really put my cares at ease with the direction you have mentioned. Thank you so much."
Suzanne R, Slatington PA
"I loved my reading."
Kevin M, yorktown NY
"Very accurate and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I recommend her."
Anonymous, Murfreesboro, TN
"Hello! I loved the reading I got from you earlier."
Regina B, jacksonville FL
"She is amazing! Very accurate. Best reading I've had! Thanks, Laura Marie!"
Anonymous, portsmith, VA
"Laura Marie, Thank you for your amazing reading! Everything you said confirmed that I am on the right track. Thank you again!"
P K, Parker CO
"She nailed it today! Very impressed."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Laura Marie is excellent. There is no other word to describe her. Again, excellent and kind."
Maura K, Pitsburg PA
"Ran out of time. Will definitely call back. Great reading! "
Anonymous, St Clair Shores, MI
"Laura Marie was very straight forward. She gave a very in-depth, detailed reading. I can say she provides you with clarity into your situation with outcomes that will be based on your best interest. "
Brittney M, East orange NJ
"Laura Marie is very compassionate and gifted. She has a lot of patience and seems to be extremely kind. "
Maura K, Pitsburg PA
"She was great! Thank you! Tapped right into my situation."
Anonymous, Miami, FL
"Everything was great."
Claude E, Kent CT
"Helped me see my own reading was right on."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Laura was very professional and nice."
Susan T, Surprise AZ
"Laura Marie was excellent. She helped to ease my mind about my relationship and helped me to see I am on the right path with them. I highly recommend Laura Marie as she provided me with the answers I needed. Thank you, Laura Marie. I would call her again. "
Heather G, Chesterfield VA
"Laura was great to talk to, had very clear information and picked up on exactly who I was asking about. There wasn't any way she could know the details about this person without her having a wonderful gift. Thank you."
S E, San Diego CA
"Truly amazing reading! Loved her. She was right on about so much, it's spooky. It shifted my perception and let me know what I have to do.. Thank you so much!"
A E, ironwood MI
"I really love Laura she lift my spirit high she gave me a positive feedback on my situation. She gave me some advice what to do on my case and I am really happy and highly satisfied talking with her today. She is amazing kind hearted and she is phenomenal."
Anonymous, Ridgewood, NY
"Laura was amazing, accurate and on point. She really provided insight in a very comforting, confident manner. I will definitely return for future readings! "
J W, San Diego CA
"Thank you so much, Laura Marie! You were absolutely accurate and so passionate about what you were saying it almost left me speechless. You curbed a whole lot of anxiety for me! May you be fruitful in whatever you do!"
Jimmy R, Cohasset MN
"Enjoyed the reading. Laura was great."
Anonymous, east orange, NJ
"She was great!"
Anonymous, folt, MI
"She was very nice and very in tune. Might come back for a follow up reading."
Lashanna B, Hyattsville MD
"Thank you so, so much and I appreciate our talk. I will definitely be calling you back. God bless!"
Sherrie G, Indianapolis IN
"It was a great reading. Insight was wonderful confirmation. I hope everything comes to light."
Anonymous, El Macero, CA
"Laura Marie is very gifted. She picked up on the nature of my relationship and blocks that exist without my saying anything specific. She also picked up on things that I need to work on as well. She helped establish a path that will make my love relationship stronger and sustainable. Thank you Laura!"
Anonymous, Roxbury, CT
"She amazed me with how I was feeling for the man that I can't get out of my heart. She was spot on with our relationship and how we feel for each other. She was so assuring in every sense. I hope it works out!"
Lesley H, Hoboken NJ
"Laura Marie was excellent. Very insightful and helpful."
Anonymous, Yonkers, NY
"My reading with Laura Marie was great. Thank you."
Marian N, Denver City TX
"Insightful, refreshing, honest & accurate! There's a certain tranquility in her tone that enabled me to view everything that she said, (good, bad & indifferent,) as opportunities to improve my myself & understand others. Amazing reading! I look forward to future readings with Laura Marie! Thank you! "
Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA
"I was very nervous at first but she really did a good job in talking and the more she talked the more I felt reassured. She was very nice and I enjoyed talking to her. "
R B, iowa IA
"Very kind and compassionate. Picked up on my situation and gave awesome counseling!"
Mary P, Covington KY
"Laura Marie was everything I expected and more. Her sensitivity and her ability to connect with my inner feelings about issues that were affecting me were incredible and extremely helpful. I appreciate having had the opportunity to have this terrific individual read for me."
Mary L, Rockville MD
"She was AMAZING! That's all I can say! Thank you, Laura Marie! <3"
Kourtlan P, Baton Rouge LA
"I like Laura Marie! She is always so real in her approach. She doesn't give your fairytale story- What she says and sees add up to the real situation you have in front of you. When I need a deep reader, she's the one I go to!"
S S, Brooklyn NY
"This is the second time this week that I've asked for Ms. Marie's help with a troubled relationship that I was in. She picked up right where we'd left off and continued to help me with her gifts. Unfortunately, my ex and I decided to permanently part ways with no contact but that was based on us and had nothing to do with Laura Marie's help. I still recommend her if you're in need of guidance in your relationship."
John G, centereach NY
"Ms. Marie was very nice, patient and very detailed with the information that she has shared with me. I don't know how my situation is going to play out but for what she knew about it, I can say that she was pretty much on point. She nailed it quite a few times was a relief. I recommend her."
J G, centereach NY
"I liked the reading!"
Anonymous, brooklyn, NY
"Thank you so much for your insight into my situation! I now feel empowered to move forward. You truly helped me to see the larger purpose for my struggles. You are much appreciated!"
Melanie S, Woodland Hills CA
"So good I had to come back! "
Anonymous, Piscataway, NJ