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Damon's sign
Medium Who Relies Only on His Spirit Guides
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About Damon

Medium who relies only on his Spirit guides Damon is an acclaimed Medium who has spent his career connecting individuals, just like you, to the Other Side. With more than twenty-five years of experience working with the Spirit world, he can quickly connect with clients without the use of tools and relies solely on the assistance of his Spirit guides to deliver accurate and highly detailed information. Throughout his career, Damon has found his greatest satisfaction in providing insight into love and relationships, career and finance, and especially by reconnecting individuals to loved ones who have passed into Spirit. With an extensive background in mediumship, being a member of the world's largest Spiritualist organization which heads the world's foremost college for the advancement of psychic studies, Damon can answer all of your questions very quickly, without wasting any of your valuable time and often without ever having to ask any questions.

From an early age, Damon began to realize that his work with Spirit provides healing to those facing grief, trauma, and confusion and he loves to see clients regain their sense of self-worth and purpose. Damon lectures nationally and internationally, has provided readings on television and radio, is a published writer, and feels inspired to share the love and the direction of the Spirit world with each and every soul he encounters. His driving force is to help individuals of every background recognize that Heaven is not far away and that we each have the power to create the lives we truly desire – beginning today.

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Customer Testimonials
"Thank you so much, Damon, for being my spiritual advisor on this journey. I look back over my life & I see how things have taken place. Even though I had a couple of months of uncertainty, this truly has been the most beautiful thing I've experienced next to my children being born. I, too, wish we were neighbors. I could talk about this life-changing experience all day. I think I'm coming into my own, so trying to listen more closely to my higher self & my spirit guides. I will talk to you soon!"
Lynn Z, Renwick IA
"This guy is awesome and on point!"
George F, Houston TX
"Your voice and words are always so calming to me. Thank you for knowing what's on my mind before I can even get it out. Each conversation I had with you has pleasant. I love your energy. Thank you!"
P S, sacramento CA
"Damon, thank you so much for your insight. You were AMAZING!! I will definitely be contacting you again very soon. I loved how you picked up the spirit in my home right away and knew who it was. Please give Damon a try you won't be disappointed."
Cindy F, Jackson NJ
"Damon is the best and anytime I talk to him I am speechless . He knew the purpose of my call before I even had to say something."
Anonymous, Chicago , IL
"He was great as always!!!"
Andrea S, Louisville KY
"Awesome experience "
Anonymous, Chicago , IL
"Damon is very positive and clearly dedicated."
Anonymous, Evanston, IL
"The best! Very good at picking up other people's feelings and good at predictions and timing may be off a little but predictions will come."
Y B, Brooklyn NY
"I love Damon! He is my bestie. His predictions always come true and he is definitely my go to! He’s the best one here!"
Lashae F, Hampton GA
"Thank you so much. Your feedback speaks for itself. You are right on and I am so thankful to have had a reading from you!"
Anonymous, Albuquerque, NM
"Damon rocks! He was very insightful and was able to pick on things that can't be obvious. He was very polite and kind as well. I would definitely read with him again. "
L T, Tempe AZ
"My dear Damon, Thank you for being you! I appreciate your company during my spiritual growth. I'm pleased that the spirits allowed both of us to be connected when they showed their strength and miraculous blessings. My trust in your abilities and gifts is solid. How can it not be when all the predictions you made came to pass in such a surprising way? You are a blessing to me, as I wish you'll be for many more deserving souls. The best and only way I know to thank you for your support is, to love you unconditionally. Knowing and understanding the spirits was only possible due to your genuine guidance. You gave me a gift that keeps on giving. My loving heart and genuine soul found their way home with your help. Now I have to hurry and go dream even bigger....the spirits are waiting to make all my wishes to come true. "
Snezana G, Kokomo IN
"My beloved Damon, I am near speechless by the accuracy of your prediction. Today the manifestation of the spirits promise came to pass. Mister G. and I are in direct contact. By random instance, and if nothing ever happened. Everything you said came to pass in the manner you predicted. My dear friend you are beyond gifted and appreciated. May the good Lord bless you for preparing me for this miracle. I love you to life itself. "
Snezana G, Kokomo IN
"Very gifted! Thank you so much for your help."
Melanie S, Woodland Hills CA
"Dearest Damon, I am as usual amazed by you as a person and by your gift. I stoped asking myself how it's possible that you can read my mind a long time ago. You answer my questions before I even get the chance to ask them. I also appreciate your honesty. My life is so much more easy, enjoyable, and sparkling since I connected with you. Due to you I am able to sit in the first row witnessing the miracles unfold in my life. As impossible some of your predictions may seem to me at first, there's no other way to describe the manifestations in my life other than as accurate foresight from you. You are a true blessing to men kind. Much love Snezana"
Snezana G, Okeechobee FL
"There were many times I thought Damon was out of his damn mind and that there is no way something was going to pass. And then it did. God bless this man!"
S H, Jersey City NJ
"Damon is the BEST on this site. He is the real deal. He has predicted things before and they have come to fruition in the times he said they would. He will only give you a time frame if Spirit projects that to him. Damon, you are an angel and please thank Spirit for me as well. Thank you to both of you for the light and guidance you have given me today and continue to give me. love you! xoxo"
Anonymous, Woodbridge,ON, Canada, L4L5J7, CA
"Great reading, he was so accurate it was scary. He knew what I was calling about before I even asked my question."
Anonymous, jacksonville, FL
"Excellent and completely true & accurate. I will not utilize the services of any one else, but Damon."
S C, Hamden CT
"Thank you for a wonderful reading. You were helpful and I feel more encouraged. I enjoyed my conversation totally and will speak with you again."
Linda L, Brockville Ontario Canada K6V5T3 CA
"Damon was incredible and an absolute pleasure to speak with yesterday. His accuracy was breathtaking, and while providing some information (not all) that was difficult to hear, it was delivered with such compassion and positive energy, and clarity that the situation had nothing to do with me. Without being prompted, he answered a question I had been asking myself over and over, pretty powerful. He has such a beautiful gift, and I thank him for sharing it with the world. In love & light. "
Erin J, Chicago IL
"Thank you again for my reading. You were on point again. Everything you said is happening.lol! All I could do is smile. He's beginning to change like you said. I really started to notice his fears today, like you said. At the same time, I notice he's beginning to surrender to our love and connection. He said to me the day after I had the reading either you, "he knows our connection can't be broken" I smiled and laugh while remembering our conversation about the connection being real and can't be broken. I think he's beginning to realize a lot but doesn't want to admit it to me. Will give you a call on an update after or vacation trip next month. Thanks so much for helping me and guiding me. "
Sonja S, Brooklyn NY
"Damon was wonderful. He was quick, good-hearted and gifted. VERY accurate about 1 of the people in question and about myself...will cross fingers on the new relationship. Blessings!"
D V, Ridgewood NY
"It was an awesome experience! He is truly gifted. I will never read with other psychics again except for him.

He clarified everything for me. My doctor will be mine, forever! Thank you Damon"
Antoinette B, Nashville TN
"Let me start by saying this was the most phenomenal reading I ever had. Every accurate and knew what I was calling about right away. Very good connection and picked up on everything I was feeling before I called. Very gifted. Will definitely connect with you when I need readings. You are so right! Spirit sure did lead me to you! Thank you so much for my reading. Will call back when I have more funds. "
S S, Brooklyn NY
M J, Uniondale NY
"My readings with Damon are always perfection! I love him so much and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. His readings are more like prophetic counselling/ spiritual sessions to me!! Luv u Damon! "
Michelle G, San Antonio TX
"This man has a true gift. I love him every time I speak to him. He has guided me through a huge situation. "
Andrea S, Louisville KY
"Dearest Damon, it never fails to amaze me how accurately you can read/hear the spirits. Needless to say that every little detail you predicted came to pass. The good and the bad. I appreciate your honesty so very much. Mr. G did indeed have the conversation with ms. B as the spirits warned all along. However, the spirits make me giggle all day regarding your newest foresight. You were absolutely correct Mr. G is scared, regretful, feels worthless, very afraid and angry, but will also in the next few days return as a brand new person...chasing after me like a cute puppy. As you said correctly, I will not know how it happens but it will come like a manifested miracle. I can hear your precious giggle along with my wonderful spirits. Thank you for walking beside me during this difficult time. You are a true gift. Please continue blessing others as you are blessing me. "
Snezana G, Okeechobee FL
"My heart goes out to you dearest Damon! Every little detail you predicted through my precious spirits came to pass!! The heaviest of burdens were lifted from me through miraculous blessings as you precisely foresaw. May you be a blessing to many, as you are to me (the biggest former sceptic). I'm now anticipating the fulfillment of my future husbands rebirth. What a precious gift the spirits gave me through you dearest Damon!! My soul is smiling because of your precise accuracy in regard to the spirits' miraculous plans for my destiny. I am in awe witnessing your gift of foresight time and time again. Thank you in the name of my future family and I. "
Snezana G, Okeechobee FL
"Picked up on things without me saying a word and gave some predictions. I hope to God he's right about the person in question. "
Timmia P, Virginia Beach VA
"My reading with Damon was excellent. He is truly gifted! He was able to pick up on certain things and really just tap into my situation with ease. He was very sweet and reassuring towards my situation. I felt at peace after having my reading with him. I will most definitely give an update after everything comes to pass. He was very accurate. Can't wait to have another reading with him. I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to properly thank you. Thank you so much for your very encouraging words! I wanted you to know that you're a blessing and a shining light to this world. Talk to you soon dear, and I will most definitely fill you in with an update. I promise! "
S B, Orange NJ
"Wow And wow!!! Amazing! He is a very gifted man. Thanks Damon for your guidance!"
Michelle G, San Antonio TX
"Dearest Damon, I was led to you by my guardian angel indeed. You were not only incredibly accurate, but also so very much kind. I am smiling from deep within my soul. You told me my story, posed my questions and gave my answers. In a million years I wouldn't have expected the outcome you have given me. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you and your given gift. I'm a sceptic, but you made me a believer. I would strongly suggest other seekers to reach out to you. Here is why: 1. I only gave you my name and date of birth. 2. You told me what I am calling about. 3. You knew to the tee what happened in my situation with absolutely no input from my side. 4. You knew about details I did not tell anyone about. You are truly gifted!!!!"
Snezana G, Okeechobee FL
"Amazing! I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye :/ but thank you .. you just helped me so much, it hasn't been easy and I still had a couple of questions but I couldn't afford to pay more but THANK YOU !!! "
Francheasca M, Miami FL
"Where can I start...he was accurate, tapped right into what was going on and my feelings. God bless you for being such a gift! I will definitely keep you updated."
Anonymous, Hartford, CT
"Incredibly accurate. He picked up immediately what was going on in my relationship and work. Will definitely contact him again. He's honest and direct so be prepared."
Pat D, canoga park CA
"He always does a great job. Damon seems go have a real heart and compassion for people, he has helped me through some hard times. Glad I met him. "
A S, Louisville KY
"I was quite impressed with Damon. Very sensitive and spoke with care. I would use him again in the future. Hopefully everything will come to pass."
Vicky B, Durham NC
"Damon always seems to know the direction of your current situation or life path. He gives sound advice in what would be best for important decisions and what may await in the next months ahead. His uncanny abilities to connect with spirit is remarkable!"
Korrie L, Tustin CA
"Thank you for validating my stress and you are right, it is not really anxiety as it is anticipation and wanting something good to happen. Thank you for the messages from Spirit; you are a good translator. I know that I just need a little more time...but that I will see something very soon. I can't wait to call you and tell you how happy I am. "
Karie H, Roseville CA
"Thank you for the reading tonight. I am glad to hear that things are moving forward. Your kindhearted and gentle way about you in soothing and comforting. Thank you for your honesty. "
Karie H, Roseville CA
"Damon is kind, gentle, caring, and gives you the best detail and explanation that he can to describe the situation. I appreciate his honesty and straight forward detail. Very respectable gentleman who I am glad I was guided to for his insight and expertise. I feel very blessed when I am able to speak with him. It is true, he does know what you are calling for and there is no need to really say much. He was able to do that with me. Thanks Damon! I can't wait to talk with you again. "
Karie H, Roseville CA
"Very warm and friendly. He was accurate on a lot of details without me giving him details. Will definitely call again."
K B, Cleveland TN
"Damon is amazing, spot on and over all a fantastic individual. You will feel comfortable and feel free of judgment. The reading is not only accurate but fun and very inspiring and life changing. Thank you so much. I can't wait to get in touch again. "
Lauren H, st.louis MO
" Damon was spot on!! Glad I switched psychics!! Hopefully everything falls into place!!"
Joanne m S, lakemoor IL
"Thank you for a compassionate and insightful reading. You illuminated the path ahead of me which gave me reassurance and confidence. I appreciate you!"
Anonymous, San Francisco, CA
"I absolutely adore Damon. He has never led me astray or gave me false hope on big decisions I need to make. He guards my heart and helps me listen to my intuitive nature that we all seem to discount every now and then. Months could pass by and he still remembers the last conversation and connects so well with you."
B G, Antelope CA
"He was very open and honest. He gave me hope. I would definitely speak to him again."
Patricia C, Worcster MA
"The reading was on point.

Psychic Damon is very good at what he does. Bless his heart."
Juliet C, Brooklyn NY
"Damon was very accurate in describing me and my experience to this point. He gave me great strength in moving forward by providing much needed validation and insight. We had a great connection and great communication. Thank you Damon! "
Melanie S, Woodland Hills CA
"It's a joy to talk to Damon. He is always so kind and accurate."
Karen B, Baton Rouge LA
"I think in fairness it was one of the best online readings I've had. Conversation was not prompted. He was free flowing with info and was spot on every time

He also told me some similar things someone else had said so made me feel that there must be some truth in it."
M J, Jacksonville FL
"He was SPOT ON and a AWESOME READER. I HAD MY BEST READING EVER WITH DAMON today. HE WAS ON POINT ON DESCRIBING THE MAN I WAS ABOUT TO ASK ABOUT TO THE T. Great experince. Will be back for more details in my situation soon in near future. Thank alot for your insight today !"
Kiranmayee Y, Austin TX
"I had a reading with Damon on 5/17/2016. He knew what was on my mind before I began. He was great, accurate, and easy to talk to. I am really amazed!"
Karen B, Baton Rouge LA
"Damon was awesome awesome awesome! I really connected with him and found his words to be healing to my soul. His final words to me was an offering me to accept my truth and not be ashamed of it, that it's ok to have these feelings which, in hindsight, was exactly what I needed to hear. I slept well that night. With tremendous gratitude, I say Thank you Damon and thank you spirit. "
Camille B, Atlanta GA
"Great reading I am amazed at how much he picked up on. I am hoping his predictions all come through. "
D B, Marshfield WI
"Damon confirmed a lot of what I was told by other advisers, he picked up on other things as if he was right there. I will call him for sure when his predictions pans out. "
Baadiyah C, Los Angeles CA
"This was my first reading with Damon. I felt he was really accurate in his description of the person I asked about. Excellent reading and I'm looking forward to his predictions. "
Anonymous, Ypsilanti, MI
"Damon, is always on point and our connection is awesome!!!! I look forward to speaking with him in the future. He's very sincere and authentic. I wouldn't work with anyone else but him!"
A B, toledo OH
"Instantly sensed why I was calling. Fantastic."
Anonymous, st joseph, MO
"I love Damon he is so detailed, very honest and accurate. I have tried many psychics over the years and by far Damon is the best. I will call him for everything related to my life"
Christina G, Grayson GA
"Damon was wonderful as always. Looking to see if his connection comes to full tuition. "
Anonymous, Long Beach, CA
"Wow you were absolutely amazing. My usual advisor wasn't on and I needed a reading. Damon was spot on with everything. He pick up on the situation immediately without me saying a word. Damon didn't miss a thing. Even questions I had in my head, he answered. I will be back for an update. Thank you so much. You made me feel better. "
D L, staten island NY
"Damon was EXCELLENT! I love his energy and passion! I had a wonderful reading! Now I must seat back & wait! Its my time! My man is coming back to me!"
Anonymous, Long Beach, CA
"I cannot wait for March. This year should be a really awesome one Damon! I'm so excited and thank you so much."
Jessie B, Prairieville LA
"Damon was very insightful. He gave me detailed information. I look forward to seeing the results of his predictions."
Anonymous, ANTONITO, CO
"Damon seemed pretty accurate on my reading for past events that had occurred to me and others involved, even ones I never mentioned to anyone...metaphysically! "
Korrie L, Tustin CA
"I really liked Damon. Excellent Reader, he seems very honest and caring. "
"Damon you are like my family member and also like a best friend. Thank you for making me feel better after each conversation we have."
Jessie B, Prairieville LA
"Excellent. Always feel refreshed and energy levels on 100 after our talks. Very understanding, not judgmental and accurate. Always on time Damon! Thank you! "
Catalina A, yonkers NY
"He was great! I Enjoyed speaking with him. I don't do this but I told him I would let him know how it all works out."
Kimberly D, Las Vegas NV
"You got it right! Many things have changed since the spring time. I am looking forward for changes. Also, in regards to the gratitude given by the spirits, I have received this many times. You are great and insightful. I've been looking for a solid advisor for a while now. You may be the one. Thank you! "
N C, East Norriton PA
"This guy picked up on everything the first few mins. He is very good and accurate!"
Jessie B, Prairieville LA
"Damon is amazing. Everything he said was on point. And I mean everything. The best!!!!!"
Anonymous, Laurel , MD
"He is awesome!!! He gets straight to the subject. Gave me so much information now, I am just waiting to see if it manifest ."
Anonymous, las vegas, NV
"Great reading, he is very accurate and no need of a lot of information from you. Very kind and very positive. Totally calling again for sure very soon"
P L, Houston TX
"Damon was great. Easy to talk with. He was able to relieve my anguish and KNEW what has been happening and gave me the guidance I needed to be able to go forward. Thank you Damon from the bottom of my heart and soul. Do not hesitate to connect with him. Thank you Psychic Elements for Damon and all of your positively inspirational blogs."
S L, Camarillo CA
"My reading with Damon was 5 stars from beginning to end. He got right to the reason of my call without me having to tell him anything more than my name. Accurate, to the point and most of all helpful! I did little talking which is always a good sign that I'm getting a reading that is guided by spirit and not by the info I gave him. I definitely will call Damon again! "
R H, San Antonio TX
"Too wonderful! A pure joy to speak with someone so gifted. Who picks up on your energies and always tells you what his spirit guides are telling him. A true blessing!!!"
Natalie C, Los Angeles CA
"Awesome! Damon was highly accurate during my last reading, so I came back. Answered all of my new questions very clearly and was very specific in details without having to asks me questions. Will definitely be back!"
Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA
"Was quick honest and on point!!"
E A, Parker AZ
"Very detailed & didn't have to ask me questions. Excellent!"
S C, Philadelphia PA
S C, Philadelphia PA
"Wonderful as always! I cannot say enough about him. Such a beautiful light in this world!"
Melissa G, Lubbock TX
"He was awesome! Time frames and all!!

Anonymous, greenwood, SC
"He was good!!! I was honestly a little skeptical but I do truly feel that he has some kind of gift!!! I hope his predictions come to fruition. "
Christin P, Gaithersburg MD
"Always wonderful!"
Anonymous, Florence, NJ
"Damon was awesome!! He is very pleasant and I got a good vibe and energy from him, he definitely read my emotions and was able to give me additional insight on my relationship situation, so I'm patiently waiting to see the dates he provided me will come to pass!"
A B, Atlanta GA
"It was great. Damon told me why I was calling. He told me what was going on and what to expect. I am so glad I got a reading from Damon. It provided insight into a situation that I was very confused about and ready to give up on. Thank you Damon ! - LP

L P, ottawa on cn l1g4w3 CA
"Wow! Wow! Wow ! This man is amazing knew so much without me telling him. He is so sweet and accurate! Told me I would be getting a text by 10 pm today . I received it within the hour!!! I feel so very connected with him! I will be calling him again, and again ????"
Anonymous, Florence, NJ
Marian H, Florence NJ
"Damon is truly, truly gifted. He began telling me the answers to my questions before I even asked. I barely said anything but the information just flowed from him. This is the best reading I have ever had! Simply amazing!"
Anonymous, Rome, GA
"He is amazing! From all the psychics I've called and spoken to. He is truly the best. Right on point with everything. He is blessed with such a wonderful gift. Until we speak again damon. Thank you so much! "
Anonymous, woodside, NY
"Told me back in June that we would be together by July..he was right! Very spot on with everything. Said between Aug 15th & Sept 15th he would be talking more about moving in together...said he would ask me to marry him by the end of the year, but was really feeling fall for this event. I will definitely be calling back late August to talk more. "
B B, Rogers AR
"I hadn't spoken to him in awhile, wanted to catch up get a quick update! Told me I should be hearing from both of them my 8/8. Of course he always remember me and the situations. "
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"Was very good. Gave me good insight into what I needed to realize. "
Anonymous, Murfreesboro, TN
"Awesome ! He was spot on with EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Thank you and hope to speak with you again soon."
Sherell T, Detroit MI
"Damon was amazing and very honest. He helped me to see how the future will be. I would definitely talk to him again."
Michelle E, Covina CA
"Wow! that's all I have to say. Such a beautiful spirit with an amazing gift. I never had to say anything, he already knew. It felt like I was talking to an old friend. Thank you for your compassion, honesty, and kindness. Until we chat again my friend!"
Melissa G, Lubbock TX
"Damon was so intuitive and knew exactly what was going on without me telling him anything. He was very connected and could actually feel my anguish...I will definitely be reading with him again."
P M, New York NY
"He Was Awesome, very detailed, connects very well..Damon is the best.."
Anonymous, Thomasville, GA
"Amazingly straight to the point. Made me feel relaxed and has me looking forward for the rest of the summer and to see if the dates and words ring true. Happiest and the most relaxed I have been in a very long time. Thank you so very much. "
L R, Levittown PA
"I had a reading with Damon on July 3rd at 8 pm. I must admit that he provided me most wonderful reading ever.

I called mainly to focus on a relationship problem. The moment we connected, he inquired about that. All he asked was, no...take that back, he did not even ask, he said, I feel strongly that you are calling about a relationship. He knew that my BF had not had any contact with me in 3 weeks, knew that he simply dropped out of my life, no warning, nothing....Yet, he also explained everything else to the T, the reason behind it, what he is thinking, how we really are basically twin flames and he is just as miserable as I am, yet, so stubborn and prideful my BF is that he does not want to admit he is wrong and contact me. Damon said, he will by the end of this month. He will finally surrender himself to our love and commit to it and become a better BF than he has ever been.

I also asked about an job opportunity. Seems I shall get a call on or around the 15th for the second interview and proceed from there.

Although this heartache will stay with me for another 2 weeks, it is worth the wait. So much happiness and bliss in my very near future. I am simply thrilled.

I Highly recommend you choose Damon for your reading. Such a wonderful, beautiful, caring and upfront soul. I cannot help but love him and you will too.

I will keep you all updated. Good Luck and hope all of you find your bliss. "
Tina S, Tacoma WA
"Your belief in M and I is so reassuring! I feel much calmer after speaking with you! I hope all your predictions come to pass, but due to your past history of being on the mark I feel much more confident that it will indeed come to true! Thank you so much for your time and energy! xo"
K M, Kings Park NY
"Damon is so incredible and has the most compassionate manner to address any situation you may be facing. He has repeatedly been accurate on the time frames and events and never contradicts what he says unlike other advisors I have read with in the past. He is like a best friend/spiritual counselor. I just adore him!"
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Immediately in tune with me, excellent insight and I love the spiritual guides reading. For me, much better than a tarot. Damon is spot on."
Anonymous, Sunset Beach, CA
"Hiya! You predicted just yesterday that I would be talking to M by Wednesday. Being that all communication was shut down I could not see that happening. OK well its Tuesday and communication is back with M! Amazing! I truly hope all you said comes to fruition! But I am completely in awe right now! Thank you so much! Very impressive! "
K M, Kings Park NY
"Damon is now my personal favorite advisor. In the short time I have known him, his predictions have already come true with incredible accuracy to detail. I love our connection and his caring manner that makes me feel he is already a dear friend. I highly recommend him to anyone who's troubled with relationship/career issues. He's spot on."
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"He's my rock and guide that has helped me through a very difficult, trying time in my life. Whenever he sees something coming up in the near future, he's been spot on with the timing and how the events unfold. I am in awe with his abilities and so honored to call him not only my advisor but also a dear friend who has my back."
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Damon was spot on and one of his predictions already came true. He has a remarkable way of tuning into your vibration and seeing your situation so clearly. I trust his guidance and Guides. He fills my heart with such joy and takes the worry and anxiety away. I cannot say enough about his insightful gift."
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Damon is wonderful - I feel so blessed to have found him. He is gentle and kind and his insight into me and my guy was astounding. I feel so much more at ease now and will trust that all is well and will improve with time. I will definitely continue to seek his guidance Thank you Damon!"
Anonymous, Roxbury, CT
"I really like him! Said I would have contact in 7 to 9 days, things would change slowly w/ him starting in July...said the door is still open and he will stick around this time. Said the word toxic, which is key to the situation. I will call back just as soon as things start to unfold. "
B B, Rogers AR
"5-star , very good reading!"
Diana , waianae HI
"Didn't ask me a thing. He knew why I was calling before I said anything .. Read my past my present and and future. I can definitely say if he doesn't know the future he knew my past and current. He told me my pain I feel and where I feel it at on my body that's incredible. He knew things I was experiencing that I didn't tell any one. This guy is by far #1 no one is perfect with timelines but to identify with my angels and spirit guides and describe who one is a recent decease family member that I fought all bout had me thinking for a min. Who is he talking bout. He connects with spirit guides well .. Well definitely call back to update him as he request when things manifest as he see it in my near future."
Y B, Brooklyn NY
"His Prediction came to pass!!! He said I will see him after the 15th and I did! I saw him Memorial Day weekend. I recently told him what happen he told me I should hear something by the end of next week! I will keep him posted! He always remember me and don't waste my money with too much talk. Love him!"
S S, Brooklyn NY
"What an amazing connection and honor to speak to Damon. He just tuned in so easily to my situation that I was in tears almost immediately. There's no way a normal counselor could do this type of healing work. I just adore him."
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Exciting !"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"He is fantastic, quick, accurate, direct, friendly, compassionate. He is good with time phrase either past or present or future. He answered all my questions without me asking with more. To Damon, I was crying during your reading although you didn't notice. I cried because you are extremely gifted and you are choose to grow in it and use it to heal hearts. I have read with so many pyschic for years now. You are the best I have ever met. You are my favorite. I super highly recommend him. A 10 star pyschic"
Brenda B, Houston TX
"Excellent ! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Wow! Great first reading and he really nailed it! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Damon is one of the TOP advisors on this site! (regarding Quality and Professionalism) What amazes me about him is that he remembers me from a while ago! He picked up where he left off; steady, consistent, honest and compassionate! Once you get him he will give it to you just as real and honest as things really are! He predicted in 2 weeks I should hear (small talk) from my SO and that I should see him after May 15th. When looking at my notes everything still adds up! The timing hasn't changed!

Your a great blessing to Psychic element website as well, as the clients you connect!! *True Psychic"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
"He was on point about a lot of things. He knew about what was going on in my life before I could say anything! He is the best!"
Patrice L, spartanburg SC
"Tuned in really well!"
Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
"Damon is the best psychic reader there is. He was on point with everything. He is who I will be getting my readings from in the future. "
Patrice L, spartanburg SC
"I've read with many psychics and DAMON is the BEST on this site! Hands down! I'm so glad that I found him! The first ten minutes went by so fast that I added more minutes a few times after! He hit the nail on the head with my guy and my job! Please don't hesitate give him a call NOW!"
Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
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