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About Jeanne
Jeanne is an empath, clairsentient, clairvoyant and intuitive who uses her gift of connection to help and guide others in their everyday lives. Thanks to a traumatic divorce, a few hard years, good friends and a great intuitive therapist, Jeanne has been able to develop her intuitive abilities to the point where she is able to help others through their difficult times. These big events and authentic influences gave her the strength and determination to follow her heart and use the gifts that God gave to her.

Jeanne can help you validate situations and relationships in your life. If asked, she can also give you tools to use and cope with what is happening. She can help you see your situation from a different and higher perspective. Let Jeanne show you the way to Love and Light.

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Customer Testimonials
"Jeanne was accurate in a lot of things.

Gave some advice and let's see what happens.

I will call her again."
Anonymous, East Taunton, MA
"It was my first time doing a reading with her. I'm a naturally skeptical person and tried to be as general as possible so I could see if she could fill in the blanks. I don't like doing that to people, but I feel it has become necessary to do such a procedure given the alarming amount of scam artists there are. She began to resonate with me more and more as the reading progressed. It was a pleasure doing a reading with Jeanne, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for straight answers about decision as well as how to become more balanced as an individual.

Keep at it girl!"
Anonymous, Baton rouge, LA
"Jeanne was great and I enjoyed talking with her ,she didn't hold anything back . Thank you Jeanne!"
"Read my friend well and gave good advice. "
Anonymous, Lillian, AL
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