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Strong Clairvoyant and Dream Analyst
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About Ellium
Ellium jumps into her readings quickly by pulling tarot cards as she tunes into your energy. Her spirit guides then show her the answers that she provides to you. Professional and friendly, she then very clearly explains what she is picking up on. The accuracy in her readings is enough to give you the chills!

Ellium is a second generation psychic and was always encouraged to develop her gifts, as a young girl. She began receiving visions and was able to help friends and family members with her intuitive warnings and clairvoyant advice. Ellium adores giving readings and passing along messages because her goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and she uses this universal connection to assist in getting you through any roadblocks or crossroads in your life.

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Customer Testimonials
"Ellium is AMAZING!!! Everything she said made great sense. She picked things up that was very true and I haven't told her anything! Very friendly and understandable! "
Anonymous, Surrey, AA
"very good ., in touch . Pleasant to speak too ., I recommend to All "
Max E, Parsippany NJ
"You really brought out some things to me.. Very interesting reading.."
Alexia R, englewood CO
"She was great!! I will have to wait to see if her predictions come true. I will definitely contact her again. "
Sylvia G, camp springs MD
"Awesome!!! Really felt she connected and gave me honest guidance! Happy I called!!"
Kim M, Livingston NJ
"She could pick up things without a single mention from customer. Also, she was able to go right to the core of the matter!!!"
Anonymous, Savannah, GA
"For my first time calling I was amazed how quickly and straight to the point she was as well as knowing my situation as if we had already spoken. It felt so good to have someone who’s straight forward, compassionate, and will let you know what’s in store for you!!! "
Anonymous, Dover, DE
"Awesome Reading!! She is right on point... Thank you"
Anonymous, Hopkins, SC
"Great reading! Thank you!!!"
Tennesia C, Atlanta GA
"I questioned the psychic and I was amazed by the feedback to my every question. Thank you for putting my thoughts of the future at ease."
Anonymous, Newnan, GA
"Ellium was very friendly. She made me feel comfortable and was fast responding to my questions. I just hope that everything she said become true since I have to wait for the results."
J D, New York NY
"Her insight is good. And I would definitely call her again."
Anonymous, Long Pond, PA
"I thought she was good! Quick and to the point! didn't wasn't my time. "
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Thank you so much-your reading was amazing! :)"
A H, Valley Village CA
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