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Fawn's sign
Knows The Intentions Of Others
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About Fawn
Fawn is very easy to open up to and has a strong desire to help others find answers to their questions. The honesty in her answers and her warm personality make it feel like you are talking to a friend. Fawn’s tarot readings are unique in the sense that she does a 6 month spread and can give you predictions for the upcoming months. She can tune into your love and career/financial issues and provide helpful information by using her clairsentience and intuition. She can accurately tap into the intentions of others and provide insight to any crossroads you may be at regarding your situation—especially matters of the heart.

Fawn knew she was different since childhood. She has always been sensitive to the energies of other people, but as a teenager, things really started to change, when she began to see spirits and have visions. Fawn has been helping others with her readings since she was 15 years old and truly enjoys offering guidance to someone in need or in emotional pain.

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Customer Testimonials
"Positive energy!! Youthful spirit!! Answers specific questions with detail and great with reading the feelings of others in love and relationships."
A D, laurel MD
"Fawn was great! Very friendly, kind,and compassionate. She was very helpful and accurate in her reading."
Giovanni S, cooper city FL
"She was refreshing to talk to. We had a great communication."
Amanda P, Osoyoos , British Columbia CA
"My reading with Fawn was amazing!!! She connected with me very well. I had to add more time. I will definitely call her back."
E M, Brooklyn NY
"Right on point! Wish I had more time with her. Fawn picked up on my boyfriend instantly. Will call again. Thank you so much. :) **** I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER ****

H P, Yakima WA
"I really love Fawn! I personally feel a great connection with her. She has always been spot on. "
A H, Yukon OK
"She's direct and quick! doesn't waste my min!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Fawn is great! I wish I could talk to her everyday! She really helps me! "
Amber H, Yukon OK
"Fawn was very helpful and real. I asked about particular situations and she was able to see the other persons feelings strongly. She gave me hard advice to hear but but meaningful and even tried to answer yes and no questions. It is definitely a great reading!"
Justine H, Casper WY
"She is amazing! "
A H, Yukon OK
"Fawn was not going around with her answers; they were straight to the point and I had all my questions answered. I love her energy and her attitude. Very positive, so caring. (I liked how she was talking to her cards; she cares about them too and it looks like they really feel it - and provide her with the information she asks for.) Thank you so very much! Hugs!"
G K, New yoRK NY
"She was absolutely amazing. She knew things about me and my guy friend that no one else knew. She even described the area I was in, while I was talking to her on the phone! A definite must read with her. I loved, loved, loved my reading with her! Will talk again with her soon."
Anonymous, mabank, TX
"Great reading! Seems to be accurate. Will see if her predictions become reality."
Anonymous, Uniondale, NY
"My reading was excellent! She was very compassionate and was on point. I felt very positive about my relationship after speaking with her. Thank you Fawn!"
Angela H, Purlock CA
"Wow. She's amazing. Spot on and had a lot of information. I am definitely coming back to her. Very sweet and supportive of my situation."
Leanne H, Milan MI
"What a true gift Fawn is! She's so compassionate and passionate when it comes to her readings. I just love her. She nailed my current situation and helped guide me through this difficult journey.

Fawn is spot on to see the dynamics of what is going on in your life. She is honest and compassionate in her readings. I trust her guidance and feel she tuned in to see the best course of action for me, while respecting my boundaries. I felt empowered and sensed a new found confidence afterwards. I will definitely call back."
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Really liked her. Very nice, quick and insightful. I am looking forward to her prediction! -Barbara

Anonymous, Lillian, AL
"I always like her!"
S S, Brooklyn NY
"First time reading with Fawn. I thought she was good!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"I think she was a good advisor. What she said in return was true! "
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Thank you so much! You enlightened my life. You made me live again. God bless you. Will talk to you again next month, by March."
"Very good reading!"
Anonymous, Baton Rouge, LA
"My first reading with her, she was able to pick up on a couple things that I hadn't even mentioned. She even picked up on what I was thinking of wearing for an interview tomorrow. Brilliant. Awaiting for her predications to come to fruition.

Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA
"Very friendly and accurate on personality traits."
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
"Thanks for a great reading!"
Amanda M, Los Angeles CA
"She seemed spot on! I hope she is right!"
Debbie C, east haven CT
"Fawn is passionate and empathetic. I left my reading with her with hope and comfort. I suggest Fawn to anyone who is seeking for a professional and experienced psychic/tarot card reader. You'll get your money's worth, every penny and more! I myself certainly will return for more reading from Fawn."
Anonymous, Toronto, ON Canada M5V3T5, CA
"Fawn is intuitive and was very pleasing to talk to. Seeing what will unfold."
Anonymous, Reseda, CA
"Absolutely love Fawn! It's like a friend that really wants to help! I will be calling back! "
A H, Yukon OK
"Wow! I enjoyed my reading with Fawn so much. She told me information that I didn't tell her. She knew things that had happened. She is so kind and inspiring. I cannot wait to see the future and talk to Fawn again."
A H, Yukon OK
"She's pleasant. I loved her! She was honest. Not what I wanted to hear but thank you for the honesty!"
Patricia M, La Quinta CA
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