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About Jewel

Jewel’s vibrant personality will ease you into a warm, detailed and accurate psychic reading. She doesn’t need tools as she will dive right into a reading with you that always leaves the receiver fulfilled. Jewel provides quick insights, gives raw and real predictions with accurate time frames. It’s obvious that Jewel always gives 500% to her clients and with over 37 yrs. of experience excels in assisting you through your dreams, hopes, career paths and future success.

Jewel has been intuitive since the age of 5 when predicting her families losses and gains. During live sessions, Jewel utilizes the art of reflexology on your hand as an energy field of predictions. Through her clairvoyant gifts which are inspired by Kabbalah, Oracle Cards, Tarot, Vibrations and Psychic abilities, she can focus in on your true answers. Jewel is a professional intuitive for over 37 yrs. And has a passion for helping others regain confidence and transform perspective to help you achieve your specific life goals.

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Customer Testimonials
"was right on and understood my situations had good advice and was inspirations and real . i going call her again "
Bennett Y, Maple Valley WA
"Jewel was so compassionate and I felt completely as ease. She gave me excellent guidance and helped me to understand the source(s) of my fears. Jewel also gave me some “homework” to complete so that I can release energy that is holding me back. I am so grateful for her professionalism and wisdom. Thank you, Jewel!"
A H, bristol RI
"This woman is an authentic reader that delivers messages with the utmost clarity. Thanks again for another dose of enlightened counseling. You never leave me confused about any issue I have..."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Very nice woman and reading with on point clear answers. Tells you how it is in a compassionate manner with no sugar coating and realistic predictions. "
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Fantastic insights! Give this woman a try. Every question will be clearly answered as if in an x ray vision."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Awesome, reading. Insightful, intuitive. Realistic picture. Thank you love !"
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"She is an amazing energy, like a breeze of fresh air. Reading was good, she answered all my questions with true insights on the party called about."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"This reading was really on point. Her insights was really deep. This woman knows what she was talking about much more Frankly than some other readers I have spoken to. She seemed to know the direction of my life path as it will be exactly in the stars. No sugar coating or telling one what they desire to hear. Thank you."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"Love love love Jewel she is amazing and so good !!! She blew me away ! Give her a try she will not disappoint you !!!"
Sharon C, Cottage Grove MN
"Jewel is fantastic! I had a great reading with her and I would highly recommend her. She is very clear when providing her comments. You will never think back on the call and wonder what she meant...she spells it all out very clearly. "
Diane L, Boynton Beach FL
"Excellent and empowering reading!!"
Anonymous, Roxbury, CT
"She was very friendly and reassuring and funny. She told me things that comforted me. I feel she was empathic."
L C, Vancouver WA
"She was very honest, very warm, but straightforward... very easy. She connected very fast with min informational given and she was able to pick up a few things. I will be back to follow up with her."
Anonymous, Paterson, NJ
"So encouraging and insightful. I appreciated her attention to my well being. It is all about our own journey and I appreciate the help!"
Bonnie S, Greenwich CT
"Jewel was excellent. Quick to connect, accurate and very nice. I would definitely get a reading from her again. Thanks!"
Debbie V, Ridgewood NY
"I give Jewel 4 stars. She was quite informative regarding me and my career situation. She asked that I get back to her to let her know how my interview on Monday goes. I intend to that. Thanks for being the Jewel of my day!"
Kimberly L, Chicago IL
"I love Jewel; I feel like we connected instantly. Her advice & guidance is on point, and i look forward to keeping in contact with her. Thanks Jewel, I now know the steps i need to take in life. You're greatly appreciated. "
Krista C, Jacksonville FL
"Straight to the point and answered very quickly, now i just wait have to wait and see !! "
E A, Lancaster PA
"She has been a lot of help to my direction."
Christine K, Fairfax VA
"Very accurate!"
Anonymous, Avondale, AZ
"My experience was great! Thank you for spending this valuable time with me and for giving me insight as well as a listening ear."
Alicia N, Omaha NE
"She was very good reader"
Anonymous, raleigh, NC
"Jewel helped me out so much. I am now able to slow down and take a step back so I can succeed in this relationship. Thank you!"
C M, san jose CA
"Excellent reading! She gave me a lot of insight to my issue in just a short amount of time. I will definitely be contacting her again. Thanks again."
T C, Atlanta GA
"I've had several different readings with plenty of spiritual advisors in the past all of their information was very contradicting. Jewel really tapped into my situation and what I loved the most was how honest she was with her reading. I appreciated her rawness (truth) if you are looking for clarity, I highly recommend Jewel. She will not sell you a dream or tell you what you want to hear. She gave great advice that I can use in my daily life. She's gifted! Very accurate. It's as if I were talking to a friend. I would most definitely get another reading from her. "
S B, Orange NJ
"She was polite and made feel comfortable.

She was tight on the spot!"
Edwiges G, El Pasp TX
"My reading with Jewel was awesome. She was easy to understand and straight to the point. She was honest and gave me more insight of the situation I am dealing with in my relationship. I felt at ease after my reading with her. Thanks Jewel"
A T, Henderson NC
"I had her before and this time was just positive. She was easy to hear and understand. I will use her again in the future."
Vicky B, Durham NC
"She's always wonderful, kind, insightful and comforting to speak to. I highly recommend her."
L M, Emlenton PA
"Excellent. No messing around I asked questions she replied. Will definitely call her again. Jewel thanks for your blessings. BTW, she did not give me a yes answer to all my questions, she answered quite frankly. Definitely a regular customer of hers. "
Nellie O, West New York NJ
"Though I have yet to see results of my reading, I felt she was very connected to me and my issues. She was to the point and made sure I understood what she was conveying. I will call her again. "
Vicky B, Durham NC
"Your psychic skills shine even without reading tools. It does take you several minutes to get your engine running, but then you're off and running, you sounded like a pro, burgeoning with predictions."
Anonymous, Dayton, OH
"Really enjoyed my reading! She's so pleasant to talk to and calms your spirit. Good to have reading with real deal. I will return for another readings."
Yvonne M, Los Angeles CA
"Hello! Jewel was wonderful. She was warm and friendly and eased my mind with her accurate reading! I will definitely use her services in the future."
K S, Marietta GA
"Personable, in tune with feelings, interested the callers concerns and patient. Only needs a birth date and no other descriptors to connect to others. "
Anonymous, laurel, MD
"She was great! Very kind and on point with everything in my reading. I highly recommend Jewel and will definitely be calling her again! Thank you Jewel! -Sara"
Anonymous, Dorchester, MA
"She's very good accurate. She gave me a prediction that came true in the time frame she said it would. She's the real deal. She's nice, very friendly and not judgmental. Try her and I am sure you will like her too!"
Yvonne M, Los Angeles CA
"I enjoyed the reading and felt the connection with her. First timeline connection already came true! Yeah!!! I was happy. I will call again for another reading. Thanks!"
Yvonne M, Los Angeles CA
"She is always supportive, never judgmental. Has a gentle way to express what she sees. I'm grateful that readings have been positive as well as putting things in perspective. I truly enjoy having her read for me. Thank you so much. "
"Made me feel at ease. Gave me good advice. "
Amanda P, Osoyoos , British Columbia v0h1v2 CA
"I love my reading with Jewel. She hit on a lot of key points and I am just waiting to see if everything turns out the way she said. I will be calling back soon."
Anonymous, Richmond, VA
"My reading with Jewel was exciting, enjoyable and right on point. I loved it"
Anonymous, Bloomfield, NJ
"I had a reading with Jewel and she seemed to be very honest and open about what her intuition leads her to tell you. She makes you feel very comfortable and she makes sure you understand what she is telling you. I highly recommend Jewel for an honest and fulfilled reading!"
Toni H, Lake View IA
"I've spoken with Jewel a few times. I must say she is phenomenal! Gives details and time frames. I recommend Jewel if your looking for a empath, clairvoyant and kind psychic."
Veronica T, Laverne CO
"Jewel was excellent and very accurate in her interpretation of relationships in business and love. What a gift, treat yourself, it's worth every minute. She put my mind at ease and I felt reassured that what I felt in my heart was true.

She is truly gifted."
Anonymous, lakewood ranch, FL
"My reading with Jewel was amazing. She was accurate and clear. I couldn't be more satisfied. I will be calling again!"
Anonymous, lansing, MI
"2/28/16 I called Jewel on 2/13 to inquire about a position I was waiting to hear from. She picked up that I had been waiting for a few weeks, which was true. She felt I would get two offers. I knew of one, had no idea about #2. She said I'd hear around 3/1 to 3/5. Well this weekend I actually got a job offer I wasn't expecting, I was floored. I'm still waiting to hear from head honcho re: other position, but did hear from an insider that I would hear from him this week! So Jewel read this 100% correctly! I truly hope the other part of reading plays out as she said, but I have to wait a while for that! I will say Bravo to Jewel! I'm pretty impressed so I had to call to let her know!"
K M, Kings Park NY
"She was right on on things in my life. Time will tell when things unfold. "
C B, Manchester NH
"Jewel is absolutely fantastic !!! She is always accurate. "
A W, Fairburn GA
"Great reading!! Jewel always tells it like it is. Very accurate and detailed. Thanks!!! Will definitely call again."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"I felt she read my situation very well! I hope it all pans out, and if it does, I will come back to let you know!"
Kathy M, Kings Park NY
"Jewel was very accurate with her reading. She also gave me personal advice that I could use in my life . I appreciate the reading and hopefully everything gets better. "
A W, Fairburn GA
"Jewel is AWESOME!!! She knew things about me and the significant people in my life without me prompting at all. She just came right out with the information -- directly on the money!!! She is super kind and very well trained and informed with her talents and gifts. Definitely going to keep reading with Jewel. She is as her name - A Jewel. "
Linda T, Tempe AZ
"So quick! Always accurate. Highly recommended psychic!"
Anonymous, Long Grove, IL
"She was nice very informative she knew the answers. I would recommend her!"
Patricia G, Lafayette IN
"GREAT! No made up reading, everything was accurate and I trust the information that she provided. Will be calling her again."
M L, Decatur GA
"I thought that my reading went well, I have talked to many psychics in the last month and they all described the situation in the same way, she was encouraging and kind and seemed to really care about me being ok after the reading was over."
Anonymous, Chowchilla, CA
"She told me that I would get a job transfer and I did!!! Down to every detail transpired the exact way she explained it. Very ACCURATE!!!"
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Man, truly surprised how good she was. She gave me real insight about my relationship/divorce. I really appreciate her reassurance that I wpuld be okay. Letting me know I was on the right path. Jewel was worth every penny :). I look forward to speaking with her again!!!!!"
Anonymous, olympia, WA
"The connection with Jewel was amazing. She answered all of my questions and gave awesome insights to help me better understand what's really going on. I highly recommend her and I feel confident that her predictions will come to past."
C S, Greenville SC
"I felt very connected to Jewel. She was very easy to talk with. She was very accurate in describing the reason that I called, and gave very useful and insightful information. I would say that she was "right on". Look forward to another session with her soon.

Thank you!"
Anonymous, Fairport, NY
"She's quick and accurate!"
Anonymous, Long Grove, IL
"Jewel was gentle, attentive and very sensitive to my issues. A true empath! But most importantly, she gave me a reading that was so spot-on to what I was experiencing, with very little information. She saw everything as clear as the sky and offered excellent advice."
Clara Zawadi M, Brooklyn NY
"Very kind, accurate and truthful. I will call again."
L M, Emlenton PA
"My reading was an amazingly accurate and eye opening one. I will definitely give her a call back!"
Anonymous, houston, TX
"She's a wonderful reader. I called her twice in one night!"
Anonymous, Cleveland, OH
"Very compassionate and in-depth. Helped me focus on what I really want in life and try to overcome obstacles and fears keeping/holding me back from a happy, loving life. Thank you! "
Elizabeth P, Bremerton WA
"Jewel was an absolute delight to talk with. She was very insightful, sincere, and direct. She was right on target in several areas we discussed and I'm looking forward to talking with her again soon."
Diane L, Del Ray Beach FL
"She left me with very good advice. I appreciate her listening to me in my time of stress and need. I was so confused and hurt when I called but when I hung up I was so much better."
Tyya B, staten island NY
"She was amazing! Very thorough and insightful! Not a waste of money at all. Wish I had more time. "
Sade S, Brooklyn NY
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