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About Faith
Faith is a gifted psychic, empath and energy healer. She has had these abilities at a very young age. Faith has been able to feel spirits and see them at times since she was a small child. She has dreams that show her future situations and also visions sometimes when she is awake that she knows is guidance from angels. Faith is Reiki certified and has a lot of knowledge about chakras. She specializes in love and relationship readings, health and spiritual well-being readings, chakra energy readings and angel card readings. Faith has a straightforward, and compassionate way of guiding you using her intuition, and picking up on your energy. Faith enjoys helping people with her gifts and continues to work on enhancing her abilities daily.
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Customer Testimonials
"Faith was amazing! She knew everything about my situation . I'll call her again!"
Jennifer M, Westerville OH
"Was very in tune with my energy."
R C, Baton Rouge LA
"She was very honest and pleasant. She told me a variety of outcomes to my situation. "
Meeka V, philadelphia PA
"Faith was very quick to pick up on the situation. She gave great insight and honest clear advise; no sugar coating. Quite good on time frames. Totally recommend her."
S R, San Juan CA
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