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About Eva
Eva has always seen spirits but began to take them more seriously after a near fatal car accident. She attended the SoCal Psychic Institute where she learned to enhance her abilities by coming from a place of faith instead of fear. As her clairvoyant abilities deepened, she was able to show her clients how to move forward and achieve their life long goals. With over 14 years of professional experience, Eva is also a published author and has made several television appearances. Eva has a very professional, calm personality and is easy to connect with. She begins by asking what your question is and then uses her clairvoyant and empathic abilities to help you move forward in any instance. Because she works directly with spirit guides, she is able to channel as well and is able to pick up on what exactly is on your mind, whether it be in your personal or professional life. Eva does not sugar-coat her answers but remains tactful in her delivery, offering tips and guidance on how to resolve whatever may be bothering you. Eva may use the tarot deck in order to fine tune some of her answers but tends to rely more on her psychic ability in order to bring forth clarification, insight and predictions. If you're looking to get back on your authentic path, take a journey with Eva today!
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Customer Testimonials
"Friendly and compassionate!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Eva was Awesome! I love her energy she was right on the money!!! I will surely call back to speak with her."
K W, Akron OH
"A wonderful, insightful reading with Eva. She puts your soul at ease, no matter what the news is .... : )"
Anonymous, Sandy Hook, CT
"Wow! Eva Was Fantastic! I'm so Glad I decided to give her a try! She was really great and Friendly to talk too! I was talking so fast and asking so many questions but she stayed compassionate and helpful that I had to call her back!

I'm so Happy that I called her back! She told me that I will have a new Job by October! I will have to make a choice between V and a New Guy and that in 6 months everything will look great! She also told me that I could be engaged in 18 months from now! She just picked up so many things in her Remote View that I'm excited too see how things turn out! She told me I will be going on a Trip with V in September. She picked up just so many things! When you call be sure you have your questions ready as well, as your Pen and paper! She's Brilliant! I think she Just might be my new Favorite advisor on here!! :-)"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"OMG....she is just amazing :) I can talk to her for hours & bother her all the time about anything LOL. She has given me detailed info about this person & our situation that I felt relieved after knowing what was going on. Waiting for predictions to happen. Gave timelines so will wait & see what happens. You are simply the BEST!!!! will call again & again & again...Thanks for all your insights. "
Anonymous, galloway, NJ
"She really nailed it!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
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