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About Keely
Psychic Keely is an experienced psychic and energy worker/healer, expressing her empathic, clairvoyant and specifically clairaudient gifts through her tarot, oracle cards, crystals and spiritual guides. While you can provide a subject matter for your reading, Keely is known for her ability to pick up on ones’ thoughts and energies without you saying anything.

Keely knows that she has always had empathic and psychic abilities and through work and experience is able to connect quickly and deeply with people from many different cultures and belief systems. This is her hearts work. Psychic Keely believes that it’s her path to be a healer, guide, counselor, sage and bring light to the world. It is incredibly rewarding for her to be able to touch someone’s life in a positive way and always feels gratitude to empower others. Keely is also an energy imaging consultant and spiritual counselor. She is trained in Theta healing and Neuro Linguistic Programming and has studied extensively in metaphysics, energy, religion, spirituality and alternative psychology.
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Customer Testimonials
"Keely is great always honest with me and set my mind at ease she is always spot on and tells me exactly what I am thinking"
E E, Gallup NM
"She was good.. Compassionate "
Michael G, Jackson WY
"Good reading! "
Barbara T, Montgomery AL
"Great reading!"
P K, Parker CO
"Keely is fantastic. She is very int une and knows how to put your heart at ease. I love getting readings from her. Thank you, Keely!"
J B, Bronx NY
"Keely was wonderful in her reading. She was right in tune with how I was feeling and was reassuring me. I am happy that I was able to connect with her."
Barbara K, Billings MT
"Very good reading. She hears what I am saying and answers very clearly so it is understood."
Barbara K, Billings MT
"Keely was easy to talk to and provided some wonderful insight to the questions I asked. I can't wait to follow up with her in a few months."
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"Excellent reading. "
Gerry D, Hemet CA
"Keely was on target and made me feel very comfortable. She did not seem to feel that my questions were dumb. I do like speaking with Keely. I give her a A+."
Barbara K, Billings MT
iesha M, Miami FL
"Amazing reading!!!"
Allen W, houston TX
Alex D, Metairie LA
"Thank you so much! Sorry we got disconnected on the end. I appreciate your words and you completely connected with me and felt exactly what I was feeling! I will contact you again soon."
Alex D, Metairie LA
"Keely is simply amazing! "
Anonymous, boynton beach, FL
"She is absolutely amazing, she can connect to past loved ones bringing up things you wouldn't have thought would come up. Highly recommend."
D H, louisville KY
"I like her, she is good. I'm so stressed but her reading was made me so relaxed. I also had reading from other, her reading matches others as well, so it makes me more relaxed."
Monyrath L, Kirkland WA
"Hello My Advisor brought clarity and honest answers to my questions . keely is very professional and compassionate Give her a try you will not be disappointed I called her twice in one night. Because she was amazing . Very Gifted.psychic advisor ."
"I always feel better after talking to Kelly she is always spot on"
E E, Gallup NM
"Keely was amazing"
Anonymous, Lexington, KY
"Thank you Keely this was my 2nd reading with her. Both great , first reading was very powerful , and this last reading was good validated some things and helped reinforced my decision and thank you Keely "
Robert W, Spokane WA
"She always keeps me grounded and calms me down when I feel frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel "
Anonymous, Gallup, NM
"Hello...i found Keely to be warm and extremely informative."
Shelley Ann J, lead hill AR
"Always spot on and comforting"
Anonymous, Gallup, NM
"You truly put me at ease. Thank you for letting the message come through. You brought light to me tonight and a positive energy. Thank you!!! 💖☺️"
Jennifer P, Homestead FL
"Always come away from a reading with her feeling better about my situation"
Edward E, Gallup NM
"Keely is wonderful very spot on and has a very soothing and reassuring manner, I always feel much better about things after speaking with her"
Anonymous, Gallup, NM
"Thank you so much it was a blessing talking with you❤️"
Elizabeth B, Bettendorf IA
"The reading was excellent. One thing though.....she sounded a lot older than the picture shows. Was also an excellent advisor. It was worth getting a reading from her. I believe she is truly gifted "
Anonymous, las vegas, NM
"Thank you..great reading"
Christopher L, Springfield MA
"Keely is awesome see's what is going on before I even mention, is very reassuring and talks to you in a calm soothing manner"
Edward E, Gallup NM
"I spoke with Keely for the first time and she gave me alot of insight and was accurate about information that she provided."
Denise K, Baltimore MD
"So down to earth and she’s confirmed what others told me and now I feel so much better 💕"
Anonymous, charlote, NC
"Good reading as usual!"
B T, Montgomery AL
"Shes great!! Fast, detailed goes into depth!! Definitely worth the money I paid:) Thank you so much!! I will keep you updated!!"
Veronica R, Laverne CO
"Excellent reading. "
B T, Montgomery AL
"Very good "
Barbara T, Montgomery AL
"In depth and always gets to the point!"
M I, Hinesville GA
"She was very kind ... offered practical advice , and hope . "
Dana M, houston TX
"She is absolutely outstanding amongst other readers. I never get disappointed. It's time well spent with her."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"What I like about her is that she doesn't need to use tools to nail the issue right down to the core. On top of that she has got a comforting soothing voice. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Wish I had more time. Her readings are always fulfilling, knowledgeable and interesting. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I can no doubt vouch that this organization is lucky to have her as one of the top rated psychic counselors with accurate insight. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"A reading with this woman is so good that it will leave you ever so fulfilled at the end. all your questions will be answered thoroughly. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I can talk to her about all intimate details without being embarrassed and she never gets taken aback. It's as if you are talking to a close friend who truly cares about your issues. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Her communicating style is so clear that it just opens up all the blocking thoughts I had about my self and the other party called about. Thank you again for another dose of your reader abilities. This woman really is a true mind block healer with her realistic, non sugar coating gift. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Very thorough and answers questions in a timely fashion."
M I, Hinesville GA
"She is simply the best and very much on point in every reading. Love you...."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Her spirit guides can tap in to the root of your problem and give the best sage advice on how to clear up some negative points I have about certain issues. Thank you so very much for your valuable discernment. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"A very in depth, on point and terrific reading."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Good reading "
B T, Montgomery AL
"Keely ran with the energy she felt and gave me a ton on information which I will keep a track and see what happens. She is extremely intuitive and sensitive feeling the energy and receiving messsges that all made sense. Really good reading! "
Anonymous, hillside, NJ
"Always knows the sequence of events. Good reading as always. No complaints"
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Great and to the point."
Anonymous, Savannah, GA
"Keely is a gifted psychic. She has amazing intuition and is able to see into your future. Thank you Keely!"
Anonymous, miami, FL
"Excellent! she can read your thoughts and hidden concerns before you utter them. Strong reader. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"She will never lead you to the wrong direction. Her clarification of every issue is really helpfull. It would be a loss if you pass her up on this site. "
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Always a next level reading with her. I would give 10 stars if I could. Love her!"
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"I can assure you that barely anyone can beat her in the accuracy of discerning your situation. Love you..."
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"She confirmed people change and don't necessarily want the same things as the other in a positive way. My instincts were to ask about a lengthy relationship reaching the end and unfortunately, that's what she confirmed. Gave me a heads up that this wouldn't ever be in the partnership I'm hoping for. "
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"The best of the best. Always never seizes to amaze me with new facts every time I call her for counseling. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Good reads "
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"She is highly intuitive down to every last detail.

Every answer is tackled with precision. An angel speaks through her for sure!"
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Out of this world fantastic, futuristic! She never stop to amaze me. She sensed the frank emotions of people real well."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This woman is a phenominal discerning reader, counselor. You will get an amazing connection to the questions you have at hand."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"It was amazingly insightful. She can really sense the emotions of people in question. Absolutely the best on this site.

Love you hun!"
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"Always an outstanding reading. My go to person to tackle any issue I am going through. Many blessings to you dear!"
Anonymous, Middle Village, NY
"good reading"
B T, Montgomery AL
"Very insightful and to the point!"
Eric M, Streamwood IL
"Love her!"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"She speaks fast! I’m waiting on the timeline

I liked her aura/demeanor."
Misty W, Brookline Village MA
"The reading was awesome. She gave me advice and courage based on her highest level of insight on the attitude of the guy I called about. Keely really knows what the reality of the situation is. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This woman is very insightful, she chops up the person I inquired about to the core of his character. She is my go to talented reader in any problem. Would love to have her as my friend. I am glad I found her. Take it from someone who has called many readers. Keely really stands out. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"She's awesome! She helps and guides me."
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"Love her!"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"She is one of the best on this website. Very real. I am happy I listened to my intuition to choose you. Very nice person and energy. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Love her!"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"Love her!"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"Love her!"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"Good reading"
B T, Montgomery AL
"Thoughtful reading."
B T, Montgomery AL
"Very good reading!!!"
Joseph Z, Mt airy MD
"Excellent reading!"
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"Keely is amazin!!! She is very gifted. I am looking forward to reading with her again!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Great! She was accurate and precise in every detail. I really loved it!!!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"I will tell you, out of all of the psychics I have talked to, she gave me the most insight! Details are always told. Because time is not limited she could give a round about answer for dates. I like her to the point and direct answers."
Anonymous, el paso, TX
"She was awesome!!!! She gave me one of the best reading that l had in years. She is a gift to all who use her for a reading, outstanding!"
Anonymous, Brunswick, GA
"I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. Keely asked me to give her a minute to see what she could see. As she was looking, I was silent and was writing down my feelings. It was amazing because when she began talking she started addressing the things I wrote down and I never said a word about them. She was honest up front and got straight to the point. She was able to give me some key details about my lover's character again without any insight from me. I would definitely contact again and if you contact her you will be pleasantly surprised!"
E L, Henderson NV
"Great and insightful!"
Cranisha J, el paso TX
"Excellent reading!!!"
B T, Montgomery AL
"She was pretty spot on about the issues I inquired about. Also,very easy to talk with."
Daniel H, Chicago IL
"Loved her"
Edith Janine W, glendora CA
"She is the real deal. She will tell you things she couldn't have known. She is fast and gives a lot of information very quickly. She is a good person and she tells the truth good or bad. "
E W, Pensacola FL
"Keely is really great. This was the best reading I've ever had. She helped me gain an awesome perspective and everything that she told me perfectly made sense to me given my situation. I can also tell that she is in this line of work to help people rather than for the money. She is a healer with a true gift and really cuts the bs. Her insight is clear and she doesn't claim to know things when she simply doesn't receive certain information. She'll tell you what she sees and feels. This reading allowed me to see clearly that time isn't exactly the linear structure that we rationally understand. "
Anonymous, Calabasas, CA
"Extremely helpful."
Anonymous, Meadville, PA
"Wow!!! Keely is so awesome! I found her to be the best psychic I have spoken to on this site. So compassionate, understanding, caring, non-judgemental. She is great! I highly recommend her! Thank you!"
Anonymous, Granite Bay, CA
"Excellent reading!!!"
B T, Montgomery AL
"Keely was awesome!!"
Lashae F, Hampton GA
"Keely was right on target. There was no guessing on her behalf. She really focused on the person I needed the clarification on. I would definitely have another reading with Keely."
Anonymous, mount laurel, NJ
"We unfortunately ran out of time again but I really enjoyed talking to you! You eased my nerves and worries and provided me with a lot of helpful insight. I will call back again when I have more money.Thank you again Keely! "
A C, Valencia CA
"Insightful reading!"
B T, Montgomery AL
"She was great! I am going to call her back soon."
"Thank you for an amazing reading! Good bless you always, Keely! -D of AZ"
Anonymous, glendale, AZ
"I would call again. She focused on what I told her. I wanted to know and the reading went well. Just have to wait and see. "
Anonymous, Mcallen, TX
"Keely is highly gifted, and very kind . Highly recommend!"
Debbie V, Ridgewood NY
"People, Keely is THE REAL DEAL! In January she told me a guy would come around with a W associated with his name. She was right!! She even described his personality before I met him. Her timeline was even accurate. Try her you will NOT be disappointed. Thanks Keely!! God Bless you. "
J R, Norman OK
"She was on target and was telling me what she saw. She gave me insights to my situation instead of acting as a life coach. I would recommend her!"
Anonymous, Newport, VT
"Picked up on my relationship and gave to best advice possible and saw split images of my other half gestures and body language. Great!!"
M B, Portsmouth VA
"Had good feeling about things. Hope she's right! :)"
Anonymous, Newark, DE
"She was nice and very knowledgeable. I am hopeful "
Teresa C, charlotte NC
"Thank you for the reading you gave me. Next time, I would like to speak to only you again."
Catina E, Houston TX
"Thank you gor a fantastic reading. You made me get a better understanding of my situation. :)"
Laurie L, San Pablo CA
"Always a pleasure to speak with Keely."
Cheryl S, Orlando FL
"Loved my reading! She knew what I was going through and was spot on without me having to say anything! Very honest and straightforward which is very important to me! She helped me more than she knows!"
J B, North Port AL
"EXCELLENT! This was my 1st time on the site and Keely tuned in w/ no problem. She is extremely gifted. She can give details and is very clear with what she sees! Thanks Keely!!!! I will take your advice as well. :)"
J R, Norman OK
"Answers honestly, great with timeliness, very detailed and gives great insight!"
A D, laurel MD
"Very insightful and good reading. I think I am a complex person and she managed to capture my many different personality facets in reading. "
Anonymous, mequon, WI
"I can always count on Keely to give good, sound advice."
Anonymous, Orlando, FL
"Would highly recommend Keely to anyone. Knew greatly about my current situation as well as very specific character traits (both me and my partner). Thank you again, Keely! "
Anonymous, East Aurora, NY
"My reading with Keely was wonderful. She hit everything right on the button, it even surprised me! I love everything she said to me. She was so right. I will definitely ask for her again. "
M L, sacramento CA
"She was true,caring and very polite. The best I ever have! Honestly I can't wait to speak to her again.I would surely recommend her. Thanks Keely"
Kimeline G, hyannis MA
"She was perfect! She gave me the answers I needed. I did not tell her any info. I asked the questions and everything just flowed naturally as if she was there through those times and told me exactly what happened and why. This is real and I will never doubt psychic powers again."
Darrell J, La Mesa CA
"I love talking with Keely. Her advice & predictions are true. Will call again."
C S, Orlando FL
"Amazing. She's gifted."
E F, New York NY
"Very good reading. Explained everything with details. New job beginning June, V is interested but will take his time. I should have patience because around August things will change and move at a quick pace. By October another promotion will come about. "
E C, Rialto CA
"Just Wonderful! I love talking with Keely. She always connects quickly & is accurate in her predictions."
C S, Orlando FL
"She was fantastic she answered all questions "
Sheldon P, los angeles CA
"She was really good on my reading!

Laurie K, Kealakekua HI
"I have a very difficult to understand relationship. Keely said things in October that the guy involved has finally started to say - that this is all about figuring out a way to make things work, to take care of me. I might want romance and conversation most, but he believes loving me means providing for me. Keely also said family was pushing back hard against him, and that also appears to be the case. When she read for me, I thought was she said was innocuous. It's turned out to be exactly spot on. "
Anonymous, alexandria, VA
"Not what i really wanted to hear but its was a positive read. Thank you"
S M, Las Vegas NV
"My reading with Keely went very well."
Doris A, Cheport NJ
"Keely is my best friend. I come to her for understanding of everything under the sun. She never fails to impress me and aids in my development as a person. She sees beyond your current circumstance, and can see for years to come. Her predictions are open and honest. Angelica"
Anonymous, NEW ROCHELLE , NY
"We only had a very short time but it was great very informative I will definitely remember to ask for her next time "
Carlotta H, crosby TX
"This reading was phenomenal! Brought so much insight to my situation. Didn't have to feed her information. I am so happy that I took a chance with her. I did not get to ask everything I wanted, but she went into so much detail with the one question I had that I was blown away. I will definitely be calling her back!"
M L, Decatur GA

Diana M, St. Paul MN
"I did what she said- get rid of an evil entity and it worked! Thank you Keely. My only wish is that I could have talked to you longer!"
Adam J, Asheville NC
"Keely is a truly amazing psychic. She has so much wisdom and compassion to give. I always feel so much better after speaking with her. Simply awesome!"
Daniel M, DeSoto KS
"I give Keely extra five stars! She did a great reading and was right on target. I will call back again."
Anonymous, Loch Sheldrake, NY
"Always straightforward, honest and kind! Thank you for your insight. "
Kristen W, Independence MO
"She is my new person to come to when I need guidance. Connected well. Thank You!"
Diana M, St. Paul MN
"Exceptional connections with only 5 mins on first call will be calling again very soon"
D M, St. Paul MN
"Keely was fantastic. She picked up on everything right away and was on point. The advice she provided was also excellent and I will look to following it. Thanks again, Keely!"
M G, Wildomar CA
"I give her 10 not 5 - great!!!"
Jonika G, Bassett VA
"Thanks for helping me gain some perspective on this :) Good reading ."
Juliet B, Eagon MN
"I really liked her. she told me what to do in my situation, I'm going to try it and let her know the results."
Edith janine W, glendora CA
"She told me something is going take place at the end of August. I hope she's right. But other than that, she's very much a sweet person to talk to I will just have to wait and see what happens. So I'm giving her five stars!!!"
Laquawndra S, Prattville AL
"She made me feel at peace with myself and love myself . She told me all the possibilities but also made me realize I'm more than what I think . "
Anonymous, Syracuse, NY
"Keely is very intuitive. She knows what was bothering me most without prompting. She offered sound advice (which I will follow) and encouragement. If a seeker wants the best he/ she should call Keely. Thank you, Keely!"
Kelley P, Missoula MT
"I really enjoyed my reading with Keely. She is very gifted! Unfortunately the time goes so quickly."
B B, Chicago IL
"Very accurate reading!!!"
Janieka J, Nashville TN
" I felt very open with her as she helped me understand the steps I need to take for my future development."
Easter J, Bay Point CA
"If only I could give a 10 star rating I would, oh my god!!!! She was sooooo amazing, left me feeling great!! I am so looking forward to my new life and my future!!! I am very grateful to have found her, I just can't get over this reading, it was so powerful I highly recommend her and I will be calling back real soon!

M B, east elmhurst NY
"She was fantastic, I wasn't sure at first, but once we got in a rythm, she nailed one aspect of my life after another. I felt absolutely beautiful, inspired, and filled with love after I was done talking to her. Thank you for our time together."
Anonymous, spokane, WA
"Well I love everything she talked about and said to me and she pointed out a few things I knew and she didn't know. It was a great experience!"
Domonique C, Chicago IL
"What a great reading. Thank you so much. Actually it's a relief he is not coming back and someone new is coming to the picture. Yeah!!!!!"
Kellie S, Trumansburg NY
"She was very accurate and good."
Donna W, Livonia MI
"Very good reading!"
Cathy S, kendallville IN
"She was pretty accurate and understanding ."
Mary T, Ontario CA
"She was perfect and accurate!"
"I want to thank you for my reading. It went very well and I will call you next week."
Doris A, Cheport NJ
"Keely is very talented. She connected with me right away and knew things that no one else would know. I would call her again for sure! She is awesome!! Thank you for sharing your talents Keely!"
Kelly C, longwood FL
"Very insightful and helpful. Sweet spirited and felt very comfortable talking to her."
D C, Independent MO
"Very sincere and she picked up on alot of what was going on in my mind regarding the woman I called about. I really hope everything she said does come to pass."
Anonymous, Ottawa, AZ
"Very insightful and easy to talk to. Picked up on a lot of things without telling her anything."
Anonymous, hempstead, NY
"Keely was excellent! I really enjoyed the reading, very accurate and she is truly gifted. I highly recommend Keely , I will definitely be calling back to have another reading with her."
Elizabeth L, quinton VA
"Hello,Awesome tarot card reading! I highly recommend Keely! :-)"
Sarah J, Seminal FL
"She was amazing! She knew exactly what I was feeling and was able to give me guidance. Best experience I've ever had with a reader. Thank you!"
Patti G, Homeland CA
"She kept on the subject, went into a lot of detail and I'll see how things turn out. "
Anonymous, Novato, CA
"She connected pretty well and was able to answer my question and give some insight."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Very kind lady. Very insightful and helpful about my issues."
Amanda V, Reno NV
"Keely was amazing! She said stuff without me having to say much and was very accurate. Gave me a lot of information about the future as well as the present and people involved. The info just kept flowing; I could have talked to her for hours. She also had great advice for moving forward and was super nice! Thanks, Keely!"
Maria S, Brooklyn NY
"She was very nice and positve. I felt comfortable with her. Had to give a little information but received a good reading. Will wait to see if it comes true."
J W, Oregon City OR
"Keely was awesome! She used her clairvoyant skills to tell me everything she saw coming for me! Also very accurate."
Odiri W, Southfield MI
"Awesome reading. The connection was great. She really gave me a lot to think about. I will definitely be calling her back. "
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"Wonderful reading. Tapped right in. Felt like I was speaking with a longtime friend. Highly recommend Keely!"
G A, Seymour CT
"Always seems to be right!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Amazingly good! She connected with me right away, without me having to say anything. Gave good advice and healing. She was able to see that things are going to be good and predicted that I will be able to come out from my personal problem in the past and I did!"
Christopher L, Chicago IL
"Such a wonderful person to talk to. Very insightful and helpful!"
R C, Lakeland FL
"Excellent - I wish I'd had more time"
Anonymous, North Las Vegas, NV
"Thank you very much! Gratitude to you for the input, Keely. Will speak with you again. :)"
Peter C, Ocala FL
"Another great reader! I wish we could have talked longer. I appreciate your insights on what things look like moving forward and what you see. Thank You! -M. "
Anonymous, Mechanicsburg, PA
"She was awesome! She read my boyfriend situation accurately, advised me on my dreams and she gave me great insight for 2015."
Anonymous, Lebanon, MO
"Keely is really positive and easy to talk to. She described a vision that I see regularly, which no one else knows about. I was impressed!"
P D, Portland OR
"Keely read my situation very well!"
Anonymous, Mechanicsburg, PA
"I had a wonderful reading with Keely. She is just amazing, she reads with ease and very detailed. I will definitely call her again! Thank You! : )"
Trelis C, osteen FL
"WOW! She is so spot on accurate it's almost spooky.

She knew things nobody but I knew. She gave me a lot of hope. Thank you Keely! Your gifts are helping me hang in there.

Connie C, Arnold MO
"Absolutely wonderful. I didn't have to say anything. She tuned right in. Accurate and detailed. I was truly amazed. Thank you so much... will be contacting again."
Anonymous, Foxboro, MA
"She was very kind and gracious"
Amanda A, a526 OR
"She helped me with my conflict and helped me understand that I in fact do have a gift and open up to change is good. she made me feel at ease and I will definitely follow up on advice"
Terricka R, Shelby MS
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