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About Celeste
Celeste is a phenomenal psychic, being highly sought after for over 25 years now. She has done readings all over the world including with many celebrities. To read with her is to feel her abilities. She picks up energy in her body and is very intuitive. She connects with spirit easily in addition to working with various types of divination tools such as oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, essential oils, just to name a few. She will pick up on things that will surprise you. She is also a strong medium, able to connect with the other side.

Celeste has always been very intuitive since she was a little girl. She was always more aware of her surroundings than most people that she knew. She’s always trusted her own intuition, it’s the language she speaks. She is compelled to help others with the utmost integrity and privacy but mostly aligning with her highest purity and continue on her spiritual path as a channel of grace.

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Customer Testimonials
"Very great reader she picked up that I have two boys and I didn’t say a word. A lot of things she says it’s true, however, it’s hard to get a word in so I am not sure I would call back. It’s always good to let the callers ask questions but she speaks fast and nonstop so it’s hard to ask anything u just gotta cut her off or else your mins will be done before u ask anything. She is very very good and accurate tho."
Anonymous, Lithonia , GA
"She connects on a deep level. Very insightful..."
Laura K, Middle Village NY
"My reading was on point! She answered every question accurately. I will give this reader 5 stars. I enjoyed the reading and it made sense and it described my life and struggles. She is amazing!!"
Veronica M, Memphis TN
"Very pleasant to talk to, also very accurate and gave me great advices for my current situation. I am looking forward to speaking with Celeste soon. Highly recommended."
Anonymous, Chicago , IL
"An uplifting and beautiful reading with Celeste! She pointed out where I needed healing the most and restored my confidence in a relationship I was inquiring about. I very much enjoyed talking to her and walked away with so much information. She provided two predictions and I can't wait to watch them unfold! :)"
S H, Jersey City NJ
"She is so great. So on point. "
Anonymous, New York, NY
"She's interesting! I hope to talk with her again soon. "
Janet O, Kingman AZ
"Very nice person to chat with "
Angela B, Syracuse NY
"Thank you Celeste for the Reading, She was on point with her reading especially near the end when she told me things about myself...Thank you again! "
T M, Lincoln AL
"Wonderful speaking with her and continuing on my journey. She was informative and inspiring!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"I always enjoy reading with her. She is the best psychic on this site. She has an amazing ability and really connects with you. "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Insightful and helpful !"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Great reading with her. Very good details. On point."
Anonymous, rochester, NY
"Magnificent ! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Wonderful reading! "
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"She picked up on so key points. Not sure about something she said, so time will tell. Thank you for the reading."
Anonymous, Kings Park, NY
"Thanks! This was a great reading and I will call Celeste again."
Kim R, Indianapolis IN
"AMAZING! :) Celeste has incredible energy. She was quick to answer my questions, give detailed explanations, and clarify what my focus should be right now to heal. She was spot on with the details of those in my life that I chose to ask about. She provided invaluable insight that confirmed my own intuition around my four questions that I brought to our call. I came with an open heart and mind to whatever the unseen wanted to share with me and this was perfect. I am very thankful to have connected with Celeste -- and this site -- through, of all things, a Facebook ad! I will keep this bookmarked for my soul's future inquiries."
Brandi P, Redmond WA
"Learning so much from her and developing my own abilities!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"She is the real deal. Very good reading!"
Shalene B, deatsville AL
"Enjoyed speaking to her, as always!"
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Amazing! She is helping me work through some tough stuff. Very insightful. Always a pleasure. I could talk to her all day. She is amazing and I love speaking with her. Great connection and really helping me in my journey. Every conversation is great and a true joy. She is truly gifted and wants to help you with your journey."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"AMAZING! She knows her stuff. Connects with you and follows her guides. Really helps you through the situation."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Celeste is so in tune with me. By working with her, I am realizing how I have caused many of my problems through my own anxiety and insecurity. She is able to help you understand the process to help remove these blocks. I simply adore her!"
Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"She was so on point on so many levels. I enjoyed speaking with her. She gave me comfort as well as insight to myself and my life. I needed this pick-me-up tonight. Thank you, Celeste."
Lucy N, Van Nuys CA
"WOW! She can see it. She knew things that I had told no one and was right about them all. Very helpful with the questions I had and sensed things I didn't even realize I had on my mind. Amazing. Love speaking with her. We had a great connection right away. She is able to get right to the matter and beyond. I enjoy our conversations and she has really helped me to see so much. Can't wait to talk to her again. She remembers me right away and we pick right up where we left off. Really helps me focus on what is going on and I find direction."
Anonymous, Lafayette, IN
"Celeste is able to ground you from nearly the get go. Her soft voice and knowledge of Spirit eased my neurotic tendencies of being a worrier. She gave me the tools to cope through this difficult trial and I hung up feeling more balanced and hopeful. Definitely recommend.

Anonymous, Antelope, CA
"Celeste was right on point. I will call her again. I wanted to add more money so I did not get cut off because the reading was so great."
James P, Baltimore MD
"Very insightful and nice. Would definitely read with her again!!"
Anonymous, pompano beach, FL
Anonymous, palo alto, CA
"Honestly she was pretty informative and accurate. Her predictions were not what I wanted to hear. I enjoyed the honesty and my reading with her. "
Anonymous, Waterford, MI
"Celeste was very kind and accurate. Once she was able to connect, she just kept going and she was able to give me a lot of information and insight. She saw something from my past that was not relevant to the issue I was asking about but that still bothers me when I'm reminded of it. Something that nobody else knew. She gave me a lot of valuable tips and counsel. Just very very helpful!! "
Anonymous, Saint Louis, MO
"Had a love related reading. Waiting for the outcome to unfold. She connects very quickly and the information starts coming through pretty fast. Very Good! She definitely is gifted. "
Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA
"She was awesome. Great reading!"
Sirjames S, folt MI
"Celeste was a really great help to me. She's an amazing psychic. She knew so much about me, my past and my family. "
Veronica Y, douglas AZ
"Accurate. On Point!"
Anonymous, Uniondale, NY
"Very great"
Mike S, fontana CA
"Celeste is outstanding! She knew things no one else has picked up. She knew about a person in the background of the relationship that no one knew about and picked up on many other things that my partner has told me that no one knew about. Looking forward to her outcome."
Anonymous, Lebanon, MO
"Amazing! Picked up on the date that things shifted right away, with very little information. Look forward to seeing the outcome. "
Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN
"I really enjoyed my talk with Celeste, so kind & a sweet voice, waiting to see predictions come true. Thank you!"
Anonymous, Ruston, LA
"She connected very well with my situation, even without knowing a lot of details. I received confirmation on thoughts I had and also learned new and valuable information that I can use to move forward. I will definitely call again!"
Anonymous, Cincinnati, OH
"Lots of insight and information into my question. Thank you, Celeste!"
Anonymous, Mechanicsburg, PA
"She was very accurate and I enjoyed my reading with her."
Angela B, Syracuse NY
"Very good!"
Anonymous, orangeburg, SC
"Fabulous! She always makes me feel great."
Susan V, Collingdale PA
"Celeste was great! She pretty much confirmed what I was feeling all along!"
carrie J, howell NJ
"Right on i love you. I will call and let you know how it works out ...."
Susan V, Collingdale PA
"I loved her & wish I was able to add more time. Thank you so much! "
Monica M, Colton CA
"Thank You for your intuition and picking up on my father. WOW! I'm looking forward to my next reading with you! And the outcome of my situation! You are a delight!"
Cinthia H, Bingen WA
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