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About Chase
Chase has an amazing empathic connection with his callers and can help you understand your current emotions and feelings. He uses Runes and always has a true respect for guides or those that have passed, meaning he can ask his guides but he cannot force an answer. To conduct his readings, he acts as a conduit to a person’s “oracle,” and channels this energy through runes, to offer a glimpse into a person’s life. He can see past, present and future.

Chase comes from a long line of psychics and specializes in the ability to channel the body’s energy. He can perform psychic or spiritual healings and can even act as a human ghost detector. He is sensitive to supernatural phenomena and is often accosted by spirits and has learned methods of protection from those forces by studying the esoteric arts. For Chase, the most rewarding aspect is simply the feeling he gets for helping someone. It gives him a sense of purpose in the world that simply cannot be replaced by any other activity or trade.

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Customer Testimonials
"Spot on! He knows what he knows and his advice is not always what you want to hear but it’s what you need to hear. "
Anonymous, el paso, TX
"First time being introduced to runes and I liked the way Chase interprets the messages. They surprisingly resonated. Thank you very much!"
S H, Jersey City NJ
"He was great! very easy to talk with....i asked and he answered! All positives and even gave me time frames...will call back!"
Anonymous, dolton, IL
"Reading was amazing! I will be calling regularly. He is extremely gifted on many levels and blessed by God."
S V, Amarillo TX
"I liked him.. hopefully what he told me will come true. "
Edith janine W, glendora CA
"Chase was right on point and I wait with bated breath and prayers to see if even part of these predictions come to fruition."
Teresa F, Warsaw MO
"His awesome, even though it was just a short one , I feel contented and happy of what he reads on me. Thanks a lot Chase!"
April Grace A, Merritt,BC, Canada, V1K1H4 CA
"He was great. He connected right away and tuned into my situation. Although we didn't have much time it was still a great reading. Will be back again to speak with him. Thank you."
Anonymous, Mt Ephraim, NJ
"Awesome read. Very helpful and it was like I knew him all my life. Very sweet and honest."
L H, Milan MI
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